Abraham Heights: the trouble with maintenance


Casey and Joanne were running around and around the luggage carousel pretending to be airplanes.

“Girls please,” Heather said half-heartedly as she rubbed her temples trying to stave off the impending headache.

“We’re taking off,” the four-year-old Casey sang.

“I’m landing,” Joanne said in a tone redolent with ‘so there.’

“I’m landing too now,” Casey amended taking her cue from her older sister.

“Good,” Heather whispered to no one in particular. Then turning back to the luggage carousel she spied the red suitcase with the happy face sticker and the small banner with her name, Heather Barton, running down the side. Only since the divorce it was Heather Crow again.

The case, she remembered, had been a wedding present and the sticker had been acquired on their first holiday before Joanne had arrived. Not much to show for seven years of marriage, she thought. Apart from the girls that is and she amended, managing a smile. If only that bastard had kept up with the maintenance payments, she could have killed him; fancy going bankrupt searching for gold in Alaska of all things.

Then taking a deep breath she made a grab for the suitcase and called the girls to her. As she did so she noticed a man offering her an admiring look. Well, I’m only 29, she consoled herself, there are plenty more men out there.


“So the house is definitely gone?” Meredith Crow asked as she came back with the coffee.

Heather glanced out at her two daughter’s playing in their grandmother’s garden to make sure that they weren’t listening then turned back to her mother.

“Oh yes, we are now officially homeless,” Heather sighed, “that bastard…”

“Hey young lady, I don’t care how old you are, I still won’t have that language in my house,” Meredith scolded.

“Sorry but… but what I am going to do now?”

“You’re welcome to stay here, all three of you, we have plenty of room. Ever since she joined that sorority, Melanie has a room in halls now and Anita has her own place,” Meredith assured her daughter as she took a sip of coffee. “Shall we sit down?”

The two women moved into the lounge.

“Mother, I suppose I knew you would say that, but I can’t… I mean, I have no savings and no job, so I can’t pay you anything. I don’t even know how I am going to get food and clothes for the girls.”

“Oh hush now,” her mother reassured her, “that’s not what worries me. The girls will be fine, but what about you? It will be quite a change from the big city. After all you couldn’t leave Abraham Heights fast enough after you met Charlie. Even Anita hasn’t gone very far.”

Just far enough to escape your hairbrush, Heather thought ruefully. Instead she said, “I went to college here, I still have friends. I might even get a job.”

“True enough, but it will be quite a while before you can get a place of your own, living back under the family roof will be quite a challenge for you I expect.”

“Oh I don’t know…” then as if remembering something Heather broke off and looked quizzically at her mother from over the top of her coffee cup, “what do you mean?”

“You know how this family works,” Meredith chuckled casually, it not having occurred to her that Heather hadn’t realised that she would be under the same house rules she had held to before she had married. “You know what I mean, having a curfew again and the little matter of Sunday evenings…”

“Mother I’m 29, you can’t be serious…”

“Of course I’m serious, what do you mean?”

Heather gaped for a moment as she remembered how until the age of 22 she had been required to be home by 10.30 and had still been subjected to maintenance spankings every Sunday.

“Mother if you think for one minute that you are going to…”

“Mommy, Mommy, I found a flower,” Casey squealed as she burst through the garden doors followed by her sister.

Heather flushed at the intrusion as if her daughters could follow what was being said.

“Don’t take on so, you’ll soon fall right back into it,” Meredith beamed, reaching out to pat her daughter’s arm before turning to see what her grandchildren had found.


Heather was lost in thought as she did a slow turn of her old neighbourhood. Surely mother could see that she was far too old to be spanked and what she proposed was ridiculous.

“Heather? Heather Crow isn’t it?” The voice came from behind her. As she turned she did a double-take.

“Professor Archer,” the words froze along with the smile on her face.

“I thought you had moved away,” he said offering her his hand.

Roland Archer had been her tutor for extra studies back in the day. He had provided additional guidance for her all the way through college; a happenstance that had been brought about by her father and series of bad grades during her first semester.

“So had I,” she said smiling sweetly, “so nice to see you.”

“I am so sorry to hear about your divorce,” he frowned appearing not to notice her reluctance to talk. He did however see her start a little and so quickly explained, “Your sister Mel, I tutor her now you know.”

“Oh, I didn’t know, mother didn’t say,” Heather said wondering how that titbit had not escaped mother’s gossip round-up.

“Your mother… I was under the impression that your parents were away somewhere, your sister Anita made all the arrangements.” Roland looked puzzled for a moment and then recovered his smile.

“Anita? Did she? I see,” Heather said carefully, “I’m sure that’s fine.”

Anita had always had such a crush on her tutor and had certainly been the one who had benefitted most from his tuition. She had never seemed to mind his rather unorthodox was of instruction, not even when she often could not sit down for days at a time afterwards.

Heather on the other hand, had always found his motivational and disciplinary ways a little trying. Even after all these years her nightmares always featured being late to one of his tutorials and a trip over his darn pouf. Usually bottom up and naked below the waist. She now suspected that Mel had got herself into some trouble that mom and dad didn’t know about and Anita was bailing her out somehow.

“Oh well, good luck with the little minx,” Heather said with a cheery wave as she backed away.

“Oh I find Mel much better behaved than you ever were,” Roland chuckled. “I hardly have to spank her at all.”

Heather blushed and turned, offering up a grimace as she hurried away.


Prudence Trencher sat uneasily in the Horn Street Coffee Shop. Before sitting down she thought that she was over the worst, but that was before she realised that the orange coffee shop seats had no padding at all. The reason for her discomfort was that just three days before Paul Heaver had spanked her yet again. It was becoming quite a habit, she thought ruefully as she reached for the spoon, a motion that caused her to wince and grab involuntarily at where her bottom met the seat.

At that moment Donna Warren happened to look over from the opposite table in time to catch the tell-tale gesture and she looked for just a moment too long.

Prudence blushed and quickly looked away. She wondered if the woman one table over had guessed her secret. As it turned out, she needn’t have worried, for Donna had her own tender secrets.

The previous evening, the facility meeting had overrun by 40 minutes and despite her attempts to make her excuses for an early exit, Professor Stevens kept drawing her back into the conversation. When the gathering had finally come to an end, it was all Donna could do to walk with any kind of dignity for the exit. As it was, as soon as she turned the corner out of sight of the main door she broke into a run. She had had four minutes to make a normally 15 minute walk. It was just possible.

In the end she failed by less than 30 seconds. As she reached the door of Carlton House she heard the sickening sound of the latch being drawn. In her tearing rush she hadn’t been able to stop so after crashing headlong into the door it was Mrs Main who had opened it.

“Dr Warren, how nice of you to grace us with your presence,” Mrs Main had said icily.

“Mrs Main, you know how these facility meetings…”

Mrs Main pulled a face of exaggerated nonchalance and shook her head.

“You keep telling me such things,” she said dismissively, “but I really don’t care. I think under the circumstances we will have our little talk after tomorrow’s evening meal. Good night Dr Warren, sleep tight.”

Donna sighed, she really needed to get some better accommodations, she thought bitterly.

At that moment the coffee shop door opened and Heather Crow walked in.

Donna thought that the woman looked as miserable as she felt. I bet she isn’t going to get a spanking, she thought bitterly, as she finished her coffee.

Heather looked around the coffee shop desperately hoping that there would be no more familiar faces from her past. Then seeing only two women her own age and an old lady she very vaguely recognised, she sat down. What the hell am I going to do about mother and her crazy idea that I still needed maintenance spankings, she thought as her unseeing eyes ran down the beverage menu. Behind her concerns about the proposed Sunday spanking, was the very real implication that her mother was putting down a marker for other future spankings if she should, in her parents view, misbehave. What was it with this town and spanking anyway, she wondered, remembering her encounter with her former spanking mentor Professor Archer outside. What was that about Mel and an arrangement with Anita? What was going on anyway?

Then the girl arrived to take her order.

“What can I get you ma’am?” Freya Guinness asked.

Although she was not that busy Freya had been slow to notice the new customer on account of her attention being taken up with watching Prudence Trencher, the Prep-School teacher. Despite the fact that the woman was at least 28, Freya was absolutely certain that she had been spanked. And Freya really ought to know about that.

“Cappuccino thank you,” the woman answered.

“Coming right up,” but her eyes were on Prudence even as she spoke.

Not that Heather had noticed; she had another puzzle to solve.


Anita was home that day and had fixed on painting her toenails when there was a ring at the door.

“Coming, hold up,” she called as she got unsteadily to her feet and began to ‘robot-walk’ across the room with her toes separated by cotton wool.

Through the frosted glass the figure on the other side of the door looked familiar and for a moment Anita thought it was her mother and her buttocks tensed.

“Oh no, what have I done now?” she groaned.

Then she remembered that her mom had insisted on having her own key and usually just came in with a cheery hallo. As it was obviously a woman and axe-murders were rare in Abraham Heights, she didn’t faff with the spy hole but swung the door open.

“Heather,” she squealed forgetting her feet and hugging her sister big time.

“Hey kid, how’s tricks?” Heather asked returning the hug.

“Oh same old, same old, I got the day off. How comes you knew?” Anita ushered Heather in.

“I called in at Bart’s and they told me you were home working today.”

Bart’s, or Bartholomew, was the lawyer’s office where Anita worked as a paralegal.

“Oh yeah, working,” Anita grinned. “I’ll do that too.”

“Same old Anita,” Heather laughed. “Now suppose you tell me what the deal is with Roland Archer?”

“Oh that,” Anita winced and then in a slight panic asked, “Mom doesn’t know does she?”

“Not yet,” Heather shrugged, “but doesn’t know what, exactly?”

At first Anita was reluctant to talk, but little by little Heather drew it out of her.

“So Mel was actually put on probation? Or was she just threatened?” Heather asked trying to get it clear.

“Well as far as I can work out her supervisor stopped short of an official probation so long as Mel could verify that she was getting help with her studies, that’s how mom and dad didn’t find out.”

“I don’t understand, are you the guarantor for her improved performance in some way or… well what was that bit about her sorority?”

“The sorority spoke up for her, you know how they are, but of course they can’t exactly teach her themselves. They just provided her with, how can I say? Some added incentives.”

“I can imagine how that was done,” Heather rolled her eyes up.

“It’s not so bad,” Anita chuckled remembering her sister’s dread of all things spanking.

“No, you never did mind that so much did you? God gave you an iron backside when he was handing out bottoms.”

Anita smirked and began removing the cotton wool from between her toes.

“Anyway, Mel came to me rather than Mom and I remembered Professor Archer.”

“But what if Mom and Dad find out?” Heather asked in horror.

“Then Mel and I will eat standing up until little sis’s graduation I expect, you too now since you’re living back home; unless you tell on us that is.”

“I hardly think so,” Heather demurred, but couldn’t quite meet Anita’s eyes. “Anyway why would Mom spank you, you are shot of all that now and anyway you only tried to help?”

“Try telling Mom that,” Anita said ruefully.

“You don’t mean…?”

Anita sucked in her cheeks and shrugged.

“Not maintenance as well?” Heather asked aghast.

Anita shook her head, but then caught Heather blushing.


“Of course not,” Heather lied.


Donna stood outside Mrs Main’s door unable to knock with a whole riot of butterflies assailing the inside of her tummy. It had been the third time she had tried to see Mrs Main but each previous occasion there had been other girls or someone else passing by and Donna just knew that if she was seen going in then everyone would know why she was there. Now finally the corridor was empty and Donna could not bring herself to knock.

She checked her watch, just two minutes and she would be late. A sound at the stairwell near the other end of the corridor made up her mind and as if by their volition her knuckles rapped the door.

No reply. Donna looked around quickly, certain now that someone would come. She knocked again. She began to dance in the silence that followed, which as impelling as any music. Please Mrs Main, she thought, this is so unfair.

She was about to knock again when the door opened.

“Dr Warren, come in,” Mrs Main said absently without really looking at her.

Mrs Main walked over to her desk, her reading specs perched severely on her nose. Thankful that the door was safely closed, Donna hovered in the middle of the room.

“Well?” Mrs Main asked, looking back at her.

“You… you wanted to see me,” Donna answered, a little puzzled.

“Yes, yes I know, but what are you waiting for?”

“Excuse me?”

“Skirt and panties folded neatly on that chair and the go and stand and face that wall until I am ready for you.”

“But…” Donna wanted to cry. It had never been this way before and she guessed it was the normal procedure with the other girls. I suppose I am well and truly being put in my place, she thought bitterly. She thought about passive resistance, but Mrs Main had taught her better on previous occasions.

Mrs Main glanced back from her place at her desk and peered at Donna over her spectacles. Donna needed no other warning and hastily began to fumble with the zip of her skirt. Less than 90 seconds later she was naked below the waist except for her socks and standing to face the wall.

Donna felt so foolish half-naked with a chill about her thighs and bottom while Mrs Main ignored her. Then she realised that she had glimpsed other girls standing here from the door. What if someone comes? Donna was under no illusion that Mrs Main would make the least concession for her position. Maybe they won’t recognise me, she hoped desperately. Then she remembered the spanking and how much it would hurt and she had sharp intake of breath as if a prelude to a good cry.

“I realise that this is difficult for you Dr Warren, but I really do think it is for your own good. And I think you know that too or else you would have made greater strides to find alternative accommodation,” Mrs Main said almost kindly. “I won’t be long.”

The last statement turned out to be a lie, or at least so it seemed from where Donna was standing. But finally and all too soon Donna heard Mrs Main stand up behind her. The upright chair was moved into the centre of the room and something hard scraped against the wood of the desktop.

“Alright come here,” Mrs Main said at last.

Donna turned nervously and saw Mrs Main sitting in the Shaker-style chair with the hairbrush on her lap.

“Quickly now girl, before I have my rounds.”

Donna walked briskly towards the housemother until her thighs were touching the rough material of her skirt. For an instant she felt a feeling like home, but then she was pulled unceremoniously over Mrs Main’s lap and reality set in.

“This is ridiculous,” Donna whispered sullenly.

“I’m glad you realise that,” Mrs Main said almost kindly.

The crack of the brush was sharp and Donna jerked forward at its impact. But there was no time to consider it, for before she could even cry out, the tangy spot on her bottom gained a sister which was harsher than the first. In very sort order Donna was hugging at Mrs Mains calves with one hand and a chair leg with the other. Her breathing was already fast and ragged, as if she had been running.

“That’s it, just accept it and it will soon be over,” Mrs Main soothed.

The spanking that followed was standard fare for the housemother and if truth were told not as harsh for Donna as her previous adventures in ‘lap land.’ However, it hurt just the same and after five minutes or so Donna’s coarse breathing gave way to sobs and tears began to flow.

The worst part was the submission. Mrs Main had in just a handful of spankings reduced her to a little girl who comes meekly for her punishment. That thought was the last barrier and Donna began to sob hard.

“That’s a good girl,” Mrs Main said quietly as she brought the spanking to an end. “Let’s have you back in the corner for a bit and then you can go.”

“Yes Mrs Main,” Donna said doing her best to recover herself.

Corner time afterwards was almost welcome, therapeutic even.


When Carlton Crow had first heard that his eldest daughter and two children were coming to live with them he had not been enthusiastic. In the last year he had got rid of both his younger daughters and could finally organise the yard the way he liked it. Yet here he was on a sunny fall day watching his granddaughters running around filled with joy and all three of his daughters helping in the kitchen and realised that this was the first time in a long while that his whole family would be around the table for a meal. He stooped to pick up a stray leaf from the grass and then considered that it was the first of what would soon be many. Just time for a smoke, he thought taking up his pipe.

“Now Anita if you could just slide the pie into the oven and we are all set,” the last five words were said slowly and with relish.

“Looks good Mom,” Melanie beamed as she hovered over the white disk of pastry balanced carefully in Anita’s arms.

Only Heather seemed distracted and stared into space tapping a spoon idly against her cheek.

“Don’t do that,” Meredith scolded.

“Sorry Mom,” Heather said and put the spoon down.

“Hey Mom, I can’t stay long after lunch, I have to shoot,” Mel said, with most of her attention still fixed on the pie.

“Sure honey,” Meredith said as she casually reached out to grip Heather gently by the arm for an affectionate squeeze.

“When do you have to go Anita?” Heather asked as casually as she could.

“Oh, I’m in no rush. I might stay for a bite this evening if I may?”

“Of course dear,” Meredith enthused, “that would be fine won’t it Heather?”

“Sure, fine,” Heather said decidedly unenthusiastically.

Anita cast an eye in her sister’s direction and was about to ask what the problem was, but at that moment her nieces piled into the kitchen with yet another weed to show her.

“Aunt Anita look at the pretty flower,” Casey gushed.

Meredith knew what was wrong, but she thought better of saying anything. Her girl was home and that was mighty fine with her, but she just had to get used to the family way of doing things. If Anita was still here for Heather’s spanking, then she was here, but it didn’t change a thing.


Even Anita had detected an air of tension by the time they say down for an evening meal. Although she could not identify the cause at the back of her mind something familiar tickled her insistently, something she couldn’t quite remember.

“I wonder how Melanie is doing with her studies,” Carlton mused as he cut himself another piece of leftover pie from lunch. Heather and Anita exchanged a quick nervous glance.

“That was our bit grandpa,” five-year-old Joanne said with a pout.

“There is plenty to go around,” Carlton chuckled.

“Anyway, who says it was your bit?” Meredith scowled at her granddaughter.

“You did granree-ma,” Casey chipped in, “’oo said we wud ave it for later.”

“Did I?” Meredith said indulgently, smiling again. “I think someone needs to go to bed so that mummy and I can have a little talk.”

“Yes I’ll get them moving,” Heather said quickly. “We’ll save the pie for tomorrow, won’t we grandpa?”

“Oh to be sure,” Carlton said with a mouthful of pie.

Anita looked up suspiciously. There was something about the way her mother had said ‘little talk.’ It was on Sunday afternoons like this that the girls had been used to getting maintenance spankings all through their teens and long afterwards. Surely not, Anita all but gaped. She looked again at her elder sister and thought back to just how many spankings she had had to suffer at her mother’s hands since moving into her apartment. It was very tempting to stick around to find out, but not only might Heather decided to share her little secret with the family, but her mother might get it into her head to extend the maintenance spanking regime to her.

“I suppose I had better get going myself,” Anita said a little too casually as she rose to go.

“Alright dear, come around again soon now won’t you?”


“I thought I would never get them to bed,” Heather said with a sigh as she collapsed on to the sofa.

“I remember what you were like at that age,” Meredith said wistfully.

Carlton looked at his wife significantly and then at his daughter.

“I think I’ll see out the last of the daylight in the yard,” he said.

Heather glanced at the gathering gloom and wondered if there was all that much light left to see out.

“Now I think we should go down to the den don’t you?” Meredith said grasping her thighs determinedly and standing up.

“Mother look,” Heather began, “I really am too old for this. I haven’t even done anything.”

“Oh so if you had done anything then you wouldn’t be too old? Is that what you’re saying?”

Heather took a deep breath and was suddenly 17 again, a time when she had first started to rebel against her mother’s spanking regime.

“I have been married and… well no Mom, I am way too old for this…” That, she realised had come out wrong. Damn it, why did she feel like a kid again? This morning when she woke up she had had a speech all rehearsed in her head and had been determined to make it clear that there was no way she was going to start be spanked again.

“Come on, enough of this or you will be in trouble and I’ll have to fetch your father.”

Heather gasped as a prelude to a protest and did a quick one-step dance as she had as a teenager usually prior to saying “it’s not fair.” Instead she said, “I haven’t done anything I don’t see why… well I don’t see why you should spank me at all.”

Heather hated that she had adopted the same pout that she had all those years ago.

“Heather Crow you have been too long out in the world doing what you want. Look where that got you, divorced and broke. Now am I going rein you in as I believe you need. Now stop all this fuss and come with me this minute.”

Heather began her anxious dance again and opened her mouth for another round of protests, but this time Meredith seized her by the ear and led her down the half-steps to the family den.

“But Mom the girls…” Heather wailed.

“They are asleep. And anyway no one will hear us down here,” Meredith said impatiently.

Then seeing there was no time for subtlety, she sat on the couch and hauled he reluctant daughter across her lap.

“Please Mom can’t we talk about this?” Heather wailed as her skirts were flipped up to reveal her panties.

“As often as you like honey,” Meredith said as the panties descended to Heather’s knees.

“This is too much,” Heather groaned.

Meredith imparted a sharp spank to her daughter’s bottom which extracted an angry squeal. It had been a long time she had been properly spanked and Heather had forgotten how much it hurt.

Upstairs in the yard Carlton examined his tools and wondered if it wasn’t time to replace some of them. Although he knew what was taking place in the den, the sudden report and cry of pain took him by surprise.

“Looks like you lose the bet Carlton,” Carlton said to himself. He had been convinced that a headstrong girl like Heather would have refused to cooperated with a spanking. Not that he wouldn’t hesitate to take a strop to his eldest if it should become needful, but a maintenance spanking was something else.

“I guess deep down you know this is what you need my girl,” he said to his angle saw.

Down in the den Heather’s bottom was a pronounced red and she had taken to hugging into a cushion from the couch as she grunted and gasped at every impact.

“Am I going to get anymore arguments from you about taking a spanking Heather Crow?” Meredith asked darkly as she imparted another spank.

“I still don’t see…” Heather gasped, her face as red as her bottom.

“Then I shall just have to make you see,” Meredith snapped spanking extra hard.

“Yeow, alright I get it,” Heather growled angrily.

“You are going to get it alright,” Meredith said adding renewed vigour to the spanking. “Maybe I should get the paddle and really make my point.”

“No Mom I’m sorry,” Heather wailed, by now moist-eyed and panting hard.

“You’ll get a maintenance spanking every Sunday from now on and I don’t want to have to bring the subject up again, do you hear me?”

“Yes Mom.”

“You’ll come find me after Sunday supper every week and tell me you’re ready is that understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” Heather gasped.

“Alright we’re done,” Meredith said soothingly.

“Oh Mom,” Heather wailed, squirming up for a hug and bursting into tears. “I messed things up, I’m so sorry.”

“Hush, it will be alright, you get yourself back on track you wait and see.”

Meredith hugged her daughter for the longest while until Heather was herself again.

“Alright, you can do you corner time down here,” Meredith said to spare her the indignity of her father seeing her. She watched for further sign of a rebellion, but Heather just nodded and holding her skirts up walked over to face the wall.

“I’ll be back in 30 minutes so you hold tight.”

“Yes ma’am,” Heather sniffed.

27 Responses to “Abraham Heights: the trouble with maintenance”

  1. 1 George

    Adult daughters (without a husband) need frequent, serious and obviously fair domestic discipline more than ever. Fathers are more effective, but both parents have such great duty.
    Maybe even more than for teens!


  2. Absolutely love this series. Another awesome world you’ve created.

  3. 3 fatherjim

    Abraham Heights? Now, is that East or West of Heaven??? I’d surely love to visit, perhaps even stay! A man can dream, can he not?

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. 4 iggy

    by far the best ungoing serial. a bit befuddled why so long before a new update, since its riped with so many potential senarios. personally, i love the donna warren stories. her somewhat forced ( or is it?) submission given her age and position brings a unique reality to the spankings that further highlight her resignations as she non consensually submits to a fate reserved for a girl much younger. i was a bit disappointed that it was brief and secondary in nature to the other scene, but still loved it. the idea of reporting for it! two things i wish for. first, her story take more preeminence in the episode. second, maybe a discussion with her tormentor where she would unsuccessfully attempt to bargain her way out.

  5. 5 paul1510

    DJ, love this story, Abraham Heights is a world I’ve been looking for all my life. 😀

  6. 6 Kaki

    Has anyone noticed that only Tops have commented how much they would love to live in a town like this, interesting. Great series, DJ. Very happy it is a fictional town, not that I would have anything to worry about. 🙂

  7. 7 scarlet

    Kaki, I agree with you. I think Abraham Heights would be a perfect town for all the Tops to live in. There is so much to keep them busy there!

    You and I would live in the next town over, where there are fabulous restaurants and great places to shop.

  8. 8 Poppy

    I agree with Kaki and Scarlet. I don’t know who the Tops would spank with us delightful girls being one town away but I am sure they could work it out. Maybe they could draw lots and spank each other or something.

  9. I love your “Abraham Heights” series, DJ, and this was a super-sized episode with past characters resurfacing, my favorite being the still ouchily misplaced Donna.

    • 10 Gentbb

      Love this town! Great episode. Love the Donna Warren Story. This new Heather story looks promising. Bring in the sority next time and more Donna please.


  10. 11 Emilio

    I beleive that maintenance spankings are perfect for adult daughters even at 29.
    Welcome to such RL stories.

  11. 12 Ann

    Wow, thats really twisted. I would never stand for that and I find it really unrealistic that a parent would even contemplate spanking an adult child. They would be brought up on assault charges in short order. It might be fun to try an erotic spanking but, being a grown woman who does have self worth I would never stand for a man beating me and trying to discipline me. Ladies if you are in this sort of relationship, seek some counseling and go to an abused women’s shelter. There is help out there and you don’t have to suffer this kind of twisted abuse! See them for the predators they are and put them where they belong, in JAIL! If you don’t they will continue to prey on women who have self esteem issues!

    [Editors comment – I see no reason to censor this post – taken at face value I would agree with you. Assuming your tongue is not firmly in your cheek, given that this is fiction afer all. This is a blog for those interested in a certain lifestyle – this story and most of the others not identified as true are fantasies in legitimate pursuit of that life style. If you don’t get it – and there is no reason you necssarily would if you are someone with a particular socio-political outlook or sexual experience – but you do not need to read this content. Thank you for your comment. DJ Black]

  12. Hi Ann,
    I am really impressed with how long you must have spent reading something that was such a turn off for you. How did you find your way here?
    Could you provide a list of acceptable ways for ladies to live so that we know what we may or my not do?
    And maybe you pop over to come of the sites written by women to inform us that we have low self esteem because many of us simply have never realised.
    It is a good job there are people like you to tell us exactly what to do, Ann because otherwise we might end up deciding for ourselves which would be terribly oppressive.

  13. 14 George

    I’m afraid I’m not able to think anything about discipline.
    Just hugging and kissing!

    • 15 DJ

      not sure what you are thinking of – there are none here – fictional or otherwise!!

  14. 16 george

    I had read, wasn’t here ?, of 2 litlle brat sisters (playing like they were airplanes) and one was 4 yo… so I meant no physical discipline for such precious jewels.
    For 29 yo, even if daughters it’s another story, quite different 🙂

  15. 17 iggy

    been a long while since the last episode. i wonder what misadventures await miss warren?

  16. 19 GentBB

    This is the best series. Please continue. We all want to see how Professor Warren gets on.

  17. 20 DJ

    Hi GentBB,

    Yes it has been a while – sorry for the delay – more coming this Spring

    Ad Astra rather got in the way 😦

    thanks for the thumbs up 🙂

    • 21 Bill Black

      Its been awhile. When do you think you might get back to this thread.


      • 22 DJ

        I intend to return to Abraham Heights at some point – probably in the new year. I have Magic and Ad Astra as well as Severus to follow up on – but sometimes the muse reorganises priorities – so who knows?

        Thanks for your interest. 🙂

  18. 23 iggy

    it has been so long with this series. i found so much potential and interest with it. particularly Donna’s predictement. i wonder what made you shelve this story line altogether.

    • 24 DJ

      Hi iggy,

      Abraham Heights is quite intensive to write and episodes are non-linear but longer

      I am trying to push on with other existing more formal series – but I have at least two more planned in this one as well as a couple of ideas for shorts in the same ‘universe’

      I share your frustration as do others.

      It is gratifying that almost daily I get requests for Angela Ad Astra and Raw as well AH and Magic.

      None of the stories are dead.

      Thanks so much for your interest.


  19. 25 Lucy

    I really miss Donna and Miss Main.

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