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Somewhere an insect buzzed, coming nearer and then fading away. It was the only sound to be heard now as the three women walked up the drive to the school. The shimmering heat off the tarmac made the old red brick building look far away, which in a sense it was, all of 10 summers […]

“Oh not again, you really do ask for it don’t you?” Kate sighed on seeing her sister in the corner for the third time that month. “What did you do this time?” Carol blushed and shifted uneasily in the space between the fireplace and her mother’s dresser. She had hoped that it would have been […]

Reality bites


“Get over that,” he growled, “how many times have I told you? Now you are going to get it.” “Please John,” she whimpered, but he noticed that she did not hesitate to obey. “Don’t you please John me, I’m going to tan your arse until you can’t sit down for a month, then I’m going […]

This week’s blog sometimes features the male submissive and therefore is almost off-topic. As we all know there is no such thing. But to be fair, it has to really if it is to live up to its name. All Things Spanking is a go to site for those interesting little pictures that you may […]

The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake is a book by Ashley Jefferson, which like The Russell Corner and The Academy, is available from Lulu Books (see the link in the bookshop on the right). It is the story of an exclusive school for young people and the disciplinary adventures of three young women ‘inmates.’ The […]

Over at Sometimes a Girl there has been a thread on spanking in nursing schools. For a flavour of the debate one response from Anne had this to say: My mother trained as a nurse at a hospital in Saskatchewan Canada where she lived in a residence run by a Mrs “X” who had an […]