Angela’s Story: just deserts


Angela’s Story begins here.

I get bored sometimes. Not often and not usually when I’m with David, but tonight I was. We hadn’t been out together for a while and I had hoped to go somewhere exciting, but we had ended up going to the local pub.

I couldn’t complain too much as David had missed his beloved West Ham to take me out. But that was the problem. The football was on in the next bar and every five minutes he got up to check the score.

“Can we go outside? I asked, and to my surprise he agreed.

It was a warm evening, perfect for sitting out by the river and I remembered that this was my favourite place to be. However, I still felt restless, so I guess that it was my mood that was at fault, not David and his football.

“Yeahhhh,” came the scream from the bar. I gathered someone had scored. David didn’t flinch. He was made of iron sometimes.

“Go on,” I laughed, “it sounds like a goal.”

“It’s okay,” David said dismissively and I almost believed him.

“Will you just fucking go and check on the football?” I snapped. I have no idea where that came from.

David just scowled at me and I knew I would pay for that outburst later.

“You have been in a mood all evening, had I of known, I would have stayed home to watch the footie,” he said sounding hurt.

I looked away from his painfully hard gaze.

“Go home then, see if I care,” I growled. “I don’t need you here.”

“No? I think I know what you need,” he said calmly.

I was going to get a spanking, I knew that, perhaps that’s what I wanted. I looked back at David, almost willing him to scold me and demand an apology. Then I saw his face.

“You wouldn’t,” I gasped, looking around nervously. “David?”

He didn’t speak but started to advance towards me.

“You can’t do it here,” I said frantically backing away, desperate for somewhere to run.

The pub had a seating area right beside the river, which was packed with customers at this time of an evening. If he spanked me here it would be witnessed by near 200 people and I would never be able to come back ever again.

I fled in a panic, launching myself down some nearby steps. Big mistake. The steps led to the River Thames and the tide was in, there was nowhere to run. David caught me easily and upended me over his knee. Although we out of immediate sight of the crowd, anyone of them could look down or even come down the steps.

“Please David, not here,” I wailed.

“You swore here, you were a brat here, why shouldn’t you be spanked here?”

“Look David, you can’t.” I tried to sound assertive.

His hand reached under the skirt of my loose summer dress and began to tug at my knickers.

“Please David, don’t,” I begged.

My knickers were visible at my knees now and my bottom was just one casual flick of his hand away from public gaze.

“Okay, okay, okay,” I babbled, “I really deserve this, but if you…”

Bargaining was a big no-no with us and I stopped and tried another tack.

“Please David I know I deserve to be spanked here in front of everyone and you have every right, but please, pretty please, take me home and punish me in any way you want,” I was close to tears.

“I was going to buy you dinner, miss the football and take you out. You little brat, what got into you?”

I didn’t know, I felt miserable and I wouldn’t blame him if he did spank me here and now. I waited.

Someone came to the top of the steps and I looked up. It was a young couple who froze when they saw us. It was obvious what was happening and I blushed even more than I had been. This was almost as bad as the parcel man seeing me. They went away, although the man smirked a little and took one final look.

“Alright, one chance,” David hissed. “I’ll go and get a take-away and you go home. If I find you suitably contrite when I get there then I’ll go easy on you and punish you there.”

It amazes me why archaeologists are so mystified by old temples. They are easy to explain, ancient wives built them out of gratitude to their menfolk for not giving them a much deserved spanking in public. I know I could have built a structure to rival St Paul’s at that moment and dedicated it to David.

“I’ll be so contrite,” I said gratefully.

Then I remembered his hand on my knickers. Instead of releasing them, he pulled them all the way off and put them in his pocket.

“You can go home without them to keep you in the right frame of mind.”

Passing the couple who saw me over David’s lap was embarrassing and I am certain they knew I had no knickers on. I didn’t dawdle but hurried home.


When David arrived with the Chinese take-away I was the first thing he saw. I was standing in the hall with my nose to the wall holding up the back of my skirt into the small of my back. He paused for a moment, presumably to admire my still white bottom and the he went into the kitchen without saying a word.

I had already been standing there for what seemed like hours, objectively speaking at least 20 minutes; I think I had assumed he would deal with me as soon as he arrived. So to be ignored was difficult.

Corner time always takes on a strange perspective when someone is moving around doing normal things behind you somewhere while you have to wait. What was worse was having calmed down, I felt an idiot for my behaviour and terribly self-conscious.

I could hear David rattling around getting plates and setting the table. Even though I knew we would eat first, first as in before he spanked me, I jumped at every sound.

“Alright come in here,” he called suddenly.

I felt bit sheepish as I entered the room, especially as I still held my skirt up behind me. The first thing I noticed was that David had only set one proper place setting.

“Kneel down there,” he said sternly.

There was a red silk cushion set on the floor by the coffee table, which he laid out for our meal.

“Since you acted like a child I am going to feed you like one to underline what comes next,” he continued.

I nodded in acceptance and did as I was told.

“Sorry,” I whispered.

He smiled.

“No really,” I said, “and thanks for not doing it at the pub.”

“You think I really would have?”

“I think there was a reasonable chance under the circumstances,” I laughed.

“You might just be right,” he grinned.

There was something intimate and touching about the meal. Every so often David would scoop up some food with the chopsticks and feed it to me. I sensed that I wasn’t to speak and I had to eat everything he gave me.

Occasionally David talked about various things in an almost normal way, but I could not keep my mind off the spanking I had coming.

Finally David said, “Are you ready for desert?”

“I am not sure I’m still hungry,” I said.

“That is not what I asked you.” He arched his eyebrows and used that tone.

“What sort of desert is it?”

“Just desert,” he quipped.

“Ouch,” I said ruefully, “not my favourite at any rate.”

He led me gently by the chin to a standing position and I took three steps towards his lap. Perhaps to delay the inevitable, or perhaps because I felt I deserved it and wanted to display my submission, on seeing his empty hands I asked, “Shall I fetch the hairbrush or something?”

He didn’t answer but tipped me over his lap and drew up my skirts until my bottom was bare and well positioned over his lap. He possessed it with his hand, his fingers gripping my right buttock with erotic menace.

I snuggled into him and he seemed to take an age caressing my bottom. I loved him when it was like this, which under the circumstances made me feel a little guilty. After all I really did deserve a sound spanking.

Then I got one.

From the first, even though he was only using his hand he spanked me with a will and within a minute I was panting and squirming.

“You are colouring well tonight,” he murmured.

“Yes,” I breathed, although not entirely focussed on his question.

He responded with that little laugh of his and seemed to spank even harder.

Then all too soon he stopped and propelled me face down over the sofa’s seat and I felt him pressing insistently at my behind as he tried to enter me. I wasn’t sure where he was going and I didn’t care. I wanted him so much and when he finally took me from behind I turned my head, twisting in my desperation to kiss him.

“Yes, oh yes,” I groaned.


We cuddled on the settee for ages.

“Are you alright?” He said, his voice rumbling deep within his chest somewhere, like it always did when he was relaxed.

“More than alright, talk about letting me off easy,” I said, “aren’t I worth it anymore?”

“Are you trying to provoke me?”

“No,” I said kissing him, “I just mean, I feel bad about what happened and that was almost a playful spanking.”

“I just needed us back on track,” he said brushing my hair with his hand.

“And a lovely track it is,” I smiled, “but now you should thrash the daylights out of me.”

“I am not sure I like you trying to run things,” he said amused, “what should I use on you then?”

“Anything you like,” I challenged, I was scared now, but excited.

“I have a bullwhip somewhere, I’ve never used it,” he said evenly holding my eyes with his.

I couldn’t speak and kissed his hand in a kind of submission.

“I’ll get it,” he said, standing up and leaving the room.

I was shaking with more excitement than fear, dreading his return and loving the dread.

When he returned he had something behind his back. I knew it wasn’t a bullwhip and I realised now that he didn’t even own one.

“Are you sure you want to be punished?” He asked.

“Please, don’t tease. You know I don’t want it. I need it.”

“Now that you have taken the edge off, you know this could take some time, don’t you?” He said revealing the clothes brush.

“Yes,” I whispered.

I had never needed anything I didn’t want so badly.

To be continued.

24 Responses to “Angela’s Story: just deserts”

  1. 1 paul1510

    there is a truth in here, somewhere. 😀

  2. 2 anushree

    wow dj. This was really great. Loved every word. Better now, maybe.

  3. 3 Poppy

    Beautiful, slightly terrifying but beautiful.

  4. 4 scarlet

    DJ, a perfect public spanking dilemma and solution. You had me by the throat throughout. So glad there was no bullwhip! (We are sweet girls, after all, not cattle. With apologies, of course, to those who enjoy their bullwhips.)

  5. 5 Thomas

    Where is Angela’s sister and what help is she getting at school from David?

  6. 7 J

    just came upon your blog a few weeks ago…love this serial…..will Angela be letting us in on how her and David are doing?….has she finished her studies… juicy it would be to hear of a proposal….what would her Dad say when he asks for permission to marry his daughter….ohh…and all the trouble her and Nan get into at the bachelorette party….David and Alex would have to use the new set of leather straps that Alex had given him at his stag…they would be staying at Alex and Nan’s for a long weekend after the party…

    • 8 DJ

      Hi J,

      Angela is not finished – she has just moved over for some other stories.

      You are not alone in your appreciation – Angela is the single most popular story on this blog.

      Many thanks.

  7. 9 John Joyce

    Though I do not like the ideaof violent treatment of a youngwoman’s bottom for no reason, I still wonder whether Angela’s bottom still gets sore!1 hope not

  8. 10 Jim

    U really need to finish this story!!! It is great and I am excited to see what happens next!! 🙂

  9. Ohhh come on DJ!!! It’s been more than a year now… 😦 Please, please finish it

    • 13 DJ

      I will return to it soon

      plan is to replace Magic with Ad Astra

      and Spankmanship with Angela and slip a few Raw and Abraham Heights in for good measure. 😉

      • Thank you DJ. I had ‘begged’ earlier for some Angela and I got the idea you were done with her.
        It will be great to see her. Magic is not my thing so to hear some other things are coming back makes me happy!

        • 15 DJ

          Magic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – I know some don’t like fantasy and others don’t like the ‘story’ and just want shorts that are to the point.

          I think I lost my way Angela because it became episodic and I had no idea where it was going.

  10. 16 cindy2

    It was interesting that just one couple saw what was happening in public. A sold-out show isn’t required to achieve humiliation. I was wondering where it was going before it shifted gears and I liked what happened once they arrived home.

  11. 19 HisAshley

    Just stumbled upon your blog last night. I have to say this story is awesome. I stayed up until 3 am to read from beginning to end. Can’t wait to see more.

    Off to check out other posts 🙂

  12. 20 John

    This is a great story, it is one of your best,if not your best, looking forward to hearing more of Angela

  13. 21 Reba

    Second time reading through. Hope you find the motivation to keep it going, I could read it forever! 😉

  14. 22 rob

    It’s long. And a bit repitive. But gripping. Very!

  15. No follow-up after all these years?

  16. 24 Morgan

    I would love a update to this story if u won’t mine at some point.

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