Hard Redley Uncovered


The Redlies in South Hampshire were not where she would have chosen to be at the best of times. Kim Khan was a city girl and three quirky villages in rural England were not her cup of tea. Where did these ridiculous names come from anyway? She thought. Upper and Lower Redley was bad enough, but why Hard Redley? Still it was apt enough; she was certainly having a hard time.

Hard Redley was home to the ladies’ college of the same name. It specialised in re-educating thick rich girls and the adult daughters of the aristocracy. A pointless exercise, Kim thought, but it was where Jill Squires, daughter of former football star and playboy of the western world Jim Squires, had been sent after a spectacular series of scandals and anything that touched that family was news.

Kim’s editor had heard rumours that Hard Redley was unusual with closets-full of juicy secrets. What he meant by that was that after 15 years of bribery and paparazzi stake-outs, he had found nothing out about the place.

“Maybe there is nothing to find boss,” she had groaned.

“My nose is never wrong, something goes on there,” he said in his irritating whiney voice, “now get your arse down there and bring me back a story.”

“How am I supposed to do that?” Kim had challenged.

“I have raided the paper’s piggy bank and enrolled you as a student,” he said, not looking up from his desk as he pretended to go through some papers on it.

“You have what?” She bellowed. “Come on boss it’s just not my style, I’m a celebrity writer, I…”

“You…? You what? You sit around in coffee shops gassing and picking up gossip from your mates, that’s not what I call journalism. Earn you pay for once and get down there.”

That had been six weeks ago.

At 23, Kim thought she was way beyond school and a school was what it was. The lessons were almost entirely of the kind that she had had at 16, with a bit of social bollocks and drama classes thrown in.

To make matters worse, she had hardly seen Jill Squires. Instead she had had weeks of homework, boring classes and even an imposition for turning in ‘poor and lazy work.’ It was embarrassing.

However, one thing was certain, her boss was right, not all at Hard Redley was what it seemed. For one thing, there seemed to be two parallel sets of students. That was why she had not seen much of Jill Squires. Two thirds of the women went to a set round of classes of six to eight. The rest were educated in a separate wing of the old manor house that served as the school.

Also, whenever she tried to suss out that part of the school there was always someone there to challenge her and usher her on her way. It happened too often for it to be a coincidence. It was almost as if it were being guarded.

Then she got a lucky break. She had just been given her second imposition for ‘gross impudence’ and had been sent to her room. Impositions were a pain since you had to write them by hand. Homework wasn’t so bad as you could always hack huge junks off Wikipedia and edit them together. It wouldn’t get her a decent grade and would be soon be spotted, but she didn’t intend to be here long enough for that.

Her desk was by the window facing what was referred to as the croquet lawn, although she had never seen anyone playing on it. She liked the view because of the arrangement of large ancient cedar trees that framed the rolling Hampshire countryside beyond. In fact she spent more time at the window looking out than she did working on history or geography.

On this particular evening she was looking out when she saw Jill Squires and another girl skulking under one of the trees. She hurled herself across her bed and scrabbled under it for her bag with her camera and zoom lens. By the time she got back to the window the two girls had been joined by a woman who appeared to be telling them off. One of the teaching staff no doubt.

The zoom brought the trio into view as if they were standing only 20 feet away and she was able to see something of their faces. Both younger women held cigarettes behind their backs and wore somewhat sheepish expressions. The older woman was berating them, although without any obvious signs of losing her cool, Kim noticed. Taking care to focus the image, she ran off a dozen shots, not that they would be much use as Jill was half turned away and the pictures would reveal nothing newsworthy.

Then she watched in frustration as both girls were led away back to their part of the school.

“Damn,” she cursed and considered her next move.

The camera was too obvious to carry about the school, in fact having one was strictly against the rules. There were far too many famous people’s daughters there. She hastily hid it under the bed without putting it away in her bag and dashed down the hall to the back fire escape. This time she was determined to get into the private wing and find out its secrets.

She hated running. At school, games had been her worst subject and only good genes kept her from being a lard-arse. Not that she was exactly skinny. However needs must. She reached the corner where she had last seen the three women and paused. They were still in sight and heading for the door that was usually locked. If she could get there without being seen before it closed then this time she had a chance.


The other wing was much like the rest of the college. The same mid-brown wood panels halfway up the walls, the same cream paint and burgundy carpets. Someone came out of a room but didn’t look at her twice. She was in.

Jill Squires and her escort had vanished through some doors at the end of the hall so she walked briskly in that direction as if she knew where she was going. The door led to a staircase and from there the only way was up.

The upper floor had parquet flooring instead of carpet. This had the effect of making it look more business-like or institutional even. Kim suddenly felt as she was in true bandit country.

The hall had a series of doors at each side, some of which had name plaques on. Behind the door bearing the legend ‘Dr Granger, Head Special Students’ someone was talking in a decisive tone, although Kim could not make out any of the words. After a minute of straining to hear Kim decided on a different tack.

The door next to it had no plaque, although it had brass holder for one, also it wasn’t locked and pushed open easily. The room held one desk and a chair pushed against one wall and was obviously not in use. Better still the walls separating the offices were thinner and had high windows between them. So for the first time she could make out some of the conversation in the next room.

Jill and her companion were obviously getting a dressing down for smoking. Kim giggled at the silliness of it. They took this school stuff way too seriously.

Taking careful steps, she climbed onto the desk and eased herself up so that she could peer into the next room through the glass.

The woman who had brought the two girls in was facing them with a determined look on her face. Although Kim adjudged her half-a-head shorter than the two young women she seemed to fill the room as they stood almost cowering before her.

“You know the drill by now,” she was saying, “What does it take to get you to obey simple rules? It is this self-indulgent attitude that has brought you to this pass.”

The woman Kim recognised as the famous Jill Squires pouted and tried to look defiant, although the other girl, a redhead of around the same age, blushed and looked at her feet.

“Patty you promised me you would try and knuckle down,” the woman continued now addressing her remarks to the redhead.

Patty looked sideways at Jill and then back at her feet.

“Yes I can quite see that you have been led astray but that is no excuse. You must take responsibility for your own actions.”

“Yes ma’am,” Patty said quietly.

“Alright, let’s have you,” the woman said suddenly.

Kim sensed something unusual was about to happen and suddenly wished she had risked brining a camera. Then before her eyes both young women reached under their skirts and tugged down their underwear.

“What the f…?” Kim muttered.

Jill maintained her defiant and sullen demeanour, but Patty chewed her lip as she took her knickers down to her knees. Then both girls turned to the desk and bent forward raising their skirts as they did so to reveal firm supermodel bottoms.

By now the illustrious Dr Granger had reached into a cupboard and had produced a cane. Kim was dizzy, she had cracked it. These rich bastards were buying an old fashioned and possibly highly illegal education for their daughters. But who would believe it?

“I shall give you six each for being out of bounds and another six for the cigarette. You can also take two demerits, which I believe Miss Squires puts your bottom in jug again at Saturday’s detention class.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jill said miserably.

“Heels together and legs straight,” Dr Granger said briskly as if she were conducting a gym class.

Both girls did as they were told, side-by-side bent over the desk their bottoms were elevated by the posture.

Kim gulped; the posture was enough to bring back naughty memories from her experimental stage.

The cane cut across both Jill’s buttocks with a loud swash and crack.

“Ah,” she yelped angrily slapping at the desk top in front of her.

Kim could see that Jill’s bottom bore a firm line of white where the cane had struck that even as she watched flooded with pink and began to rise in a ridge like bread in an oven. She is certainly about to be baked, Kim thought.

The second stroke came swiftly and Jill let out an even angrier yell.

In all she took six, one below the other until the last was put across the lower slope of her bottom just above her thighs. Then Dr Granger moved up to attack Patty.

Patty was a lot less sanguine and by the time she had taken three strokes she was crying softly and her yells were those of misery rather than defiance.

Kim was surprised how aroused she was, but her pleasure was tempered by her annoyance at not brining the camera. I could have made a million quid, she cursed herself.

After the first part of the caning, Dr Granger paused to consider the clean red lines stark against the girls’ firm white bottoms. By the time she was ready to start again both young women had firm hard ridges standing out like pencils on their pampered behinds.

The second set of six were placed between the first set so that they were almost touching. Only this time Jill’s yelps were less defiant and decidedly wet. By the time her caning was done she was sobbing just as hard as Patty.

“Bear up Patty you know you deserve this,” Dr Granger said kindly.

“Yes ma’am,” Patty sniffed.

During the next two minutes Patty shrieked piteously as she struggled to take the last of her correction.

“That’s it, let it out. All over now,” Dr Granger soothed. “Now both of you can stand and face the wall until the bedtime bell.”

Kim watched as both girls rose gingerly to their feet and without adjusting their clothes walked with careful steps over to the office wall where they stood as meekly as any five-year-old in time out, their striped bare bottoms well displayed.


As she lay in bed Kim’s mind was racing. One minute she could hardly contain her excitement at what she had seen, the next she remembered that she had a job to do and cursed herself over and over that she hadn’t taken a camera. She just had to get a closer look.

What if she could enrol in the other part of the school somehow? There must be some way, after all she was halfway in already, she thought eagerly. Surely the reason for the split site was its use as a cover given the sensitive nature of what she had seen.

The next day as luck would have it, she was hauled in to see her supervising tutor and bawled out for her poor imposition and the fact she had ripped off half of her assignments from the Internet.

“What am I to do with you?” Barbara Hill, her tutor said in exasperation.

“I have trouble getting motivated ma’am,” Kim said as humbly as she could manage. “I did hope to talk it over with my friend Patty, I know she is here, but I haven’t seen her around much. She said that Hard Redley had really helped her since she came. I wanted to know how.”

“Patty? You mean Patty Kingston?” Barbara’s eyes narrowed with suspicion.

“Yes that’s right, a short-ish redheaded girl, about my age,” Kim said hopefully. She had either blown it or given herself an in, she thought.

“What exactly has Patty been saying?” Barbara fixed Kim with a very hard stare now.

“Oh nothing really, just that since she came here she had learned to be more focussed and motivated. That’s why I wanted to talk to her, to find out her secret. How it all works for her I mean.”

“I see,” Barbara said thoughtfully.

Kim tried to look prim and innocent as she stood demurely waiting for Barbara Hill’s considered response.

“You think that you would benefit from firmer guidance do you?”

“I am sure of it,” Kim said earnestly.

“I see,” Barbara said sounding non-committed as she consulted Kim’s file. “You have no parents I see. Your uncle paid for you to come here. Are you close?”

“Oh he practically brought me up,” Kim lied as she suppressed the urge to giggle.

“Was he strict?”

“Oh ever-so,” Kim said eagerly. “To tell the truth I kind of miss his old-fashioned ways.” Yeah the old-fashioned way he pinched her bottom when he had had too many old-fashioned drinks at lunch, she thought. ‘Uncle’ editor would love this.

“Old-fashioned was he?” Barbara’s ears pricked up.

Kim nodded shyly, or what she imagined might appear shy.

“Sometimes he…” she looked away, and then added with a lisp, “Well I got a little smack. But I deserved it.”

“I see. Brutal was he?”

“No, no, he was lovely. It was just a little slap on the bottom, well sometimes not so little.”

Barbara considered this for a moment and then began to frantically make notes and check them against a big red book on her desk.

“You know we have another part of the school for special girls. It is a little more expensive and extremely exclusive. There are various checks and also confidentiality documents, but if you really think you would benefit from a stricter regime then perhaps we might fit you in.”

“Oh I would be ever so grateful,” Kim said eagerly.


Kim was nervous as she walked up the corridor of the exclusive wing. So far so good, she thought. The confidentiality clauses she had signed would be a later headache for the legal team no doubt, but if Hard Redley was in any way not above board, then they would have no legal protection. What worried her more were the checks. Her cover had held so far, but these people were professionals, it was only a matter of time. Still, by then she would be home free with a picture or two.

Kim had hardly been shown her new room before she was ushered off to class. Her first lesson was rather more demanding than the sixth form replay she had sat through on the other side of the school and some of the work was at least diploma level stuff if not degree level. Her degree in English and Journalism was only going to take her so far she feared.

The other thing was the uniformity of the girls. It was really like being an English Prep-school with not a hair or button out of place. She had already been scolded twice for her dress, once for her top button being undone and once more for allowing her blouse sleeve show at her cuffs. For god’s sake, she had rolled her eyes up, St Mark’s Comprehensive had never been like this and as for college, it had been positively Bohemian.

“You girl, are you paying attention?” The teacher barked making Kim jump. At first she thought it was her who was being taken to task, but then she saw that it was Jill Squires.

“Yes,” Jill said sullenly.

“What did I just say?” The teacher persisted.

Kim blanched as she realised that she had no idea herself. There was something about this set-up that gave the impression of omnipotent teachers and all secrets being laid bare. Looking round she saw she was not alone in that thought. All around her rows of pristine young twenty-something women sat to attention and shifting nervously in their seats.

“Well,” the teacher snapped.

“The prime function of…” Jill began hesitantly, “is to… eh… the prime function is vital because… was it something about information ma’am?”

“I spoke about primary functions earlier,” the teacher said with a groan, “I was talking about cognitive realities and the concept of information being power.”

“Oh,” was all Jill could manage.

“Oh indeed,” the teacher said sharply. “Jill Squires step out here.”

“I was listening really I was,” Jill said miserably.

“That wouldn’t be a lie would it?”

“Oh no I…” Jill stopped talking and quickly got up and walked to the front of the class.

The teacher reached into her desk draw and pulled out a short thick leather paddle-like object. There was a frisson through the class and all eyes were fixed on Jill.

Putting her chair in front of the desk the teacher sat down and tipped a blushing Jill over her lap. Her skirt was quickly heaped into the small of her back to reveal her generous photogenic bottom bursting out of modest white knickers. These were soon pulled down to her knees to expose Jill’s white flesh still bearing the faint spoor of her recent caning.

“Embarrassing isn’t it?”

“Yes ma’am,” Jill said in a small voice.

There was some laughter, but it was quickly stilled by a look from the teacher.

Kim shifted in her seat. The camera was in her bag, but she didn’t dare take it out. Still if there was a spanking this early in the game, then there would be other opportunities.

The paddle swept down with a loud crack causing Jill to grimace. There was a pause as a red patch developed on her bottom and then a second swat was added. Jill grunted and scrabbled at the chair legs with her hands.

“Feeling it?”

“’es ma’am,” Jill gasped.

Then the spanking picked up with a swat every three or four seconds like a slow handclap of displeasure. The displeasure was all Jill’s, Kim thought with a wry smile. After a minute Jill was breathing heavily and grunted in pain with every swat.

“Will you listen now?”

“Oh please ma’am,” Jill groaned rocking her by now, scarlet bottom back and forth.

“Will you?”

“Sssss, ma’am, peass…” Kim sensed Jill was close to tears but desperate not to cry as she was paddled for another minute.

“Alright, go and stand and face the blackboard and listen. I will expect good marks from you. Do you understand?”

Jill nodded and reached down to pull up her knickers.

“I didn’t say you could pull them up, did I?”

“No ma’am,” Jill agreed miserably.

“Leave them down with your skirts up so that the class can see what a well-spanked bottom looks like.”

For the rest of the class Kim had trouble concentrating, faced as she was with Jill’s very red bottom mooning her from the other side of the room.

After class Kim hoped to get Jill aside for a quick word, but unsurprisingly she made a hasty exit.

“Does that happen often?” She asked one of the girls.

“Often enough, but it’s not so bad. Not compared to the cane. Did you follow any of that? I hate business philosophy,” then the girl hurried off.

“Was that what that was?” Kim said quietly to herself. “I think I hate business philosophy too.”


The next day Kim was in her room wondering how she could get pictures and whether she should stake out Dr Granger’s office or try and to rig up a hidden camera for use in class. Reaching under her bed for the camera her hand found nothing. There was a surge of panic akin to falling and then she remembered to breath. She must have left it in her bag, she thought with enforced relief. She was still looking when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Kim called after a quick glance round for anything incriminating.

The door opened and Patty entered smiling.

“Hello Kim, I’m sorry we haven’t spoken for a while, I’m glad you took my advice and took the full service,” she said enthusiastically.

Kim felt her ears burn and returned a confused look. Although she had claimed Patty a friend, they had never met that Kim could recall. Perhaps the girl was just scatty and could not remember herself.

“Eh… yes thanks.”

Patty just grinned and then blinked hard.

“Oh gosh, silly me, the old battle-axe wants to see you.”


“Dr Granger. I wouldn’t keep her waiting if I were you.”

“No I won’t thanks,” Kim said through a forced smile.

Every instinct screamed that she had been rumbled, but what could she do. It would be silly to cut and run when she was so close.

The walk to the upper floor and Dr Granger’s office seemed a long one. All the way she considered her options. Maybe if she confronted the woman something could be saved? Then the door loomed before her all too soon. Here goes, she thought as she knocked.


“Ah Miss Khan,” Dr Granger said amicably enough. “How have you found your first couple of days here?”

“Eh… fine I think. It takes some getting used to, but…” then her eyes found the camera on the desk, her camera, in point of fact.

“Yes I am quite sure it does, which is rather why I have called you here.”

Kim swallowed as she stared at the incriminating evidence.

“I see you recognise it.”

“Yes,” Kim managed.

“You did know that the possession of photographic equipment of any kind is strictly prohibited at Hard Redley.”

Kim nodded, not knowing what else to say.

“Shall we deal with that first?”

First? Kim wondered.

“Now if you would just slip your things down and bend over the desk.”

It wasn’t a request Kim noted. Now was the time to declare herself. Then she thought of the potential fortune of getting a picture of Jill and some of the other famous girls. If her cover wasn’t blown she could get another camera surely.

“I’m not sure I understand,” Kim stalled.

“I think you do Miss Khan,” Dr Granger said giving her a withering look.


“Miss Khan please lower your underwear and bend over the desk. Keep your legs straight and your bottom sticking up, there’s a good girl.”

Kim licked her lips. She was curious as well as scared and embarrassed. She had known it might come to this, she now realised. Maybe this was the only reason she came. The thought came unbidden and she cast it aside.

“Please I…”

“Miss Khan, you face 12 strokes for the camera, rather a lot for your first caning. If you resist me further I will make it 15,” Dr Granger said letting her anger show for the first time.

Kim went white as she reached tentatively under her skirt.

“Now Miss Khan, not next week,” Dr Granger bellowed.

Kim yanked her knickers down with a swift bend at her waist and took three wooden steps towards the desk with her underwear around her knees.

“Do I…?” Kim began, wondering about her skirt.

“That’s 15 as you insist; do you want to go for 18?”

Kim hastily pulled up her skirt and bent over the desk exactly as she had been told. The breeze on her bare bottom prickled like some ghostly wire brush.

“Knees straight,” Dr Granger barked at her.

Kim felt that her bottom was huge as it was elevated to seemingly fill the room behind her. She blushed in earnest for the first time.

“Fifteen is rather a heavy bill, but girls with phones, cameras and other such things really go against the spirit as well as the rules of Hard Redley. I do hope you learn from it.”

“Yes ma’am,” Kim whispered feeling for the first time since her arrival every bit a school girl. Maybe she could use that in her story, she thought.

Then all thoughts were erased. The first stroke was a bitch.

“Yeow,” Kim screeched leaping up and seizing her bottom.

“Do that again and I will award an extra stroke,” Dr Granger said calmly.

Kim nodded as she tried to compose herself. It took her a moment to steel herself to bend again and even then she was breathing heavily.

The next stroke was worse. Much worse. It sawed into her and burned like a striping knife.

“Puhff!” Kim grunted and then clawed at the desk.

A tear splashed onto the desk top and she forced herself to breathe through her nose.

Dr Granger didn’t wait but lay on another stroke just about as hard as she knew how.

“Puh-lease,” Kim spluttered.

The next stroke robbed her of words and it was all she could do not to cry.

“That’s four, you’re doing well, but six is worse than four and 12 worse than… well you get the idea.”

Kim nodded as if being lectured on philosophy.

The next strokes were hell. They burned worse than a curse and kept sawing into her bottom until she broke into earnest tears.

Dr Granger waited while Kim gave a fair imitation of a motorbike on a cold morning.

“You know you deserve this don’t you?” Dr Granger said quietly. “I do wish you hadn’t made me award you 15.”

Kim nodded in agreement to both. She had broken the 11th commandment, thou shall not get caught.

The next three strokes took Kim to her original 12. At each she barked out broken sobs and ground the front of her thighs into the desk’s edge for some imagined relief.

“Lift your bottom and bend forward a little and I’ll place them low. You’ll feel it when you sit, but it’s virgin territory.” Dr Granger said solicitously.

Kim nodded vigorously sensing a semblance of kindness.

“I’ll let you recover yourself a little,” Dr Granger added.

The pause was an age and all the while Kim’s bottom seemed to expand to fill the universe. Then one after the other in less than half a minute the last three were given until Kim collapsed bawling across the desk.

“Alright pull yourself together. Go and face the wall and have a good cry,” Dr Granger said squeezing Kim’s shoulder. She took comfort from the maternal touch and did as she was told.

“No rubbing mind, let the tramlines sing for a while, it will do you good.”


Kim had no idea how long she had stood there, but she was feeling much better by the time Dr Granger let her turn around and come back to the desk.

“Now I have spoken to your… eh… uncle or at least some friends of mine have. And he was most agreeable to you staying on here for the rest of the year. In fact he insisted. Let’s say it was conditional on him keeping his advertising revenue and gaining a little extra.” Dr Granger let that sink in. Then she continued. “You are not the first to come here under false pretences; I am amazed at how many silly little girls think they can outwit us. You do know that some of the best people in the world are behind us. Well I suppose you don’t. Anyway the point is we have found that after a long spell in our care, these girls tend to see things our way.”

Kim felt her stomach drop to the floor. This was not happening. The gig was blown, but they couldn’t keep her here, could they? She was way out of her depth.

“If you agree, then on graduation you will have your pick of the very best jobs. Leave and try and sell your story and… well let’s just say that Private Eye, the National Inquirer and assorted web-based spoof publications already have ‘your story’ in the most ridiculous and unbelievable way possible. PI turned it down flat, incidentally. I assure you, you will be utterly discredited if you try and take it to any credible media outlet.”

Kim felt sick.

“What if I leave and forget the whole thing?” Kim asked, motivated by the team of lumberjacks still sawing at her bottom and the terror of a whole year under the threat of more.

“That would be a wasted opportunity for you. And as I have said your publisher has disowned you, you have no job.”

Kim thought it over.

“I assume I don’t have to pay for this ‘opportunity’?”

“All expenses included.”

“Does this college have real qualifications? I mean I know about the bloody A Levels, but I am already a graduate.”

“How does an MBA sound?”

“What if I can’t hack it?”

“Oh you will. I do assure you of that,” Dr Granger said ominously.

“OK I guess I am in. What choice do I have?”

Dr Granger shrugged.

“Now that leaves us with the small matter of telling lies.”


“You did say you were Patty’s friend.” Dr Granger pulled a face.

Kim winced.

“How many?”

“Six should cover it. This time.”

Kim looked nervously at the cane as her bottom flared.

“You can come back in a few days,” Dr Granger said.

Kim felt the terror drain from her, still, not a fun prospect.

“Off you go,” Kim’s new mistress said with some finality, “for now.”


Kim walked with slow painful steps all the way back to her room. This time she realised that she belonged. The insistent dread of discovery that she had hardly been aware of had gone.

“God, I won’t sit down for a week,” she said aloud as she reached her room.

She pushed the door open and regarded the bed with relief.

“Come in,” said a voice.

Kim jumped and turned to see that Jill Squires, Patty and three other girls were waiting for her just out of sight of the doorway.

“What do you want?” She asked nervously.

“We want to welcome you to Hard Redley and give you a ‘clean’ start,” Jill said malevolently.

Kim noticed that she was holding a bath brush. Also one of the girls had a bucket, a funnel and a length of tubing.

“Look I…”

“Shush, there is no rush. We have hours to get to know you,” Jill said and they all laughed.

“They did it to me once,” Patty whispered as Kim was seized. “Be a sport and maybe we can really be friends.”

Hard Redley uncovered, the headline ran through Kim’s mind as she was bundled face down on her bed and stripped, not quite what I had in mind.


5 Responses to “Hard Redley Uncovered”

  1. 1 Giorgio

    An institute like this is badly needed.

  2. 2 paul little

    nice to see rich spoilt girls getting their bottoms striped

  3. 3 funambulist

    Another fascinating, well-written and quite – er – firming story, Damian, for which many thanks.

    If I could make one tiny point, however – you wrote: The Redlies in South Hampshire were not where she would have chosen to be… Call me a pedant if you will, but should that not have been The Redleys?

    I know our language, beautiful as it is, has its eccentricities, but I don’t think, even in Midsomer, that you would find quite such an oddity 😉 !

    Anyway – as I said above, I really enjoyed this, as I do pretty well everything you write; I have been unable to access the ‘net lately and have a lot of catching up to do.

    With all good wishes,


    • 4 DJ

      yes you’re right and I was undecided and then forgot. Thanks.


      ps and thanks 🙂

  4. 5 Paddy

    Oh man it was just getting good at the ending, any chance of an extension?

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