A spanking exchange


“You have a beautiful house ma’am,” Cameron gushed.

“You don’t have to call me ma’am,” Mary simpered, loving the American girl’s exaggerated manners.

Cameron was nothing like Mary Kenton had expected when she had agreed to host an exchange student. Her own daughter Jade, although 18 was still very much the child, but her American opposite number was already quite the young lady, well turned out and her perfume was better than the one Mary kept for special occasions. She was not tall, but her white blonde bobbed hair framed an ever smiling face. Only perhaps her polished American teeth were just a little too white.

“I think I should ma’am,” Cameron said easily.

“Well I want you to feel at home, you don’t call your own mother ma’am do you?”

“Oh yes ma’am,” Cameron said urgently, her smile momentarily falling from her face.

“What your own mum? That’s silly,” Jade giggled.

Mary winced at her daughter’s rudeness.

“No it’s not, it’s polite,” Mary scolded.

Jade rolled her eyes up. Mum was always going on about manners and politeness. Sometimes she sounded just like grandmother.

“Come on Cameron, I’ll show you to your room,” Jade said to change the subject, dragging her exchange off as if she were a new toy.

“Just a moment I’ll be there in a minute,” Cameron said uneasily, “I just have to speak to your mother.”

“Come on hurry up,” Jade called out, barely listening, as she rushed through the door and up the stairs.

Cameron pursed her lips and waited until Jade was out of ear shot. Noticing this, Mary frowned, but waited until her guest was ready to speak.

“Mrs Kenton.”

“Yes dear.”


Mary smiled pleasantly and wondered why the up to now confident Cameron was so nervous.

“My mother told me to give you this.”

This turned out to be a foot long flat piece of wood with a short handle and the words ‘attitude adjuster’ stencilled in dark red block capitals on one side.

“Oh lovely,” Mary said uncertainly as she accepted the paddle from Cameron. “Eh… what is it?”

Cameron gaped and then blushed.

“I don’t think you understand,” Cameron began, “it’s not exactly a gift, it’s… well for me. In case… well… in case you want to… I mean need to…”

Mary shook her head not understanding and turned the thing over in her hands.

“Adjust your attitude?” She asked, stating the obvious. As she did so she caught on and remembered what the Americanism meant.

“Yes ma’am.”

“I see,” Mary was flummoxed. “We don’t… I mean, here in England, well maybe somebody does, but I mean to say… thank you, that was very thoughtful of your mother, but let’s hope we don’t need it.”

Cameron blushed and nodded doubtfully.


“What did you have to tell Mum?” Jade asked Cameron idly as she rifled through the girls clothes laid out on the bed.

“Oh nothing, I just had to pass on a message,” Cameron said casually. “Jade? What happens when you screw up?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean how does your mother punish you?”

“Punish me? I’m 18 I don’t get punished anymore. Well not really. Mum threatened to ground me a few weeks back, but I haven’t actually been grounded for ages and ages, not since I was 17.”

Cameron offered Jade a quizzical look and opened her mouth to speak.

“Do you still get punished?”

“Sure,” Cameron blushed. “I guess 18 is not such a big deal in the States, we have more restrictions than you guys. At least until we are 21.”

“Oh yeah I heard, you can’t drink until you’re 21, what a drag. But if you can vote and pay taxes in a free country, how comes you stand for that? I thought America was the land of the free.”

Cameron bristled at the suggestion that the US was anything but wholly free, but at the same time she had to grudgingly admit Jade had a small point.

“So you pay taxes?” Cameron challenged.

“Well… not income tax. I’m still at college like you. But surely it’s the principle of the thing. Are you punished if you drink?”

Cameron was cowed into being quiet by the question. It was way too close to the mark. Her last spanking at home had been for sneaking beer from her friend’s father’s den.

“Aren’t you?” Cameron accused.

Jade remembered the row about coming back from the pub drunk. It had been the last time she had been threatened with being grounded.

“I told you I’m 18,” Jade snapped.

“So am I. What has that got do with it?” Cameron glared at her, but what could she say to that?

Outside Mary had overheard the conversation. She felt awkward having been eavesdropping, but worse she was embarrassed by her daughter’s rudeness and gloating, especially after the revelation downstairs and Cameron’s display of politeness. Oh well, she thought, I guess that’s why we have exchange visits, so we can learn about each other.


By Friday night the girls had forgotten about the previous tension, life was too short. In any case Jade had invited Cameron out to the Red Lion to meet the girls and even dropped a hint about boys.

“I’m not allowed alcohol,” Cameron protested half-heartedly.

“Don’t be a drip. You can’t say that. If you really don’t want to drink just have a softie or something. Say you are on a diet.”

Cameron thought the pub was cool. It was all old dark wood and full of young men in leather eyeing up the girls. One guy in particular looked like he was a biker and he was definitely someone Cameron wanted to meet.

“On Saturday night they even have some sounds,” Jade said bouncing girlishly in her seat.


“It’s only Jimmy’s brother’s band, but they’re OK,” Linda, one of Jade’s friends explained.


One of the boys put a drink in front of her and she was about to refuse when she saw it was the big biker guy from the bar.

“What is it?”

“A Breezer,” the guy shrugged. “It is what you girls drink?”

“Sure, all the time,” Cameron lied.

“Hey you’re an American. Cool.”

“I was the last time I looked. Please don’t go on about Bush and the war.”

“Bush and the War, is that a Yank band? I have never heard of them,” he quipped.

Cameron laughed.

“Hey this is good,” Cameron lied again as she tried not to choke. “What is it?”

“Lemonade mostly, with some Bacardi.”

“Oh, one of those, I think we have them in the States as well.”

She took another sip. Maybe she could get used to it.

The last thing she remembered was throwing up in the back of a taxi.


Mary had been distinctly unimpressed with the girl’s behaviour, especially Cameron’s, although how Jade had let her get in that state was beyond her. Not that Jade was exactly sober.

“Sorry Mum,” she had slurred the night before. “I forgot my keys.”

“Your keys, never mind your keys, look at the state of you both.”

“Cameron bet me she could drink more than any limey any day. I guess I won,” Jade giggled.

“Am I supposed to be impressed? You know Cameron doesn’t drink. And anyway what have I told you before about coming home in this state?”

That had been the night before and neither girl had shown a leg before noon.

“I hope this headache goes away before tonight. I said I’d meet Linda at the Red Lion again,” Jade said putting down her book.

It was the first coherent thing she had said since getting up three hours before. She had even bothered to get dressed yet.

“The Red Lion,” Mary exclaimed, “don’t think you are going out tonight young lady.”

“I know, but we have got to,” Jade said, rolling her eyes up. “I expect we’ll be back early.”

Mary eyed her daughter and then turned to Cameron, who was watching her host carefully from her position perched on the sofa.

“As for you Cameron, I’m really disappointed in you. I cannot believe the state you got yourself into,” Mary scolded. “I am not sure that I shouldn’t telephone your mother.”

“Please don’t,” Cameron gasped her eyes wide.

“You really went too far last night, I really can’t have it you know. I had to clean up the bathroom floor after you… well never mind, as I said you were in quite a state.”

Cameron downcast her eyes, she could hardly argue given her behaviour.

“If you call my mother I might have to go home,” Cameron said quietly.

“What else do you suggest? I can’t very well ground you, I don’t even seem to be able to ground my own daughter anymore.”

“You could spank me,” Cameron whispered.

Mary fixed her with a stare remembering the paddle.

“It’s what my mother would have done if I had ever come home in that state,” Mary sighed, “but it isn’t done these days.”

“It is in our house,” Cameron blushed, “I’ll get it anyway if you call her.”

“Well that’s as maybe but I’m sorry.”

Cameron looked as if she might cry and sank back into her seat crestfallen.


“Yes Mrs… Bridget, ah-ha, yes.” Cameron listened in dread as she caught parts of the conversation Mary was having with her mother on the phone. She felt sick. Not only would she have to go home, but by the time her mother was through she wouldn’t sit down for a month.

“This is stupid,” Jade groaned. “You can’t go home now, you have only just arrived.”

Cameron just chewed at her lip nervously and wished Jade would shut up so she could listen.

“Alright Bridget, nice to finally talk to you and yes I will, goodbye.” Mary finally came off the phone.

Cameron lifted her eyes as Mary entered the room, not daring to breathe as she waited to hear her doom.

“Well young lady, I think your mother and I are both very persuasive women,” Mary said with a tentative smile. “I have persuaded her to let you stay.”

Jade squealed in delight as Cameron let out a great breath in disbelief.

“There are however some conditions,” Mary continued.

Jade shrugged, it hardly mattered, Bridget was on the other side of an ocean, but Cameron had a sinking feeling, she knew in part what was coming.

“Firstly under no circumstances are you to go drinking again,” Mary said slowly holding Cameron’s eyes with her own.

Cameron nodded, guessing there was more.

“Oh that’s not fair,” Jade wailed.

“Second, as I said, your mother is a very persuasive woman, so not are you grounded for the rest of the weekend, but I am very much afraid we will have to make use of a certain item that you gave me when you arrived.”

Cameron nodded and gulped.

“What item? What are you talking about?” Jade said impatiently.

“Thirdly, I have to tell you that it won’t be the only time if I have any more problems.”

“Yes ma’am,” Cameron blushed.

“What is going on?” Jade demanded.

“Shut up Jade and go to your room.”

“You can’t…”

“Jade,” Mary bellowed.

“Fine,” Jade said in a huff rolling her eyes up as she left the room.

After she had gone Mary took a deep breath.

“Shall we get this over with?”

“Yes ma’am.”


“When I was a girl my mother spanked me on the completely bare bottom,” Mary said earnestly.

“Yes ma’am, that’s how mom does it,” Cameron said sheepishly.

“I know, Bridget and I compared notes, it seems we had a very similar upbringing. Perhaps if it wasn’t for my husband, I would have carried on with Jade,” Mary said, pursing her lips sympathetically. “Alright, you know what to do.”

“Yes ma’am,” Cameron said with her mouth open and her hands clutching at each other nervously.

Mary waited, a little nervous herself, it had been a long time she had been in this situation and last time she had been on the receiving end. Cameron had one last look around as if looking for salvation and then slowly reached under her skirt. It was a struggle as the skirt was tight and made of thick cloth.

The room was so quiet that Mary could hear the rasp of the girl’s knickers passing down her thighs. Then the briefs appeared beneath Cameron’s hem and slipped onto her calves.

“You had better take your skirt off,” Mary said as sternly as she could. God I sound like my mother, she thought as a nervous Cameron did as she was told.

At last Cameron was standing naked below the waist with her arms hovering in front of her.

“Over my knee,” Mary said with a heavy sigh, this was too surreal she thought.

As Cameron snuggled down over Mary’s lap she felt incredibly self-conscious, especially when she wrapped her right arm around Mary’s lower legs to steady herself as she did at home.

At home she always tried to clear her mind, but here she was on the other side of an ocean with her bare bottom in a relative stranger’s lap, so she tried to distract herself. With her nose just inches off the floor she saw that slate grey carpet was in fact made up of strands of black, dark blue and white wool. Was it wool, she thought. Then she felt Mary’s cool hands on her skin.

“My mother always used her hand for a while to subdue me before moving on to the hairbrush. That paddle looks quite serious so I think I will do the same,” Mary explained aloud.

Mrs Kenton’s commentary was out of place to Cameron, her mother never explained, she just scolded and then spanked and hard. In that regard she was to find Mary was not so different.

The sting was unexpectedly sharp and Cameron jerked, her left arm fluttering against the carpet. The second spank came almost at once and in the rapid flurry that followed she soon began to feel it.

For Mary’s part it was equally disconcerting. The girl’s bottom was to be envied and there was something uncomfortable, almost sexual about having an 18-year-old’s well defined firm round bottom in such close proximity. But as her hand explored its texture and she saw it redden, she felt her confidence grow and the butterflies in her stomach gave way to a pleasant tautness like steel. She thought of the vomit she had had to clean up and the embarrassment of telephoning America and fed her annoyance into the increasing hard swats.

By now Cameron was breathing heavily and gritting her teeth, a spanking at home was never like this. At home spankings were short and sharp affairs that left her crying and very sorry in moments.

“Feeling it now are you?” Mary whispered. She was just getting started she decided, supressing a pang of guilt as she realised she was enjoying herself. Well the best done jobs are the ones that you enjoy; she remembered her mother used to say. I wonder if mum used to like spanking me, she thought.

“Please I’m sorry,” Cameron panted.

“You will be,” Mary growled. God I am my mother, she realised as she took up the paddle so thoughtfully supplied by Bridget. “Ready?”

“Yes ma’am,” Cameron wailed.

The length of wood swept down with a hiss through the air and ended in a tangy splat.

“Ahh,” Cameron yelped with a decided damp edge to her voice.

What was it Bridget had said? Spank her until her bottom matches the colour of the writing on the paddle. Longer if you need to, Cameron can take it. The red writing was dark like a Rioja wine, she noted and Cameron’s bottom was still a bright red like a poppy.

“Don’t let her fool you when he makes a fuss,” Bridget had said, “make sure she feels it or you’ll have to do it again twice a soon.”

Mary struck again hard making Cameron cry out. The girl stiffened her legs out straight as she did so and tightened her grip on her spanker’s legs. Mary thought back to her spankings, the last of which had been given when she was almost 21.

“Mary arch your back and push your bottom up,” her mother had often scolded her. “Don’t let me do all the work, after all it is your spanking.”

Mary paused the spanking and leaned forward to look at Cameron’s face. Resistance was still etched upon it along with a determined grimace of pain. Her bottom was nowhere near the suggested colour.

“Cameron arch your back a little and push your bottom up, we don’t want to be here all day do we?” Mary chided.

I certainly don’t, Cameron thought bitterly. Her mother was never so particular and to her horror, obeying the humiliating orders was hateful.

“Please ma’am,” she wailed, breaking down for the first time.

“Come on you know you deserve it.”

“Yes ma’am,” Cameron sobbed.

As Cameron’s bottom bulged up a little more, it became rounder and Mary swallowed and thought that maybe she had gone too far, but then another instinct took over and she resumed the spanking with renewed enthusiasm.

“Yah,” Cameron bawled, punching the floor with her left hand.

“Stick it up a little more, there’s a good girl,” Mary urged as she spanked a little faster.

At that moment the door flew open and Jade came blundering in.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, “what are you doing?”

“It’s called a spanking my dear, it’s very good for young women who act like louts.”

“But…” Jade could only stare in horror at Cameron’s extremely red bottom.

I wonder how long until it reaches the right colour? Mary thought as she spanked on ignoring her unwelcome audience.

The paddle made a particularly satisfying sound as she pressed on with vigour for another five minutes. Also she noticed that the underside of Cameron’s bottom where she sat was getting really quite purplish. We seemed to have skipped the proscribed red in places, she thought somewhat amused.

She began spanking a little higher until the bottom was a uniform colour all over. Not that Cameron appreciated it; she was making a most peculiar hiccoughing noise as she cried.

“I gather your mother sends you to the corner when she is done,” Mary suggested.

Cameron seized on the hope in the comment and wailed, “yes ma’am.”

“Alright up you get and go and have a good cry, but any nonsense or trouble and you’ll be straight over my knee again,” Mary warned.

“Yes ma’am,” Cameron agreed eagerly.

Once in the corner it didn’t take long for her to bring her sobbing under control as she stood there with her red bare bottom facing the room.

“This is crazy,” Jade gaped. “You can’t do this it’s…”

“You know what?” Mary said brightly looking up. “Let me show you how crazy it is.”

Mary pulled the strangely unresisting Jade over her lap and after a few moments struggling with her pyjama bottoms had completely bared her bottom.

“Look mum can’t we talk about this?” Jade said frantically.

“No I think not. I am going to let this fine American attitude adjuster do my talking.”

The sizzling blast on her bottom caused the previously unspanked Jade to squeal.

“You bottom is obviously better suited to the attitude adjuster than Cameron’s, it’s already getting the right colour,” Mary chuckled and set to handing out a spanking that would have made her mother proud.

“Is this about me going out tonight,” Jade wailed, “alright I get it, I’ll stay in.”

“Yes you will and every night this week I think,” Mary said gleeful, “until you learn to mind me.”

“Yes mum,” Jade sobbed.

It was another 10 minutes before Jade was allowed to stand next to Cameron and by then Jade never thought she would have been so grateful for her place there.

“Ah don’t you both look sweet,” Mary teased.

“How long do we have to be here?” Jade asked miserably.


“Until you say ma’am,” Cameron answered in a tone of such respect that Mary smiled.

“Good girl.”


“I never though mummy had it in her,” Jade said as she eased herself face down on the bed beside Cameron.

“Your mom could teach mine a thing or two,” Cameron agreed.

“Do you hate us now?”

“I had it coming,” Cameron shrugged. “You hate your mom?”

“We had it coming I guess,” Jade agreed, then her bottom made itself felt. “Ooh. How long until we can sit down, do you think?”

“Oh about a year based on how I feel,” Cameron grimaced. “Seriously? Two or three days in my case, you maybe a little longer as it’s your first. We’ll be set by next Friday anyway, if your mom lets us out by then.”

“You can’t be serious?” Jade gaped.

“What’s another spanking between friends,” Cameron smirked, “you show me your culture and you can share in mine.”

“Yeah but you’ve created a monster, mum’s gonna be spanking me forever now,” Jade groaned.

“Welcome to my world,” Cameron laughed.


4 Responses to “A spanking exchange”

  1. 1 paul little

    nice story pity we do not have the “cultuture” of the attitude adjuster! in the uk!
    know a lot of teenager girls need it in the uk!!!!

  2. 2 O.H.M.

    I have to hand it to you, that was an exhilarating story. The only thing is, I think you have the roles reversed. Folklore has it that the British are notorious disciplinarians while Americans are shockingly permissive.
    I can’t wait for the video.

  3. 3 Paul.

    I enjoyed this, I’m glad tha Jade got it as well, English girls are suffering a severe lack of discipline, now a days.

  1. 1 chross.blogt.ch - Chross Guide To The Spanking Internet

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