Girls that don’t talk


It’s been a week of revelations. And there have been three conversations that have led to a revaluation of how likely to be true certain salacious and fantastic anecdotes posted here and elsewhere are.

For instance, back in 2009 A Voice carried a feature on birching in Kent into modern times. Although the dinner table conversation mentioned was pretty much faithful to what was said at the time, it had to be assumed that it was all too fanciful. However, there are hidden places that will be forever England and some girls don’t talk.

So the next time some former grammar school boy or knowing comprehensive school oik sounds off knowingly about what went on in public schools, consider what do they really know?

The truth is well-bred public school girls don’t talk about it. So you are not going to be able to Google it. You either know or you don’t.

Take for instance an on-going conversation over at Sometimes A Girl.

A whole debate was sparked by a young women finding out she was not alone in being spanked at home in her 20s. The gist of it is, it still goes on but what 20-something woman is going to talk about it. It is way too embarrassing.

Here is a flavour of that debate:

My aunt allowed me to stay with her. She was much stricter than my mom and I knew that. I also knew that she still spanked her 17-year-old daughter and I knew that she would expect me to behave like an angel. So there would be consequences for bad behaviour, but I really didn’t consider my aunt spanking me at 22 years old.

I very soon found out that spanking was exactly what she had in mind. She usually spanked with an oval hand held paddle, a school style paddle or a strap. All this on the bare bottom and believe me you did not want to sit for a couple of days.

I stayed with her for the next four years; finished my Master’s and got a great job, all the while taking trips over my aunt’s knee.

Okay, so she was my aunt and not my mom, but her daughter is now 25, still at home and still getting spanked. I hated getting spanked at the time and felt totally embarrassed and humiliated, but I am indebted to my aunt.

Truth really is stranger than fiction; what about this.

My mom intends to enforce family rules and spank me as long as I live at home or get any support from them, but they are happy with me staying at home as long as I want. I suspect certain girls I know from classes or from around the campus have the same situation, but no one has admitted it.

I got a spanking over Christmas break and two since then – always bare on Mom’s lap with her hand and a brush, just like junior high and high school. She is serious about me behaving.

I would prefer not to have to follow their rules and certainly not get spanked, but it is still a great deal overall, and I know they love me.

This mother said:

My oldest is 23, just graduated from college and is going to stay home until she has a good foundation. She knows that if she misbehaves her bottom will be very sore.

It is rare. The last time was around Thanksgiving and the time before that was early last summer, but it happens and she sure won’t admit it.

My next daughter is 18 and soon to graduate from high school. Her last spanking was Monday night, the last before that was about two weeks previously. I’m sure she didn’t caucus with her friends about it. In fact I heard her tell a friend she ‘got yelled at’ and that’s pretty typical.

Girls might not talk, but sometimes mothers do.

I guess my mother talks to other mothers about spanking me, it’s embarrassing. Especially when I’m in the room, thank god I don’t get corner time anymore, but I do get grounded and sent to bed early after I’m spanked. I’m being grounded now.

I also feel like a child when mom has me over her knees even though I’m 24, so it’s real embarrassing when someone of my friends finds out I’m still spanked.

Who can say that all these stories are true, but they really could be. Consider the emotional aspects of this contribution and the embarrassment of being ‘outed’ even when you don’t talk.

I am also in the’ Spanked Older club,’ as when I was still living at home during my first two years of college, I was subject to Mother’s “under my roof, over my lap” dictates.

At least my parents let up on some of the rules – I was legally an adult – so the quite common high school spankings were reduced greatly to discipline only for major misbehaviour.

I remember there were three spankings at 19 and two at 20 years old – typical panties-down rump roastings OTK with hairbrush, spoon or belt.

I was so used to being spanked I didn’t feel “resentful” for being punished so childishly as a college gal; mostly I feel “foolish/silly” getting my panties pulled down and going over the lap – until the brush or belt started – then I was sobbing and squirming like every other time.

But, like others mentioned, I always tried to keep my spankings secret from any friends or others. Especially the older I got when fewer friends were still being spanked I didn’t want anyone else to know I got it.

I remember being 17 and driving around with friends. I had a curfew and tried to get them to drop me off at home on time but they were goofing around, not worried.
It was awful – I knew I’d be spanked if I was late but I couldn’t bring myself to tell my friends. I just sat in the back seat with visions of Mom’s hairbrush waiting for me.
And it was!

Also, like others, my mother was no help. She was proud of her daughters and often accepted compliments on our behaviour by assuring her friends that we behaved so well because we didn’t want our “fannies spanked.”

Gee, thanks mom!

There is lots more like this, but if you do join the conversation, remember it is people’s lives so play nice.

15 Responses to “Girls that don’t talk”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    The “Sometimes a Girl” forum is certainly a great source for material like this. And you’ve certainly collected some gems here, D.J.

    I think the key message behind the thread you refer to is that just because people aren’t talking about it doesn’t mean it’s not happening — bare bottom spankings of fully-grown adult daughters and nieces, that is.

    But while SAG is a great place to find this kind of material, does anyone knows of other forums of this sort where lively discussion of adult spankings takes place?

  2. 2 Poppy

    I think the forums where this sort of conversation takes place are places like sofas and dinner tables where the conversation is quiet and discrete.
    That’s what I think anyway.

    • 3 DJ

      And I have crassly drawn attention to it?

      Yes you are probably right – the main thing being anonymity

      DJ 😉

      • 4 Poppy

        Crass was your word and not mine but now you have used it I shall be sure to remember it and use it about you as often as I think I can get away with. 🙂

    • 5 Karl Friedrich Gauss

      Of course the point of the post is that young women DON’T talk about such things in face to face conversations, but as a young woman yourself, you’re certainly in a position to enlighten us further if such is actually not always the case — i.e. if you’ve been party to situations in which women DO talk and share such intimate revelations.

  3. 6 Poppy

    Karl, I would tell all but I fear it would be too much for you and it may cause you to blush and fall to the floor in shock. I am simply unable to do that to you, so much as I would love to share I must protect you.

    • 7 Karl Friedrich Gauss

      Poppy I must say I have no idea what information you are being so mysterious about and that you think would shock me.

      • 8 scarlet

        Karl, Poppy is terribly shocking. In fact, every time she tells us what she has been up to all her girlfriends swoon and have to be revived with smelling salts. It makes our eyes big and round and our mouths fall open and sometimes we gasp, or say, “oh, my!” or “you didn’t!”

        Sometimes her stories make us quite warm and we have to fan ourselves and step outside to take the air. Really, you ought to be careful.

  4. 9 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    We do know that young women do sometimes talk among themselves about their kinky exploits. Perhaps the most interesting case like this I’ve heard of involved Scarlett DeWinter, who at the time was a year out of high school, and sharing her kinky gap year exploits with fellow classmates from her old Catholic boarding school. Their attitude seemed to be, well, if it makes you happy, then go for it. It didn’t sound like any of her school friends were admitting to any kinky interests of their own. Scarlett wrote about the occasion on her now-sadly-deleted blog, “Prayers and Pashminas”. But her case is different from what D.J. talks about in this post. Scarlett wasn’t still at home and being paddled for naughtiness by her parent or aunt. She was doing her own thing, as it were, and admitting to something that showed her exercising her adult liberty and boldness, rather than her lingering little-girl-like status.

  5. 10 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Although it’s not directly related to this discussion, I wanted to say that I just read Poppy’s post on her blog. Wonderful news!

  6. 11 paul1510

    DJ, when I was young it was axiomatic that. if youngsters misbehaved, they were spanked.
    I think it safe to assume that at least some girls were spanked, on the whole they were better behaved then boys, or was this a myth. 😉
    There is quite a good forum on Discipline and Desire where most sorts of spankings are discussed.

  7. Thank you for once again drawing attention to our wonderful community of spanking story tellers. As moderator I have access to the i.p. addresses. I’m not surprised that sometimes the same i.p. address is attached to different names. If they are too obvious I delete them, but I certainly encourage artistic liberties. What I am surprised by though, is the fact that perhaps 90% of the ‘outrageous’ stories on there have individual i.p. addresses.
    We have a pest that frequently buzzes around the forum who believes he is ‘outing’ the story tellers. His comments are immediately deleted. I certainly don’t believe everything that is posted on there, but I do believe that much of it is true, or at least rooted in truth and perhaps embellished.
    About a year ago I had an ongoing e-mail discussion with a well known mentor and video producer. He told me tens of stories of his confidences with women going back 30-40 years to the present of young women who were spanked at home well into their 20’s and above. At least a couple that he was actually witness to. He said that long before he was in the mentoring business women seemed to confide in him of such secrets. The stories he told me were only a small sampling of the secrets that were told to him. He is a well respected mentor and video producer and I have no reason to doubt him.
    I have been moderating the forum for about 8 years in various incarnations (Spank-Spanking-Spanked, Tales Of The Crimson Bottom) and although it has had it’s ups and downs, have greatly enjoyed the sense of community and artistic expression the forum encourages. It’s like I’m the mayor of this wonderful community. Although we don’t always get along, we always seem to come together and settle our differences. The regulars who report like Master Mike, Quinn, Edward, George, GerPo, MAT, Ella, Kim, Kym, all with different ages, experiences and points of view and of course we shant forget everyones darling and web sensation Gigi. Gigi is a young woman who has been checking in for years. She has poured out her lifes joys and problems on our forum, perhaps her only outlet for publicly expressing her feelings. She is eloquent, mishievous and honest. We have cuddled her and scolded her and it seems we have watched her grow into a responsible young woman.
    I’m sorry, at the onset I didn’t intend to ramble on so. At any rate I want to thank you for again mentioning our community.

  8. 13 Catherine

    Oh my god :-0

    I thought I was alone.

    my last spanking from mum was when I was about 15 and before that I know my older sister got it too – her last at 17. Which she really hated but I loved and I used to spy on her and tease her. I also outed her to her friends and made her cry. She actually tried to kill me (almost) over that and got another spanking from mum.

    But when I was 20 I went to live with my sister and her husband while I was looking for a place to live in Hampshire. Coming from Yorkshire I found the south so expensive when I came down to work.

    This was in 1997.

    My sister is 6 years older than me and has always been quite bossy, but we sort of got on – well no we didn’t if I’m honest – but I have to admit that it was really good that she put me up.

    Anyway, while I was there she got a new car. One day I borrowed it. I really thought she wouldn’t mind. Maybe she wouldn’t have but at the turn of the narrow lane I mistook an overgrown wall for just a hedge. Prang.

    She didnt say a word. She just packed my bag and threw it out into the lane. I just sat on the doorstep and cried until Tony came home. My brotherinlaw.

    He made us talk but that just ended in a row.

    what would your mum have done – Tony asked

    I dont know why but I just looked at my sister and knew what was coming.

    She chased me round the garden and up the lane (we lived in the country) and caught me by this stone thing outside her house. She sat on it – got me over her lap and wacked my bum. Then she pulled my sweats down (and knickers) and really went mental.

    That wasnt it. I begged to her not do it outside and she agreed as long as I did everything she said. 😦

    She made me stand facing the wall in the house sweats and knickers down where tony could see for ages. Then she spanked me again with this brush thing until I was red and crying.

    After that she spanked me all the time. the same way. facing the wall bare bottom in front of Tony and then spanked silly and back to the wall.

    we did get on better after that – but you would not believe the marks and pain.

    she spanked me until I bought a flat in 2004 and has threatened me twice since then. I bet she would if she had the chance.

    Oh gosh – been going on a bit – but still – seems not the only badun.

    Funny really – but not at the time.

    Keep up the good work – rather read about it than get it (maybe :-D)

    Cath xxxx

  9. 14 George

    In real life I’ve met 2 adult daughters quite older than first 20s: they were 29 yo.
    I knew very well one of them, frequently disciplined by both parents and I must say suh upbringing worked very well!
    No adult daughter about her age (or her parents) willing to share their (ongoing?) experience?

  10. 15 DJ

    Thanks George,

    missed Catherine’s contrib form years ago 😦

    if you want to chat try sometimes a girl as mentioned.

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