The Reluctant Bride and the wise dressmaker


“Do try and calm down dear,” her mother said oh-so patiently.

“I don’t want to calm down, I don’t want…” Camilla was seething; she couldn’t even spit out the words. It was all she could do to stamp her foot and flounce off to her room.

“Camilla dear the dressmaker is waiting, the wedding is tomorrow and the final alterations have yet to be made, please dear,” her mother called after her.

Camilla didn’t deign to reply but went crashing up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door.

“I’m so sorry Mrs Hargreaves,” Camilla’s mother gushed as she entered the front room where the dressmaker was unpicking the latest batch of changes to the wedding dress. “Camilla is such a very sensitive girl.”

“Is she?” Mrs Hargreaves said archly. “You know this wedding is tomorrow don’t you Mrs Forbes, I am right about that?”

Margret Forbes pulled a face as if to say ‘tell me about it’ and rolled her eyes up to heaven.

“This is the eighth set of changes I have had to make in almost as many days,” Mrs Hargreaves said pointedly, “it is all rather irregular. The dress should have been finished at least a week ago, what if it doesn’t fit?”

“I know, I know, but we have just found out that the car will be white and not cream,” Margaret replied as if that explained everything. “You know how Camilla wanted everything to be perfect for her wedding tomorrow. She just needs a minute to calm down.”

“I know what she needs,” Mrs Hargreaves harrumphed, “If one of my girls had such tantrums I would spank them silly until they couldn’t sit down in a car or anywhere else for that matter.”

“Oh dear,” Margaret said wringing her hands, “I haven’t smacked Camilla’s bottom since she was 17, I really think at 20 she is too old for that.”

Mrs Hargreaves remembered how she spanked her eldest daughter the week before her wedding and she was 27, but she decided to say nothing.

It took an hour to coax Camilla out of her room and Mrs Hargreaves had had to phone home to say she would be late.

“Now Camilla please try and be civil to Mrs Hargreaves, you have kept her waiting so long now,” Margaret said impatiently as Camilla entered the room still bearing her best sulky pout.

“I don’t care,” Camilla said childishly.

Mrs Hargreaves let out a long slow breath through her nose and counted to 10 silently in her head. Then she said, “I have made the alterations you wanted, but we still have to see if it fits.”

“Fine,” Camilla spat and folded her arms defiantly.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Margaret said in her most fragile voice and crept ostentatiously from the room.

It took another hour to cover the bride-to-be in the half-made dress and for once Camilla found a smile and the dressmaker sighed in relief. She just had time to finish up and go home.

“It’s pretty good, but you know, I think the double line of lace trim would be best after all,” Camilla said absently plucking at some recent stitching at her sleeve.

“You mean like we had it last Thursday?”

“Yes, exactly so,” Camilla said brightly.

“The way we had it in the first place before I made eight different changes?”

“Oh. Is that a problem?” Camilla said distantly, ignoring the dressmaker and snatching up the design picture from the coffee table.

“You know, I don’t think it is,” Mrs Hargreaves said sharply.

Then before Camilla could say anymore, Mrs Hargreaves began to unpin the unsewn parts of the dress and carefully removed it from the bride and put back on the stand.

“Were you happy with the slippers?”

“Oh yes they’re lovely,” Camilla squealed.

“You didn’t think that the heavy layered sole was too thick?”

“No, I needed something firm to stand on all day, I…” Camilla paused in mid-sentence because Mrs Hargreaves was advancing towards her with just one slipper in her hand.

“Mrs Hargreaves? Whatever is it?” Camilla suddenly felt self-conscious, realising that she was now half naked and her dressmaker was sporting a very determined look on her face.

“This is what it is,” she said, sitting on the dressmaking stool and pulling the reluctant bride down over her lap.

“Mrs Hargreaves, what? Mummy? Mummy,” Camilla wailed.

The dressmaker ignored Camilla’s pleading and slipped her scanties down and off her frilly stockinged legs leaving the girl’s bottom quite bare.

“I’m going to settle you down now dear, don’t worry there’s no extra charge, it is all a part of the service,” Mrs Hargreaves said cheerfully.

She brought the slipper down hard on Camilla’s exposed bottom so that the girl yelped out in surprise. Then employing years of experience she set to giving her the soundest spanking she had ever had.

“Mummy,” Camilla squealed.

On hearing the commotion Margaret scurried to the door aghast at what she was seeing. Her daughter’s bottom was the colour of the wedding flowers waiting in the fridge and Camilla was kicking her legs up and bawling like a 12-year-old over the dressmaker’s knee.

“I guess she isn’t too old for a spanking after all,” she sighed and left Mrs Hargreaves to it.

“Now you like the design don’t you?” Mrs Hargreaves asked pointedly as she spanked on.

“Yes,” Camilla howled.

“Yes what?”

“Yes I like the designs,” Camilla said miserably her face screwed up like she had been eating lemons.

“Yes ma’am,” the dressmaker said emphatically.

“Yes ma’am.”

“You like the colour of the lovely Rolls Royce.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good girl,” Mrs Hargreaves chuckled.

The dressmaker looked down on Camilla’s tight youthful bottom, which was now a fully distressed red and decidedly blistered and bruised. For everyone’s sake she needed to make a point, she felt.

“Now take your spanking like a good girl, I want you very sorry before I’m done.”

“Yes Mrs Hargreaves, ma’am, I’m sorry, really I am,” Camilla sobbed, crying in earnest now.

“Good girl. When I am done you apologise to your mother, aunts and everyone who is hiding from you in the kitchen and then you will go and stand in the corner while I finish your dress, even if it takes all afternoon,” Mrs Hargreaves explained gleefully.

“Oooh,” Camilla protested.

But the dressmaker began another prolonged volley of spanks that set her charge bucking hard on her lap until Camilla’s eyes rolled back at her like a wild pony struggling against her tamer.

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes ma’am,” Camilla broke in final surrender.

The spanking lasted another five minutes before Mrs Hargreaves set the girl on her feet. Nothing was said, but the dressmaker pointed firmly in the direction of the kitchen and scowled. Camilla took one last look at the slipper in her tormentor’s hand and swallowed. Then rubbing her still bare bottom she walked gingerly out to the kitchen to face the victims of her recent tantrums.

Mrs Hargreaves was as good as her word and much to the rest of the families great amusement, Camilla spent a very embarrassing afternoon facing the corner with her bare bottom displayed to vengeful eyes.


9 Responses to “The Reluctant Bride and the wise dressmaker”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Lovely photo. Charming story. Perfect solution. I’m sure now it’ll be a calm and happy wedding for all concerned.

    Although the groom may get a bit of a surprise, come the wedding night. But that may turn out to be the best wedding gift of them all, if he can learn from it.

  2. 2 Michael

    Sweet story, DJ, and wonderful photo. Great job.

  3. 3 fatherjim

    What every segment of Bridezillas should be! Fantastic! and quite enjoyable. If only people could see the benefits of a well applied slipper, but alas.

    Thanks for sharing this. It really made my day!


  4. If I was to be the bridegroom of this naughty bride, that wedding evening, would have found me spanking this newly wed woman, by giving her ‘six of the best’, on her naked rear end. And I mean ‘six of the very best’ strokes with a pliable sting cane.

  5. 5 paul1510

    DJ, very nice story, I’ve known a few brides who could have done with that treatment.

  6. 6 Lars

    If only the cane were more in use; what very much better women we should have!

  7. Do you know a lot of women with limps, Lars?

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