An unlikely landmark


When 18 months ago this project began it was to be wondered if over a year or so 100,000 visits was achievable. So when at the end of last year after only 14 months the one million mark was hit it was a pleasant surprise.

Now obviously many people out there hate this kind of self-congratulatory post, many thanks to those who take the time with their feedback on this and other points. But the truth is, having found this strange and unlikely picture above some time ago, this seemed an opportunity to post it.

Now Hayden Panettiere is considered a prime candidate for a spanking and not just because of her visible assets. She is alleged to have demanded the sacking of her co-stars (at least one anyway) on the show Heroes because among other reasons one of them dumped her as being too immature.

Now looking at the picture above some might think that such a seemly display would warrant another such spanking. But what is she doing and why is no one taking any notice of a reasonably attractive naked girl standing in the street? What is she doing and what is going on? It seems so unlikely.

That brings us to our link. Its tenuous, but what the hell. Today A Voice in the Corner racked up its 1.5 millionth visit. That would have seemed pretty unlikely back in August 2009 so many thanks for all your support.

Enjoy the picture.

10 Responses to “An unlikely landmark”

  1. 1 anushree

    dj, congrats (see, I said congrats). You do deserve it all, and more.

  2. 3 Ayla

    Perhaps I am not like “most people,” but I especially liked your self-congratulatory post. You are an excellent writer; your stories sing. And this in a genre–original CP literature available free on the internet–that contains much of amazingly low quality.
    Not that there aren’t other good sites out there, some of which I found through your site. But your stuff is really good, and consistently good– the details, the realism, the characters, the plot, the believability, the erotic quality–but especially the warmth. Even when they really deserve it, you like these women and girls. And in some way, maybe at some later date, they appreciate your efforts on their behalf and behinds in the spirit in which it was intended.
    Well, yes, there may be several motivations here, some less noble than others, but you’re a nice guy, DJ. And that comes through. As severe as the CP might get, I never found anything that put me off as nasty, demeaning, or abusive–and I read everything posted on your website. All of it was interesting and enjoyable, most of it a turn-on.
    There is a reason A Voice in the Corner became so popular so quickly. You hit the nail right on the head– or soundly spanked a bottom in need? So pop the cork on the champagne and enjoy your success. And keep delivering those great stories and tidbits to my mailbox so I don’t miss a single one.

    • 4 DJ

      Hi Ayla,

      What a great post πŸ˜‰

      I’m glad you think I get the tone right – I like to be ambiguous but I write as I like to read and use cruelty like pepper or a steak ‘as in cruel to be kind’ and not souless kind.

      I wonder how nice I am though. Ow – thanks DJ – Ouch – of you are so nice to me – πŸ˜€

      thanks DJ

  3. 5 anushree

    dj, you can sing too? You didn’t tell us that! I thought you were only a musician.

  4. Your blog is great and you deserve all accolades and even to brag a bit. Truly. πŸ™‚

  5. 7 Calista

    Completely agree with Ayla. I’ve only just stumbled across this site but have spent the last couple of days devouring it. Your descriptions are graceful and beautiful; your writing reflects the artistry and sensitivity of the subject. Quite frankly, it makes a gal go weak at the knees – I’ll certainly be coming back for more πŸ™‚

    • 8 DJ

      Thanks and thanks again

      I am very curious about knew readers at the moment, are you (all) new to spanking blogs in general or is it still possible to find completely new stuff.

      If the latter then I think – what am I still missing.

      Actually I thought I might get more feedback on the picture. Is it just me or isn’t a bit surreal? I have seen this pic in more than one place and from two or three slightly different angles and I have never seen one with her wearing shorts or a thong (thinking here it might have been very well photoshopped) but it appears to be genuine. Even if its a look alike it is still an odd juxtaposition?

      Anyway noone else cares Lol πŸ˜‰ so thanks for all the kind words.


  6. 9 Calista

    Not exactly new to spanking blogs, but I don’t spend much time looking at them despite my interest in the subject. I think it’s because a lot of them are from the US and I find the psychology slightly different. Most write from the female perspective which I already understand, and it’s intriguing to read it from the male point of view. Also most just don’t explore the psychology of the interaction with the kind of sensitivity that is found on here. I think you have quite a unique insight which makes it far more interesting than any of the others I’ve seen. Anyway I think I found this blog while searching for info on marital spankings, particularly from the historical point of view. I’m doing a bit of research for some potential work of my own and was looking for some facts (and some fantasies!).

    As for the photo – I just assumed it was photoshopped. It looks like it to me – very much so round the waist and the bra-strap area. But that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun so feel free to ignore me… πŸ™‚

  7. 10 Fez

    It may have been taken on the edge of a nude beach and cut closely.

    Otherwise it is a good PS cut and DJ is right, I have seen this pic doing the rounds and haven’t seen a clothed shot it was taken from. So if it is a PS then the photographer must have done it.

    Congratulations btw.


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