Blog of the Week


This week, being away, there has not been so much time to read.

However, as each week we look at a blog that has some twist (well a lot of twists being spanking blogs), but you know what I mean. This week’s blog, Devlin O’Neill, has regular contributions form Poppy St Vincent, who has been featured here before.

This gives the reader the opportunity to get the top and bottom view in one hit. So double your money and take a look.

5 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. Thank you very much!
    You are super kind for this.

  2. 2 Kaki

    DJ, Top and bottom in one hit, are we spanking Tops now? I am always the last to know. 😉 Great choice on your Blog of the week.

  3. As Poppy said, thanks very much! Very nice of you to mention us. 🙂

    (Kaki! Behave yourself, young lady.)

  4. 4 scarlet

    Hi DJ! Of course I love your choice for blog of the week. I think Kaki needs a spanking for that comment, what do you think? Can I nominate your blog for your own blog of the week? You can tell people that Scarlet chose that one…

  5. 5 paul1510

    DJ, don’t take too much notice of the Imps from Dev’s blite, too many threats, not enough action.
    Still, you are showing remarkably good taste.

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