Jenny and the Night Nurse


Jenny threw the paperback across the room in frustration. Her boyfriend had walked out her the week before and although she did not miss him, she was definitely missing the sex. Not that Kevin was very imaginative in bed, but he had to be better than trying to get off on a gutless so-called erotic romance.

She crossed the room and looked out at the lights of the city visible from her singleton flat and pulled her crossed-lipped pout that she always did when she was thinking. Kevin had said it made her look cute, another reason to hate him. Who wanted to look cute? She wanted to go places and see the world and… and god she needed a good seeing to. Maybe a shower will take my mind off it, she thought.


The warm water rolled off her body and caressed her like no man had ever done. She took a great handful of liquid soap and massaged it into her breasts, arms and down her thighs. There her hands lingered as she vigorously rubbed herself, carefully avoiding her sex. Why not, she thought, taking a firmer hold as her breathing become more ragged.

“No,” she gasped aloud, but she didn’t stop.

Her favourite fantasy encroached on her mind as she steadied herself against the shower-stall wall. A brutal dark stranger had come to rob her, at once he became a spy, no an assassin. He had come to kill her, but was seduced by her beauty, if she could only keep him occupied.

As she lived the ‘experience’ her hand strayed to the shampoo bottle. Its long phallic neck, so bulbous at one end, thrust up at her. It was supposed to look like an egg, one of the claimed active ingredients. It didn’t take her long to think of an alternative use for the bottle.

I have to please him or he might kill me, she thought, returning to her imagined narrative. She turned about so ‘he’ could take her from behind. The bottle was awkward in that position but it seemed to hit the spot. Then she remembered Kevin.

He had once asked to take her up the bottom. The idea had excited her, but he had asked like he would be refused, as if it were wrong. Kevin was a wimp. Jenny moved the bottle neck to the narrow place and it slipped in surprisingly easily.

“Fuck you Kevin,” she whispered with a groan, “he can have me, but you can’t.”

Suddenly the neck slipped all the way to broad body of bottle and she gasped. It was insistent in her soul like she was being taken by a true lover. The sudden unexpected orgasm was overwhelming.

“Yes,” she screamed at her imaginary lover as he bent her right over the taps for a deeper penetration, “oh god.”

So lost in her thoughts was she, that the sudden rush of sticky liquid down her thighs merged with her fantasy, but only for a moment.

“What the hell?”

For one sickening moment she thought she had injured herself and pulled the bottle free. Looking down in a panic she saw that the egg-shaped cap was gone.

“Shit,” she gasped desperately fingering her bottom to retrieve it.

It was there alright, but she couldn’t get a purchase with her finger as the cap had turned inside her.

“Shit, shit, shit…” she babbled as the water turned cold around her.


At 36, Anne was an old hand at the nursing game. There was very little she hadn’t seen, which is why being passed over for the senior sister’s job was a bit much. To cap it all she had been lumbered with the night shift.

“Quiet tonight,” Helen the junior said as Anne did her rounds.

Anne eyed her young colleague and tried to supress her natural patronising response. Helen was after all only 19 and her professional innocence was to be expected.

“The lull before the storm perhaps,” Anne replied, but she wasn’t convinced. The night had uneventful written all over it. So perhaps Helen was right after all.

She was just about to return to her office to finish up on the paperwork when she saw the rather sheepish looking young woman hovering around the admissions desk.

The girl was in her mid-20s and looked like she had just stepped off the cover of Vogue, the comfortably cute kind that could look good without trying. What the hell did she want in casualty? What had the spoilt brat done, split her nail?

“Can I help you?” Anne said imperiously.

Jenny leapt back and studied the cool tall redhead who had spoken. Damn, she thought, she looked like the kind of nurse who was all business and short on compassion.

“I…” Jenny ventured, as if that explained everything.

“Come on girl, speak up, we don’t have all night,” Anne said impatiently. “This is the casualty department, for urgent cases only, we don’t need time wasters here.”

Jenny glanced around the empty waiting area and back at the nurse.

“It is kind of urgent,” Jenny said in a whisper and blushed.

“Are you in pain? Are you injured?” Anne said puzzled. It was obvious that something was wrong, she had realised. Years’ of experience had taught her to recognise that.

“I have some discomfort yes, but I’m not exactly injured,” Jenny mumbled.

“Well speak up, what is the problem?”

Jenny blushed and spread out her hands in desperation. Looking around there was no one to hear but she just couldn’t explain. All the way there in the taxi she had been racking her brains for a decent story and had come up with two, both totally implausible.

“I have something stuck in me,” Jenny forced out between her teeth. It made her sound angry and Anne bristled.

“Whatever are you talking about?”

“Can we go somewhere private?” Jenny urged.

Then Anne realised. Or thought she did. Once a woman had come to casualty with an orange lodged in an unmentionable place. Another time it had been a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

“Very well come with me,” Anne said with a snort.

Jenny was led to a cubical with a poorly closing curtain that faced onto both the coffee machines and the ladies toilet.

“Sit on the trolley,” Anne said indicating the bed on wheels.

“I… I eh… can’t,” Jenny blushed furiously.

Anne sighed.

“You had better start from the beginning,” she said with an impatient groan.


“So let me get this straight,” Anne said sceptically, “you were having a shower and you slipped. As you did so the shampoo fell from your hand and you sat on it. Then somehow the cap came off while you were extracting it from your bottom. Is that your story?”

“Mmm,” Jenny muttered in the affirmative, feeling like a five-year-old caught stealing biscuits. To make matters worse, not only was she one flimsy non-closing curtain away from a public thoroughfare, but the Nurse had had her strip naked and put on a non-closing gown.

Now she was kneeling arse up on the trolley-bed while the nurse prodded her tail with an expression she had last seen from her headmistress.

“Now I know that at the moment we appear not be busy, this is an emergency ward, people come here to have their life saved. I have a good mind to send you home and tell you to come back to outpatients. I am willing to bet that the problem will have resolved itself by then anyway, but just in case and since we aren’t busy, you can have our undivided attention.”

Anne’s tone was scolding and not that of a caring medical professional.

“Helen,” she bellowed suddenly, “I need a hand here.”

“Look couldn’t you just…” Jenny started to suggest, suddenly apprehensive.

“Be quiet, I’ll handle this,” Anne said giving her a quick slap on the bottom.

“Sorry sister I was… oh gosh, what…?” Helen gasped as she pulled back the curtain exposing the patient more than just momentarily to the corridor beyond.

“I’ll need soap and hot water, plenty of it, oh and a crochet hook. You’ll find one in my left-hand desk draw,” Anne ordered brusquely.

Helen clamped a hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle.

“Look sharp girl,” Anne backed seeing the girl’s amusement.

“Could you please close the curtain,” Jenny rasped through gritted teeth.

“Yes, yes, in a moment, you should have thought about being embarrassed before. Now push your knees forward a bit more, into your chest, that’s it.”

It seemed to take a geological age before the younger nurse returned. To make matters worse, for most of that time the curtain was left open and only closed just in time to be unceremoniously swept aside again by the over-eager smirking junior.


The egg-shaped cap sat in the stainless steel dish like an accusing eye. It had been removed after nearly 40 minutes of her being prodded and pulled about behind. To Jenny, it felt like they had sent a whole posse of ferrets into her hind end after the offending item.

After that she had been left alone face down on the bed for a while. Neither the curtain nor the gown would completely close and her clothes were nowhere to be seen.

She might have complained, but shortly after they had gone there were a lot of raucous male voices yelling somewhere and Jenny guessed that the nurses had some drunken customers. Then at last Anne came back.

“Right you, just one last treatment left,” Anne barked.

“It’s alright, if you could just give me back my clothes,” Jenny blushed.

“Telling me my job… again,” Anne said archly. “Let me tell you, in the modern health service we pride ourselves on preventative medicine and I would be remiss if I did not make sure that you never had to come back again for similar treatment.”

“Oh believe me, there is no way…”

“Please be quiet, I haven’t finished talking,” Anne said sternly, although Jenny thought that there was a hint of a smile playing about the sister’s lips. “Helen I need a hand here.”

“Yes sister,” Helen said breezily appearing at once.

“You remember that discussion we had last Monday?”

The smirk vanished from Helen’s face.

“Yes sister,” she said uncertainly.

“There was a certain item I used to punctuate my comments, fetch it will you.”

Helen blushed and glanced at the young woman on the bed a little uncertain of what was coming or rather who it was coming for. Nevertheless she knew better than to argue and dashed off as fast as hospital regulations allowed; actual running being against the rules, as she had most bitterly learned.

While she was gone Anne helped Jenny off the bed and took her over her lap.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Jenny asked nervously.

“Just taking one last look before we finish up,” Anne replied reassuringly.

Helen parted the gown more fully and snuggled the girl down firmly into her lap.

“Please… I…” Jenny prattled impotently.

For once it didn’t take Helen long to return and Jenny saw that she was holding a black hardwood brush, possibly of a type used to brush down a nurse’s uniform.

“Thank you Helen, you may stay, but please secure that curtain. I think this particular therapy is too controversial to have outside observers.

“Yes sister,” Helen grinned, now knowing exactly what was coming.

“So Miss… Jenny, you thought you would waste our time after your little adventure. Well let me tell you that you are not the first nasty little girl I have had to deal with. I am going to give this precious bottom of yours a sound little spanking until you can’t sit down for a while, a small preventative treatment that you will remember for a long time to come.”

“You wouldn’t dare, I’ll sue, I’ll…”

“You can do what you like, but I rather think you’ll do nothing,” Anne said icily. “Your ‘condition’ medically speaking has been logged, as was the treatment and unfortunate side effects. If you want to the details to come out together with your completely unsubstantiated accusations then feel free. I am sure it will make absolutely fascinating reading in the local newspapers.”

Helen giggled, she had made much the same idle threats the first time she had been in the same position.

“Come on please,” Jenny babbled, “I’m sorry, I was just…”

“I know, slipping in the shower,” Anne said pertly as she brought the brush down on Jenny’s bare bottom with a smart crack.

“Yeow,” Jenny yelped.

Then Anne set to spanking her reckless patient with firm easy strokes that imparted a bite that went on and on for Jenny.

Helen had seen other nurses spanked, but never when she wasn’t up for a share of the bill herself, so this was fun, she thought. Anne certainly did not spare Jenny any of her efforts as she took her bottom through sharp orange to a dull dark red.

At the end of the corridor the receptionist and the night porter exchanged knowing looks. One of the junior nurses had cocked up again no doubt, nothing unusual, they thought.

The spanking lasted over 10 minutes and by the end Jenny was sobbing her soul onto the sparkling hospital floor in sprinkles of crystal tears.

“Now masturbation is all very well, but if you must play with toys, be careful,” Anne said maternally.

“Yes ma’am,” Jenny said miserably, realising as if she hadn’t already that her lie had not been believed.

“Do you hear me,” Anne said brightly, snapping the brush down hard for a few more swats.

“YES, ma’am,” Jenny yelped.

“Sure?” Anne spanked on.

“Oh god yes, please… oh… ow… owie, owie,” Jenny spluttered, causing Helen to laugh out loud.

“Good,” Anne said finally bring the proceedings to an end, “because if I ever have you back here I’ll have Helen and the other student nurses practicing enema’s on you all night with a spanking before and after for good measure, do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jenny sobbed as she stood up rubbing her bottom.

“Now did you want to make a complaint or will you sign here,” Anne asked holding out a pen in one hand and a clipboard in the other.

“No ma’am, I mean yes ma’am, I mean… I’ll sign.”


Two nights later Jenny lay, through necessity, on her front in bed. Her bottom still ached dully and rather than cooling her ardour she was hornier than ever. She turned out the light to sleep but the dark sinister stranger came unbidden to her mind. This time he was holding a black wooden brush in one hand and the shampoo bottle in the other.


17 Responses to “Jenny and the Night Nurse”

  1. 1 George

    Such kind of therapy is never out of fashion 😉

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    What a lovely backstory for the photo. If I’m not mistaken that photo is part of a set that I’ve seen others of before.

    I can well imagine that such things may well have happened in real life here and there, given the stories we’ve heard about how nurses in training have been subjected to disciplinary spankings as a matter of course.

    • 3 DJ

      Yes it is an old Janus set I think – several from it have been republished before – but I haven’t seen this one since it was in the magazine, it may be an old scan of mine – I’m lousy at keeping track so I don’t know for sure.


  3. 4 Carlos


  4. 5 Emilio

    Also in our days spankings are so useful to correct naughty young women of any age. Fair and effective by those who have legitimate authority on them, of course.
    Any woman in her late 20s or early 30s getting such discipline in 2011?

  5. 6 anushree

    dj, you are back, and with a HUGE bang!

  6. 7 Paddy P

    Must say I loved the way you built the story and the settings were so real.

  7. 8 DJ

    It’s nice to get a rash of comments – thanks

    this is a little story that has been rattling around for a while now. It’s actually (loosely) based on two (possibly) true stories.

    Years ago a friend told me that she had an ‘accident’ with a household item and it got stuck in a certain place (no hospital required) but she had been very much afraid that it might have come to that. She fell during housework apparently!!

    How innocent her accident was I could not say 😉

    An old mate of mine was a nurse (a guy) and he invited me to a medics party. Another young woman, a student nurse, happened to mention that she was told off for running on the ward and had to go to see the sister about it. This was about 20 years ago. A much older woman who had also been a nurse as far back as the 1950s said that in her day this would have been a very big deal and she might have been put on report for it. She added with a twinkle that she might have even got her bottie smacked.

    Now I took this as a euphamism or a joke – but the student nurse really blushed at this and I swear that the old nurse and the student exchanged looks.

    In any case – a nods as good as a wink as far as my imagination goes.

    I am sure that it was all in my head – but going back to the 1980s and meeting the older 30-somethings who had trained in the late 60s and 70s – I did get hints now and then. 😉 so who really knows.

    Anyway – it gave me the story idea. So thanks.


  8. Just LOVED the humor in this one! Who among us in the Land of Kink hasn’t imagined (with dread) a scenario such as this? Funny, hot, and believable.

  9. 10 Ayla

    I missed out on so much, waiting until mid-life to go to nursing school in the 1990s! Too bad it wasn’t the 1890s. However, gay men apparently have very active imaginations in this area and I was given quite the “cook’s tour” my first week in the ER.

  10. Nurses still spank! I (male) collapsed drunk last year and had to be taken by ambulance to hospital. I duly recovered and was given an “unofficial’ strapping on on thin green hospital shorts. No less than 36 strokes that hurt very hard! Female nurses (two of them) performed the “honors’ and I was sent home in Hospital gown and shorts in a Taxi

    • 12 DJ

      lucky? you.

    • It hurt like hell! I onced received similar treatment in a former British colony, for collapsing after a “Party” I looked up a police woman’s skirt AND COMMENTED ON HER UNDERPANTS BEING WHITE NOT KHAKI!
      . IT COST ME 24 STROKES OF THE RATTAN ACROSS A THIN “GARMENT”, ACTUALLY A SORT OF SKIRT THAT HUGGED THE BUTTOCKS BUT PREVENTED THE CANE GOING WHERE IT SHOUL’D,NT (thinner than gym shorts but tough that would not rip). No cutting or bleeding but lots of pain. After I got over it I was paddled 12 of the best every day for a week, again on the garment (skirt) which I had to wear to get home. Everyone noticed, of course and I got lots of advice as to how to sit down!

      • 14 DJ

        thanks for the story (although I am confused to your gender as you seem to be claiming to both male and female!?)

        But please don’t shout. 😉

  11. I am Male!. The “Skirt” was a sort of Kilt, officially a “garment’ and solely intended to stop the cane “whipping in” where it should not go. Only men got this, women were simply paddled, away from the sight of men, needless to say!. Wearing one in public was embarrasing but part of the punishment which were officially called “chastisements”..

    • The above “chastisements” really happened. The matrons who carried them out were ruthless and quite brutal! The bottom was striped severely but did eventually heal over time. This “chastisement” happened to me several times and it was quite a shock to later be in another country and get the hospital strap. Of the two instruments, the strap was slightly less painful but not much so!

  1. 1 - Chross Guide To The Spanking Internet

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