Dorothy and the ruby sitters or the further adventures in the Land of Oz


“But Aunt Em, I really did go to the land beyond the rainbow, it’s called Oz and… Aunt Em?” Dorothy stopped her unlikely monologue when she saw Uncle Henry get up from his chair with a very heavy sigh that really did not bode well for her bottom.

“Please Aunt Em you have to believe me I…” He monologue was cut short again by huge gout of soap being jammed into her mouth.

“Now Dorothy, what have I told you about telling such lies?”

“Pah,” Dorothy spat, although it wasn’t strictly allowed. Even as she tried to clear her mouth of soap she saw Uncle Henry take the strop down off its hook. “Please Aunt Em.”

Aunt Em pointed to the back of the kitchen chair and folded her arms in a very final gesture.

Dorothy swallowed once and then walked reluctantly towards the chair reaching under her skirts as she went. By the time she got there her panties were at her knees and she was raising her skirts as she bent over.

“Legs together girl, where’s your decency,” Uncle Henry snapped.

Dorothy did as she was told, pulling herself tight over as she did so until the top of the chair pressed uncomfortably into her lower belly. Being essentially a good girl, she did her very best to form the required horseshoe posture that presented her bare bottom to the best effect for her stropping.

“What has your Aunt Emily told you about lying little Dotty?” Uncle Henry folded the old razor strop into so that its very heavy leather would be easier to manage.

“But Uncle Henry, it’s all true,” Dorothy wailed.

“That does it,” Aunt Em said angrily, “I’m going to cut me a couple of switches to attend to this girl’s hind end once you’re through with it. And I strongly urge that is not any time soon.”

“Oh please Aunt Em,” Dorothy wailed then added a loud ow as the first of a great many blows landed squarely across her bare bottom.

“And at your age,” Henry blustered as he set to work with all his considerable Kansas knowhow, “why you’re practically a woman.”

Dorothy wasn’t much listening to the rest as Uncle Henry was very determined to make his point.

By the time Aunt Em returned with the switches Dorothy’s bottom was already a heavy shade of red and was well on the way to blistering where the spanked flesh met the as yet unmarked territory.

“Do you think she is done Emily?” Henry asked pausing only to wipe his brow.

“Not by a long sight,” Emily said truculently, “don’t skimp there.”

Dorothy could scarce hear the exchange so lost in the blazing fire in her bottom was she, “oh my, I won’t sit down until the fall,” she said ruefully to herself. Or at least she would have it she could have managed anything approaching a coherent sentence.

By the time Henry was done, Dorothy was ready to admit that she had lied, in fact she was ready to confess that she had kidnapped the Lindbergh Baby.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Em, I’m sorry,” she wailed as a big fat tear rolled off her nose.

“That’s a good girl, hush now,” Aunt Em soothed as Uncle Henry was finally through. “But you know I have to switch you now, it’s for your own good.”

“Yes Aunt Em,” Dorothy sobbed. “Oh my.”

After the first whisk-crack put a line of raw pain across her already burning seat Dorothy quickly revised her likely sitting schedule to Thanksgiving.

“Oh-ow, Aunt Em,” she wailed. But Aunt Em would not be moved and spent the next 15 minutes using up all three freshly cut switches on her niece’s felonious bottom.

“You won’t sit for a month of Tuesdays” Aunt Em promised as she set to with the switch for all she was worth.


Miss Gulch was mighty pleased as she rode up on her bicycle. That brat Dorothy Gale had been a thorn in her side for years. It was good to know that Henry and Emily Gale knew how to handle her.

Dorothy for her part wanted to die. It was bad enough getting the strop and a switching for telling the truth and worse still to be set bare-bottomed on the porch with her nose to the wall and her skirts pinned up so that her hind end could cool in the breeze. But to be seen in such a position by Miss Gulch was the worst of the worst.

“Oh my,” she muttered miserably.

“What was that? Are you cursing? I’ll have your Aunt Emily cut another switch,” Miss Gulch threatened.

“No Miss Gulch,” Dorothy said hastily, terrified that Aunt Em might oblige.

“Won’t sit down for a month of Tuesdays,” Aunt Em said, as if that was the answer to everything.

What does that even mean? Dorothy thought, but she didn’t dare ask.

“Now about these Ruby Slippers, do you think she stole them?” Miss Gulch asked, as she examined the curious items that Henry Gale had sent for her opinion about.

“Oh I am sure she didn’t, they most likely just got caught up in the tornado is all,” Uncle Henry suggested.

“What both stayed together did they?” Miss Gulch said suspiciously. As she spoke she tapped the slippers together as if to test their voracity.

“Don’t…” Dorothy said making to grab the bright red shoes.

“Don’t you dare…” Aunt Em began, but before she could finish there was a strange swirling and a tinkle of fairy lights.

Toto, scared at the turn of events leapt into his young mistress’s arms just as the swirling reached her.

“Here we go again, oh my,” Dorothy remarked as Kansas began to fade around her.


There were three munchkins looking at her when she awoke.

“You’re Dorothy,” one of them squeaked.

“She knows that,” gargled another.

“That’s definitely Toto as well, does he know he’s Toto?” the third munchkin added.

“Of course he does,” said the first munchkin, pleased that he had learned from his first faux pas.

“Not necessarily, that has to be the subject of some debate, I mean do dogs know they are dogs? Do dogs know their own name? It can be a very tricky subject, a very tricky subject indeed,” the second munchkin explained pompously.

The second munchkin was crestfallen and decided to keep quiet.

“You’re munchkins, oh my,” Dorothy said.

“We know that,” the munchkins said at once.

Dorothy looked about her and saw that she was very close to where she had arrived the first time. The Yellow Brick Road stretched out to the horizon across multi-coloured fields and in the dim distance she could just make out the Emerald City.

“What did you do with the slippers?” said a voice.

Dorothy looked up and saw the Scarecrow sitting on a bench.

“Oh Scarecrow,” she squealed in delight and rushed to hug him.”

“He knows who he is,” the first munchkin said.

“Shut up,” said the seconded munchkin.

After the hugging and the impromptu reunion the Scarecrow repeated his question.

“Well,” said Dorothy, sitting on the bench next to Scarecrow.

She jumped up at once and danced around clutching at her bottom.

“Oh my,” she exclaimed.

“What happened to you?” Scarecrow asked.

“I got thrashed by Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. They didn’t believe me when I told them about Oz.”

“That was a remarkably silly thing to do. Did you expect them to believe you about Oz?” Scarecrow scolded. “Anyway you haven’t explained about the slippers.”

“Aunt Em gave them to the Wicked Witch, I mean Miss Gulch and she…”

“Oh don’t tell me, I know it all,” Scarecrow shook his head in dismay.

“Were you really spanked by Aunt Em?” the Tin Man asked.

“Tin Man,” Dorothy exclaimed and rushed to hug him.

“Oh my,” he said, his new heart beating all the harder.

“I don’t believe Aunt Em spanked you,” the Lion said creeping out of the bushes. He wasn’t scared you understand, he was just preparing for a surprise attack in case it was needed.

“Oh hello everybody,” Dorothy gushed.

“Oh my,” they all replied.

“I thought that was her line,” the third munchkin whispered.

“Shush,” the second munchkin hissed.

“Getting back to the spanking,” the Lion said licking his lips.

“I wasn’t just spanked, I was stropped and then switched,” Dorothy said ruefully.

Tin Man looked doubtful, Scarecrow looked thoughtful and the Lion looked hopeful.

“If you don’t believe me look,” Dorothy said with a pout and turned round, dropped her panties and lifted her skirt to expose her still well blistered bottom.

“Oh my,” they all said in unison.

She tried to rise suddenly embarrassed, but Toto seized her panties and three sets of hands seemed to hold her down.

“Get off guys,” she giggled.

Finally they let her up, but when she turned round half the population of Munchkin Land was gathered to look as well.

“Oh my,” she gasped hastily pulling up her panties.

“I think Dorothy should be spanked for losing the Ruby Slippers,” the Lion suggested.

“I’ll do it,” said Tin Man.

“That can wait. We have to report to the Good Witch,” Scarecrow concluded. “Come on there is no time to waste.”

Dorothy looked sullen; she didn’t like the inference that she was to be spanked later.


The Emerald City was much as it had been. The Horse of Many Colours still paraded the streets showing off and people went about looking excessively happy as if they might sing at any moment.

In fact the only person who was not smiling was a very sorry looking young woman of about Dorothy’s age who was dressed in a ridiculously childish rig. She had ribbons in her hair and smock dress that was so short it barely covered her legs. Then she bent over and picked up a bit of litter and Dorothy saw that she was wearing no panties and that her bottom was bare. Furthermore, the girl had been spanked and was almost as red and sore as Dorothy was.

“Who’s she?” Dorothy gasped.

“She’s the Wicked Witch’s daughter. She tried to stage a coup d’état in Oz shortly after you left. She was sentenced to 1,000 hours of community service, three public spankings a week and a period of re-parenting,” Scarecrow explained.

“Oh my, who gets to spank her?” Dorothy asked.

“I do,” Tin Man said proudly.

The Lion looked as if he might sulk.

Dorothy giggled.

“Yes my niece is a very naughty girl,” the Good Witch said appearing from nowhere. “And so are you, coming back here after all the trouble we went to.”

“I’m sorry,” Dorothy said downcast.

“And so you should be.”

“But how am I to get home now?”

The Scarecrow thought about it. The Lion bristled with action and looked as if he would pounce on the problem. The Tin Man wanted to cry.

“Why the same way we got you back before,” the Witch said pleasantly.

“But I have lost the slippers,” Dorothy said miserably.

“So you have, but we can improvise.”

Dorothy looked hopeful.

“All we need is ruby sitters,” the Witch said triumphantly.

“Oh but I already have those,” Dorothy groaned rubbing her bottom.

The Witch smiled patronisingly and went into soft focus and then waved her wand. Miraculously the pain in Dorothy’s bottom was gone.

“Now Tin Man if you can do the honours,” the Witch gestured.

“But… can’t we talk about this? I only just got my sitting privileges back,” Dorothy blustered.

“Not fair,” the Lion said sulkily.

“Oh please,” Dorothy protested as she was taken over the Tin Man’s knee and her panties were pulled down for the third time that day.

Tin Man took his time to admire Dorothy’s pert white bottom and even the Lion was mollified as he moved across to get a better view. Then with one last scratch of the Scarecrow’s nose and another patronising smile from the Witch, Tin Man brought his strong metal arm down and with a mighty spank left a red patch on Dorothy’s bottom.

“Yeowch,” Dorothy wailed.

Then everyone but the Lion turned to walk away leaving the Tim Man to carry on the spanking.

“Where are you going?” Dorothy wailed, adding a sharp, “yeow.”

“Don’t concern yourself, it will take a few hours for the sitters to acquire the right shade of ruby for the spell. That is why the Tin Man is spanking you. Only he has the stamina required,” the Witch said airily.

“Oh my,” Dorothy wailed, her bottom already looking quite red enough to Scarecrow.


When Dorothy woke up she was laying in the top field behind the barn back in Kansas.

“Toto,” she said girlishly and sure enough the dog came bounding up to her, “time to go home Toto.”

The farm was much as it was when she had left it. In fact if her bottom hadn’t still been burning from Tin Man’s epic spanking she might have doubted that she had been away at all. She pulled up her skirt in back and pulled down her panties for a look, her bottom was certainly ruby-coloured, she thought ruefully.

Then as she approached the house she had a shock. There sitting on the porch was Miss Gulch.

“So you finally decided to return did you,” she cackled, “wherever did you go? And where did you get that firecracker that you threw at me?”

“Firecracker? No it was the Ruby Slippers,” Dorothy explained.

“Oh here we go again, more lies,” Miss Gulch spat. “We’ll until your aunt and uncle get back from looking for you I am in charge here and I have been waiting for you.”

It was then that Dorothy saw the enormous hairbrush in Miss Gulch’s lap.

“I am going to give you the spanking you so richly deserve little girl. I’m going to spank you so hard that you won’t sit down until…”

“I know, a month of Tuesdays,” Dorothy supplied.

“Exactly. I won’t stop spanking until my arm drops off, I won’t…” The threats continued as Dorothy lowered herself in resignation over Miss Gulch’s lap. Oh well what is one more spanking today, she thought ruefully.

Miss Gulch lowered Dorothy’s panties and brought the hairbrush down as hard as she ever could and Dorothy hissed and grabbed at the chair leg.

“Oh my,” she gasped.


14 Responses to “Dorothy and the ruby sitters or the further adventures in the Land of Oz”

  1. 1 Season

    Switches and brushes and strops, oh my! I love this story!

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Following in the tradition of Anne Rice and her “Sleeping Beauty” books, I see. Always fun to pervert something with a lot of cultural resonance. Well done, D.J.!

  3. 3 Ayla

    DJ, this story is priceless! I laughed so much on the bus home from the subway, people were staring—and I missed my stop. “Oh my!”My email subscription to your new stories makes checking my mailbox my favorite daily task. And I still think you should write the missing spanking scene between Humphrey Bogart & Katherine Hepburn in “The African Queen”There is nothing else that could have accounted for Kate’s sudden personality & attitude change on the river, unless a little hanky panky followed the spanky.

  4. 4 fatherjim

    I’m in agreement with Ayla, both about this piece and about the African Queen! Likewise, would have loved to see the German’s take a strap to Miss Hepburn once she was captured. No German Officer would have accepted such impertenence! Alas, Hollywood so often disappoints!

    Thanks for the Oz sequel! Always thought it would have been great if that old battle-axe got her hands on Dorothy! Make her drink her coffee right to AND including the last drop, she would!


    • 5 Ayla

      So fatherjim, will you rewrite “The African Queen” for me if DJ doesn’t? This is my second request. There is even a book, which I have not yet read–something like “The Making of The African Queen”– that describes the challenges of filming the movie on location and the interactions of the stars. My idea for a story would combine the two. As a woman as feisty and outspoken as K Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart appeals to me as a spanker. I’m sure the backstory to the movie would have great spanking opportunities as well, given the decade. I am a better editor than a writer, but might be willing to give the story a go with the right male partner. You seem to know the plot and definitely have the right male attitude. Interested in trying your hand?

  5. 7 Poppy

    I loved this.
    It made me laugh and I did feel for poor Dorothy.
    And do you know what? It is a sweet story.

    DJ, are you really a sweet sort of guy? Is all this scary Toppiness just a diversionary tactic?

  6. 8 Muirgel

    Hello D.J.

    I have been hunting down the photo that you posted with your story. Could you possibly point me in the direction of the artist or where you found it?


  7. Can you make more about fairtales please ?

  8. 13 PDBB

    Caption: This should take your mind off “Flying Monkeys”!
    As long as we’re not in Kansas…
    I don’t know shit about a “Yellow Brick Road” but hows this for a “Hershey’s Highway”?!

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