Maybe even stranger than fiction


This was found on an old stick drive from a now dead computer. So maybe this was the snippet that was the inspiration for this short story, if not then who knows, perhaps, maybe? Not exactly a sorority story as promised, but a UK college spanking nonetheless.

Probably wasn’t used before as it is a bit of a clunky stream of consciousness.

It was all a bit weird and started off as a bit of horseplay. R and I had to share a room, which was a bit unusual at our college since most rooms were singles. She really annoyed me at first being such a kid doing kid’s stuff. I had got spanked at home up to 16, so maybe that’s why I said what I did. Something like: ‘I’ll spank you if you do…’ whatever it was. She blushed and it got kind of weird for the first time. Anyway she stopped at once and it was awkward between us for a bit.

I don’t know, it could have been days later we had an argument that ended in a kind of play fight. She was wearing tight thin cotton shorts rolled halfway up her thighs like cut-offs. Her biggish bottom stuck out more and to be honest made me feel funny, I mean horny I suppose, I don’t know. I am not gay, well I wasn’t or I didn’t know I was… eh… I’m blushing now writing this. Why did I even start this and tell you guys?

Anyway, we were messing about and somehow she ended up over my knee. I said something like ‘If you don’t quit’ then I just swatted her. She didn’t move. We were just frozen in that position. Then I spanked her again. We were both breathing hard. She wiggled her bum and so I started a proper spanking like I had got at home. She yelled and struggled but not so she broke free, although she could of easily I think.

This went on for a while. We didn’t talk. I just spanked her bum until my hand hurt and then stopped for a bit to see what she would do or say. But nothing happened. Eventually she got up and we didn’t look at each other.

After that I told her off like a sort of big sister and scolded her and stuff about her grades. Then she got drunk, lost her student pass and got a formal warning about her grades from her supervisor all in one week.

‘I really ought to spank you properly.’ It slipped out. We both blushed.

‘I know,’ she said.

I told her ‘properly’ meant bare bum and that was how I always got it. It wasn’t quite true, but it sometimes happened that way. She just blushed and didn’t stop me when I put her over my knee. It was really odd having a girl’s bare bottom on my lap, but nice. I gave her a proper spanking, which was about as hard as I could. I even stopped halfway to use a pump. She started to cry by the end but made no attempt to stop me. Afterwards I even made her stand in the corner. I don’t know where I got that from as it didn’t happen at home.

I spanked her loads after that, even with short sticks and belts. We used to cuddle afterwards but never had full sex. I have been spanked since, but never been with a girl again.

There was a bit more but it wasn’t that well-structured and sounded confused. Anyway there are a lot of confessional forums out there.


2 Responses to “Maybe even stranger than fiction”

  1. 1 anushree

    man, it looks so very red.

  2. OUCH. Nothing more to add. After seeing that photo I think I should start considering consequences more effectively…



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