A doctor canes


“It was only a kiss,” Gail said, looking from her step-father to her mother for support.

Amy looked at Michael, her husband, surely he wouldn’t, she thought, but he had that look and he never went back on his word. Kissing the veterinary’s son outside the post office had been the talk of the village.

“I am the village doctor, I have a position to uphold,” Dr Warren said calmly, “and anyway you were warned were you not?”

Gail looked as she if she might flee and looked from Michael Warren to her mother, this wasn’t happening.

“Look please,” she said pleadingly, “I didn’t mean to… I mean this is 1935, not the dark ages, it was only a kiss.”

“What did I say last time?” Dr Warren sighed taking up the cane from his desk.

Gail looked in horror at the stick and baulked.

“Mummy please, you can’t let him,” she wailed.

“Now darling, you know when I married Michael you were told that things would have to change, for all of us. Anyway a little discipline will do you good. I am sure it will,” Amy said sounding distinctly unconvinced.

“But Mummy, I’m 19,” Gail begged.

“Exactly so, when you are 21, then you may have a point,” Amy said with more resolve. She remembered how much freedom she had compared to her daughter. Maybe Michael was right.

“Your age is completely beside the point,” Dr Warren said archly, “even if you were 21 I would still expect a level of decorum from you, with the same consequences if I didn’t get it.”

“I won’t do it,” Gail said defiantly.

“Now Gail, don’t take that tone with the doctor, you know he only has your best interests in mind,” her mother scolded.

“Please adjust your clothing, I really don’t want any more arguments,” Dr Warren growled.

“Mummy,” Gail exclaimed, by now close to tears.

“Come on, let me help you,” her mother said with a sigh.

“Just the skirt and whatever is beneath,” her step-father suggested. “No need to make this anymore unpleasant that it has to be.”

It was quite horrid enough, Gail thought as he mother reached for the zip fastener on her tweed skirt.

Dr Warren turned his back on his womenfolk, the cane braced between his hands at the small of his back, as Amy first removed her daughter’s skirt and then her slip.

“Come on,” Amy urged, indicating the cotton pants.

“Leave those for a moment,” Dr Warren ordered as he turned. “Bend over the arm of the chair.”

Gail clutched at her nethers and half doubled over to shield herself.

“No more comedies girl, or I shall get quite cross,” Dr Warren barked, tapping the padded armchair with the cane as he did so.

Gail took one last look at her mother and then gingerly lowered herself over the arm of the chair until her bottom was sticking up and the cotton briefs had been drawn taught across her ample bottom.

When her step-father had let her off this sanction last time, it had been on the understanding that next time she would be caned across the bare bottom. But surely he wouldn’t, not a girl, she hoped against hope. That hope was quickly dashed as she felt his hand at her elastic waist and her briefs drawn down over her thighs. She gasped.

The draft from the hall sang on her fresh until it prickled. Or maybe it was just her step-father’s eyes. She had never been seen naked by a man before. The scandal, the shame, surely she would die.

Amy was quite taken aback by the sight of her daughter’s womanish curves and saw her in a whole new light. She wondered if Gail were aware how revealing her posture was or if she had meant to thrust her bottom up quite so much. She glanced at her husband and was pleased to see that his demeanour was entirely appropriate under the circumstances.

Dr Warren felt his throat constrict at the sight of his step-daughter’s bare bottom. He hadn’t banked on such a lude display. His mother had always said that a good caning on girls and boys alike should always be on the bare bottom, but he had never had sisters and it was not until now that he had been confronted with the reality.

“I shall give you six on this occasion and let it be a lesson to you,” he said firmly. He wanted to get this over with.

He drew the cane down as sharply as he could. The noise was more fearsome that he remembered.

Gail stared at the sound, but at first the pain wasn’t so bad. Then it was. It hurt worse than anything she had ever felt and she shouted out.

Amy jumped at the sharp thwack and marvelled at how quickly the pale line on Gail’s bottom bloomed a developed in to a plum coloured ridge. She felt a little light-headed; there was something primeval about this, something satisfying. She had been a lone mother for so many years and now at last the house had a master.

Dr Warren felt a little sick, any salacious thoughts he had were gone, this was Gail after all. Now he understood the saying, ‘this will hurt me more than it will you.’

He brought the cane down five more times, counting to a slow 10 in his head between each stroke. The girl rocked at each as it struck home, exploding into tears at only the second biting contact.

When he was done there were six vivid lines on her bottom, starting at her crowns and descending to where she usually sat. No longer, or not for a while, he feared.

“Alright dear,” he said quietly, “get up.”

It took a moment for Gail to struggle to her feet and then she fumbled with her underwear.

“Not so fast,” Amy said, her eyes shining.

Dr Warren took this to be sympathy ad looked away.

“Please Mummy I want to go to my room,” Gail sobbed.

“You know the rules,” Amy said, licking her lips a little.

Gail looked in horrified uncertainty towards the corner in the hall. Amy nodded.

“But Mummy that was when I was 10 and you still spanked me,” Gail protested.

“A young lady is never too old to go to the corner after her spanking or caning,” she amended, pointing a stern finger at the wall.

This time Gail looked at her step-father for support but he was already looking away.

Gail spent a miserable afternoon standing in the hall near the front door with her firm defiant bottom well displayed, the neat lines of the cane throbbing as if they would never stop.

“I do hope we don’t have any visitors,” Amy remarked idly.

Gail gulped and blushed more fiercely than ever. Years ago the vicar had called after one of her spankings and that had been bad. Surely mother wouldn’t let anyone see. But she knew that she might.


A few weeks later Dr Warren was going through his mail when he came across an odd account.

“I have a bill for a hat here dear, surely it’s a mistake,” Dr Warren said pensively.

“Ah, no don’t be cross, but I simply had to have something for Muriel’s daughter’s wedding,” Amy winced; she had hoped to tell him before he found out.

“But I distinctly told you not buy anything we didn’t need, you know what with the economic situation…” he didn’t finish, and then he remembered something. “You are not even invited to the wedding.”

“I thought I might just pass by.”

Dr Warren looked at the bill again and saw the price.

“Nine guineas,” he bellowed. “What do you think you are doing woman?”

“Was it that much?” Amy chewed at her lip, agitated.

“Nine guineas,” he yelled again. “That’s… that’s… oh my god that is almost as much as I earn in a week.”

“But it’s such a darling little hat…”

“It had better be a bloody darling little hat at that price. Are you sure you didn’t buy the shop? I ought to tan your backside,” he roared.

Amy went white and could hardly get her breathe. Hidden thoughts asserted themselves and once again she felt rather light-headed.

“Perhaps you ought,” she said huskily.

Dr Warren gave his wife a hard stare and then his eyes narrowed.

“Very well, let’s see how you like these apples,” he said darkly.

He moved across the hall and into his study.

“Come here,” he called.

When she entered he was holding the cane.

“You saw how your daughter was arranged the other week.”

“Yes.” It came out as a sigh.

“Let me see if you can take six,” he growled.

“If I take 12 can I keep the hat?”

She felt week at the knees. It was the same feeling she had had when he had caned Gail. Only this time it was stronger.

“No, but I have a good mind to give you 12 anyway.”

“You wouldn’t.” Her eyes went wide.

“Don’t worry, you couldn’t take that much. You saw how much fuss Gail made.”

“I would have to if you made me,” she dared him with her eyes.

“You have no idea.”

He felt something stirring as it did between them most Saturday nights. In fact not since their honeymoon had seen his wife so… he didn’t know. Come to think of it he had never seen his wife like this.

“I promised to obey you. Remember?”

He took a deep breath. The hat was an outrage. He could not believe she had bought it. But this was beyond the hat now he knew.

“Get your bare bottom over the arm of that chair,” he ordered.

She could scarce breath and suddenly wondered what she had got herself into. Then she began to undress. She had to take off her dress first to get down to her underwear, but didn’t stop there.

Finally she was nude below the waist and she lowered herself onto the chair, pushing her bottom out alluringly as she had seen Gail do weeks before.

Again he felt a constriction in his throat, but this time also something else. After one final look he brought the cane down across his wife’s bare bottom about as hard as he ever had.

She made a gurgling sound and when she looked back at him over her shoulder her eyes were watering. Then she ducked her head down and pushed her bottom up higher.

This time when he struck she gave a shout. He was in no hurry so he took his time and watched the angry red lines develop on his wife’s impossibly white bottom. This was much more satisfying than caning his step-daughter. This was like a healing. A cure for profligacy, he thought.

He added four more slow strokes, half expecting some rebellion. Apart from some grunts and heavy breathing, Amy did not react. Dare he? He thought.

“Make me cry,” she whispered.

He nodded. Pausing to take off his jacket, he braced himself as if he were playing cricket or darts.

He delivered the next six as if he were facing a bodyliner, spacing each stroke at 12 second intervals. At each she groaned with increasingly more volume, but did not break. Her bottom had become quiet interesting.

She looked back her moist eyes pleading with him for something. They stared at each other for the longest time and then he nodded.

He gave the last six extras fast. At four she screamed, then at the last she broke into sobbing.

“Are you done?”

She nodded vigorously and then gave a great heaving sob.

“Alright, alright,” he soothed taking her in his arms.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed.

“Did you plan this?”

“I don’t know,” she said gasping.

“Well it’s over now, but mark me, that hat goes back.”

“Yes doctor,” she sniffed.

“Now off to the corner with you.”


“’A young lady is never too old to stand in the corner after her punishment,’” he quoted her words back at her.

“Beast,” she said pouting, “but what about Gail?”

“What about Gail?”

Amy stood gaping, but he just pointed at the wall in the hall.

“Let’s hope she doesn’t bring home any visitors,” he said, echoing her words of before.

Let’s pray, she thought earnestly. Then the pain at her bottom began to really saw at her and she realised that sitting was going to be quite a trial for days to come.


9 Responses to “A doctor canes”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    A touching and entirely believable story. Wonderfully evokes a bygone era.

  2. Yes, being under one roof, both mother and daughter can be very naughty. So the step-father had every right to corporal chastisement these erring female’s. Yes, it was with that dreadfull painfull swishy cane, that was both Amy, the mother, and Gail, the daughter, had their knicker’s taken down, and caned by their step-father, on their bare bottoms.

  3. 3 Giorgio

    Both had what deserved.
    If an adult daughter (eg. older than 25) used to such family style looks for a similar husband… pls email me asap 🙂


  4. 4 paul little

    NICE to read about mother and daughter both properly disiplined IN those days it was definitly the husband who was master of the house. moral WIFES and daughters obey y husband and father or get a stinging well thrashed Bottom!

  5. 5 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Cute picture by the way. You definitely get the feeling that daughter has had close encounters with the brush before this. Do you know where it’s from?

    • 6 DJ

      It’s a movie poster from the era – I can’t find the original – not sure if the film included a spanking.


  6. 7 paul1510

    GJ. great story, could have happened.
    I was born in ’35 and the cane was used both in the home and school.

  7. 8 Emilio

    Who can deny that fair domestic iscipline is never out of fashion?

  8. 9 Patron

    Great story. A female friend and I were just talking about these situations last night, and this tale is very reminiscent of some of her feelings on the subject. Way to capture the era, too.

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