The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake: a review


The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake is a book by Ashley Jefferson, which like The Russell Corner and The Academy, is available from Lulu Books (see the link in the bookshop on the right).

It is the story of an exclusive school for young people and the disciplinary adventures of three young women ‘inmates.’ The precise nature of the school and ages of the girls is not revealed. Cedar Lake exists out of time and place and could be any prep-school or six-form college anywhere. To this end the reader is left unburdened by any outside morality or preconceived limits. Nor are there any parents or outside authorities to clutter the purity of this fustigatory world. There is only the school, its rules and its elaborate punishments.

The central themes are friendship, trust, betrayal and justice. There are no heroes or heroines in this world beset with villains real and imagined, only the central character’s quest to unravel a mystery while she clings on ever steadfast to her naïve belief in the rules and justice.

The story opens with Kylie Langston comforting her friend Rachel Winters who has just been given a general punishment before the whole school. It soon transpires that Rachel is in denial about her crimes, which becomes the source of increasing tension between the two girls as Kylie, our protagonist, maintains that justice is never wrong and Rachel’s claims of being framed are spurious.

Enter Gabby, a former friend of both girls who, like Rachel, has also been public punished in spite of claiming to have been framed. As Rachel and Gabby get ever closer, Kylie begins to wonder, are they sisters in sin or were they framed?

As the story unfolds Kylie is increasingly torn by her divided loyalties to her friends and the school honour system that she believes in. So much does she believe in the rules she will accept the harshest punishments for the smallest infraction she has committed as long as it is within the rules. For a girl who so dreads punishment it is a terrible vocation as this excerpt reveals.

The Dean turned away from me with a shake of his head. He walked around to the other side of his desk and pulled a book out of his top drawer. His fingers slipped the book open to a blank page. He picked up an executive pen and began scribbling on the page.

He said, “From your own admission we have an act of theft followed by an act of violence, both committed against the same student, Gabriella Jones and both perpetrated by you.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, biting at my lip.

He said, “Obviously, I cannot allow such a flagrant violation of decorum to go unpunished. You will receive the strap, seven for theft, ten for violent behavior and you will attend Saturday detention tomorrow.”

The pen clanked against the desk, dropped from his hand. He folded the book closed and slipped it back inside the top drawer. I took quick shallow breaths. The room began to spin around the Dean and myself, as if nothing else was real.

Visitors to Imagine the Stories who like Ashley’s usual fair will not be disappointed. This is a quick breezy read from the pen of a woman who believes in just spankings but can’t help trying to make sense of it all.

2 Responses to “The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake: a review”

  1. A beautiful spanking drawing, Of a naughty maid being strapped on her bare bottom, by the manager of a hotel. I hope her gave her at least 12 whacks with the stinging spanking implement.

  2. I like the picture and how she got spanked.

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