DJ Black has been kidnapped


Okay that might not be true, just kidnapped by life. Normal service will resume shortly. Blog of the Week is late, but some stories are on their way plus a small feature. Watch this space.

4 Responses to “DJ Black has been kidnapped”

  1. I have a couple of bucks for “ransom” if anyone wants to match it to secure his release.
    Lets start a “Free DJ Black Fund”.
    If we don’t raise enough to rescue him,,,what the hell, we will use the cash for drinks. 🙂

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Well, from the picture, it does look like the kidnappers are letting you get some exercise at least. I can just imagine they were at their wit’s end trying to figure how to deal with that wayward daughter. They must have read some of your work and figured that you, of all people, would be able to help them with their predicament.

  3. 3 scarlet

    Glad to hear you’re just on the lam! Hurry back.

  4. Kink has never been mostly in the dungeon. Frankly, I think many folks find kink and other forms of play a lot hotter when its not in the place where these things are supposed to take place.

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