The Good, the Bad, and the Curious


“Oh not again, you really do ask for it don’t you?” Kate sighed on seeing her sister in the corner for the third time that month. “What did you do this time?”

Carol blushed and shifted uneasily in the space between the fireplace and her mother’s dresser. She had hoped that it would have been over with by the time Kate came home. Standing in just her white ankle socks and sweater so that her bottom was bare was bad enough, but it was more embarrassing somehow when goody-two-shoes Kate was there to see. At least she didn’t have to turn to face her. In fact that was a big no-no. Nose pressed to the plaster and bare bottom facing the room was the prescribed procedure.

“Come on fess up or I will invite Tom round from next door to help me with something,” Kate teased.

Carol doubted that Kate would so cruel, but she wasn’t about to test the situation.

“When I went to Helen’s last night for our homework collaboration…” She mumbled.

“Don’t tell me, it was a story you cooked up. Where did you go?”

“We went to the Bricklayers to see Helen’s cousin’s new band,” Carol said bitterly.

Kate could see it all now. They no doubt planned to be back at Helen’s before their step-father arrived to pick her up, but there is always one more cider to drink and one more encore. She shared her guess with her errant sister as if to underline how predictable it all was.

“We nearly made it,” Carol said defensively. “Graham arrived the same time we did. Anyway I’m 18 I should be able to go out if I want to.”

Although her younger sister was facing the wall, Kate could almost hear the childish pout in her voice.

“It’s a school night and anyway since Graham came you know how he is. Break one of his rules and it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 28.”

Graham had married their mother two years before and since his arrival things had changed radically for all of them. In Kate’s opinion for the better, but her wild little sister had not quite given up on her old ways.

Their mother had had Kate when she was barely 15 and had ended up as a single mother trying to fend for herself, one step away from the social. Not that she had learnt anything. Little more than two years later she had had Carol.

Three kids getting by together had been alright at first, all things considered, but then came the teen years. Kate had always been the sensible grown up one. Sometimes she thought that she was even more mature than mother, but Carol couldn’t have been more different. When she was 14 she ran away for three days. Not in rebellion or in some grand gesture, but just because she wanted to see a band in Brighton. Kate could have killed her.

Then just a year later she dared a boy from school to steal a car. They were found camping in the New Forest by the Hampshire Constabulary. It turned out they had both watched Badlands on DVD where a young Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek hide out in the woods.

Mum had met Graham a few weeks before the incident with the car and he had been a great help in smoothing things over and had spoken up for Carol in court.

After that Graham had taken a hand in organising their lives.

Some 10 months later Graham and their mother had got married. Kate was so happy with the prospect of some order that she confronted Graham and listed all her sister’s shortcomings determined to leave him in no doubt of her pious ideas of how he should run things from then on. Interestingly none of her suggestions included spanking.

“That’s very interesting,” Graham said after she had finished her rant, “but don’t you think you are a little too big for your boots?”

Belinda, the girl’s mother looked up at the remark, noting as she did so that Graham was slowly rolling up his sleeves as he spoke.

“What?” Kate had gaped, suddenly uncertain.

“Let me show you how it is going to be from now on young lady.”

With one tug Kate was over Graham’s lap as he landed a firm swat to her jean-clad bottom.

“Whaa!” Kate exclaimed her eyes wide in surprise.

Belinda stifled a chuckle and made no move to intervene.

The spanking was short, sharp and not a little humiliating for the little madam Kate was back then.

“Now young lady I want you to go and stand in the corner there until I tell you to come out,” Graham growled.

“You can’t be serious,” Kate wailed, “I won’t do it.”

Graham did not hesitate to resume the spanking. This time he folded the girl tightly over one knee so that her domed bottom was thrust up in one demin sphere.

“I don’t think you heard me,” Graham barked again. “You will get in that corner or I will take your pants and jeans down and spank you on the bare bottom.”

Kate felt a surge of horror at the threat. She might have voiced her outrage at the suggestion but with her nose an inch off the carpet and her bottom really beginning to burn under Graham’s ministrations, she thought better of it.

Kate stole a glance at her mother as she was allowed once again to get to her feet. There was no sympathy to be had there, she realised. In fact she rather wished that there had been no witnesses at all. Instead she regarded the corner in a whole new light. Time out at her age, this was worse than a spanking, she couldn’t do it.

“Do I have to tell you again?” Graham sighed.

Tears sprang to Kate’s eyes as she walked woodenly to the corner.

That had been over two years before. Afterwards she had felt a complete fool, but she was left in no doubt who was boss and strangely there was some in comfort in that. She no longer had to be scared that she would get it wrong and turn out like Carol because Graham was there.

To be sure that first time she had been taken by surprise and it took two or three more confrontations with her step-father for the boundaries to be fixed. Those had been humiliating affairs. It hadn’t taken the 18-year-old Kate long to realise that crossing Graham meant a spanking and a spanking meant having your bare bottom set in the corner before and after a trying trip over his knee.

It was a lesson her younger sister had yet to learn it seemed.

As Kate watched, Carol absently scratched the right cheek of her firm and defiant bottom. It had been a while now since she had been that position, but she remembered the nervous anticipation that tended to set her nerves jangling every time someone came into the room behind her. It was an odd feeling as it was always mixed with a warm comforting tickle that seemed to come from a long way away. Despite the discomfort, the inevitable and deserved spanking fulfilled her innate sense of justice and afterwards she always felt better.

Kate was shaken from her contemplations by the arrival of her step-father. She felt a pang of nerves as she saw the slipper in his hand. How much worse it must be for Carol she thought as she swallowed.

Belinda followed her husband into the room, making Kate suddenly very self-conscious and she slipped away.

“Please I’m sorry,” she heard Carol wheedle as she left the room.

“You’re always sorry. Are you saying you don’t deserve it?”

“No,” Carol said with a pout as she looked at her feet.

Her hands fluttered in front of her to hide her sex from her step-father, not that he noticed. In any case soon enough she was tipped over his lap with her bare bottom turned up for his close attention.

There was a brief scolding on her failings as Graham took her wrists in his left hand and pinned them easily into the small of her back. Then after a short contemplation of the target he swatted her hard. The dull whap was loud and extracted a small gasp from Carol who rocked her legs in response.

Belinda reacted with a sharp intake of breath and hugged her chest. As she watched six more spanks of the slipper landed before there was any discernable redness, but then somewhat delayed, the firm white bottom was flooded with a heavy pink which quickly turned darker as the spanking rapidly continued.

“Oh,” Carol responded with a childish wail and began to whimper a little.

But both step-father and Carol were old hands at this and Graham was not to be deterred as he spanked on with determined vigour until the girl’s bottom was a decided dusty red and the flesh huddled itself into tight goose-pimples.

Belinda massaged her throat as she watched her daughter’s slow defeat. She could see that Carol clutched agitated at the chair legs and carpet as she crossed her ankles and then all at once a great sigh escaped her lips and she started to cry.

This was Graham’s signal to drive the slipper down harder for a last volley of firm swats until Carol was lost in hiccoughing sobs.

“Alright,” Graham said kindly. “You’re okay, now back to the corner.”

Carol rolled off Graham’s lap and scurried to obey, only this time she abandoned the resentful fidgeting in favour of a formal bolt-upright posture with her hands firmly clasped behind her in the small of her back and her nose pressed to the wall.

Her mother smiled, thankful for all her daughter’s wilfulness, she was not half the devil she used to be. Carol would be quiet as a mouse for an hour or two as she stood in the corner sporting two neat red ovals on her bottom. Then she would blush and wince every time she sat for the next two or three days.

What both girls were unaware of was the affect that this new regime had on Belinda. Perhaps it was envy at her lost teenage years or perhaps it was a longing to be taken firmly in hand, but their mother had been deeply moved by her daughter’s spankings and wondered what it would be like to be treated so.

As Graham passed her to put the slipper away their eyes met and she blushed. His gaze held hers for a long time and seemed to promise, ‘you’re not too old to go over my knee my girl.’

Then she looked away. Perhaps one day, she thought. Then with one last glance at her daughter’s sore bottom standing in penitent vigil she hurried off to see to her house.


5 Responses to “The Good, the Bad, and the Curious”

  1. 1 Giorgio

    Hard to say you’re too old when your mother submits to the same DD…

  2. 2 Paul

    DJ, I enjoyed that, old fashioned but fun. 😀

  3. 3 anushree

    2 ‘alright’s in a single sentence-dev would be verrry pleased!

  4. 4 Poppy

    I want to be adopted. 😉

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