Back to school


Mary looked at the piece of paper in her hand not quite believing it. When she had started this it had seemed just a harmless bit of fun. Now she couldn’t quite believe it had worked.

“Oh well here goes,” she sighed.

The uniform had fitted closely enough. She was surprised, not having worn one for almost eight years. Now she stood in front of the mirror she was reasonably confident that she looked the part.

As she walked into the old manor’s front doors she had done her best to look invisible a she prepared to slip up the stairs. That part hadn’t worked so well.

“Hey you there,” the receptionist called over. “Girl, I haven’t seen you before.”

Mary turned and walked woodenly to the desk. This was the acid test.

The woman eyed her suspiciously. There was something odd about this strange girl, something familiar and yet… the receptionist was about to ask the girl her name when she held out the piece of paper, a discipline slip. The mystery was explained.

“Are you a sixth-former?” The receptionist asked.

Mary nodded.

“Silly girl. Alright you know where to go.”

Mary nodded again, relieved that she hadn’t been recognised.

The office was easy to find, there was already a queue of girls outside. A tall girl blonde girl had one hand in her blazer pocket as she leaned against the wall with some poise. Mary envied her, the kind of girl she used to hate, she observed. Nearby was a rather nervous looking redhead who eyed the blonde with obviously similar thoughts.

The third girl looked terrified. She was a beautiful Asian girl with long black hair whose eyes darted in her head, which held an expression of pensive concentration.

“Oh give it up Poonam,” the blonde said wearily. “We are going to get whacked so you had better make your mind up to it.”

The redhead moved her hands unconsciously to her bottom and swallowed.

“You as well,” the blonde teased.

“But I’m 18, I can refuse,” Poonam wailed.

“We’re all 18,” the blonde rolled her eyes up. “This is the upper sixth whacking session remember?”

“Take a week’s suspension, why don’t you then?” The redhead said with hope in her voice.

Mary hung back as she listened. Ducking out of caning was not done, but if this Poonam did it, then maybe the redhead could too, or that was what she was obviously thinking.

“You don’t know my father,” Poonam said in whisper that hinted at some unnamed doom.

“Are you up for whacks as well?” The blonde asked Mary, noticing her for the first time.

Mary nodded shyly.

“The Winslow twins just went in, it won’t be long,” The blonde tossed her head back as if this was all some minor inconvenience.

Sure enough, as if on cue the dull sound of a thwack cut through the heavy door.

“Under starter’s orders,” the blonde observed dryly.

After three carefully spaced cracks there was stifled squeal followed by a thwack and a screech, then one more of both.

After a pause the blonde remarked, “Six, could be worse.”

The next round began almost at once. Only this time the recipient was vocal from the start.

It didn’t take long and then the door opened.

Two identical diminished girls walked painfully out with their hands clamped to the seat of their skirts. Both were crying and neither could meet the waiting girls’ eyes. The blonde cast an amused glance in their direction as they both walked gingerly down the corridor.

“Next,” a male voice bellowed from within the room.

Poonam hesitated then mouthed a silent protest as the redhead pushed past.

“He who hesitates is lost,” the blonde said cattily.

After a long the silence the dull thwacks began. This time the swipes sounded louder although the redhead was obviously made of sterner stuff because not until the last did she make an audible sound herself.

When the redhead emerged her red-rimmed eyes were glazed in tears and she took slow careful steps.

“That was beastly,” she forced out between her teeth.

Poonam looked on in horror, torn between claiming her turn to get it over with and her lack of courage required to force herself through the door.


The blonde looked Poonam up and down.

“You’re on kid,” she said quietly.

Poonam nodded, a tear spilling down her cheek.

“Her dad must be a holy terror,” the blonde said quietly.

Inside, it seemed to take a very long time and even the blonde showed a hint of nervousness.

Then Mary and the blonde heard a sharp whisp-whack from inside.

“He’s changed canes,” the blonde remarked listening intently.

Mary listened too, but so far Poonam had made no sound.

The second stroke too elicited no undue noise from the Indian girl and the blonde threw Mary a look that said she was impressed.

The third sharp cut extracted a low girlish yip, however and each stroke thereafter.

This time Mary counted eight.

“Someone has been a naughty girl,” the blonde said deadpan.

It took a while for Poonam to come out and when she did she was sobbing hard. She cast her eyes over the waiting girls with a look of a wild pony and then with slow deliberate steps she made her way back up the corridor.

“After you,” the blonde said with superiority as if her place was reserved.

Mary shook her head and managed a smile as she gestured the blonde should go in with the upturned palm of her hand.


The blonde shrugged and tossed herself nonchalantly away from the wall and sauntered through the door. Then Mary was alone.

There was a stiffness and a hard edge to the cane strokes which followed. Mary was no expert but she guessed that the cane had been swapped yet again. She wondered how such things were determined. Then the events in the room seized her attention.

At just the second stroke the blonde yelled out with a high-pitch and soul felt scream. Twice more this occurred and then she could hear a man’s voice. Something told Mary that the poised blonde was not taking this well.

Then more slowly spaced there was a thwack and a scream until all six had been delivered. Even then it was a long time before the door opened.

The blonde was no longer so poised and looked absolutely stricken. No doubt the reason she wanted to go last.

“Don’t tell,” she said in a faraway voice. “Please.”

Mary nodded and made an encouraging face. Taking pigeon steps the blonde didn’t get very far before she broke down in a fresh round of sobbing.


Mary took a deep breath and felt her chest suddenly melt into her stomach. Then she pushed through the door.

Stephen had a face like thunder as he examined a row of canes on his desk. He made a half turn and held out his hand for something. Mary was terrified. Then she remembered the paper and handed it to him.

“My god,” he growled as he looked at the paper. Then he looked up. “What the…”

“Hi Steve,” Mary blushed.

“What in god’s name are you doing here?”

“You said you were too busy… I…” Mary suddenly felt like the schoolgirl she was pretending to be. Then added in a gush, “it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“I’ve a good mind to give you a caning anyway,” Stephen said menacingly.

“That was the general idea,” Mary said suddenly afraid that he had missed the point. A fear strangely cut with relief.

“Then you shall take 12 on the bare.” He eyed the heavy cane he had used on the blonde girl. It would serve her right, he thought, before settling on the standard cane.

He had used a light biter for Poonam, so a standard 12 would be an ordeal. Well at 27 his wife could handle more.

He had spanked her a few times but he had never caned her before, so this would be interesting.

“Knickers down and bend over the desk,” he ordered tersely.

Mary felt strangely embarrassed as she eased down her underwear in front of her husband.

“Not too hard,” she whispered.

“I always cane full-force, so you will get what the cane is designed to impart,” he said sternly.

She shivered. This was just how she imagined.

Once she was bent over the desk with her bottom sticking upwards and out at his insistence, he took his time to consider the target. There was no hurry, she was the last bottom of the day.

She dared not look back although her eyes strained at the corners in anticipation. The waiting time was intolerable.

Then he struck. The pain blazed across both cheeks before she heard it, which was just as well as the sound was terrifying. She screamed more in surprise than anything.

He waited until the stark white stripe had developed into deep pink. Then he struck again.

Mary was still struggling with the first stroke, a gift that kept on giving, she thought ruefully, when the second cut it. She grunted.

This is… She had no idea. The pain was beyond interesting.

He caned slowly, admiring the way that apart from her hoarse breathing and mild grunts she was taking it well. Then at six he paused.

The tramlines had begun to rise and the red edges had spread to encompass much of her hitherto white bottom. I’ll put the next six where you sit, he thought vengefully.

Then the door opened and they both started in horror. The headmistress was a picture of horrified accusation as she beheld her deputy apparently caning one of her girls on the bare. She rarely caned bare and no one else ever did at her school.

“I say this is more like it,” came a voice behind her.

The new potential governor, of course he had forgotten. The head was hoping he was going to invest in the school.

“Are you alright girl?” The headmistress said in genuine concern.

“Yes,” Mary said risking a glance over her shoulder.

“Good god it’s…” the headmistress, was shocked and relieved.

“A very naughty girl,” the new governor said finishing with a smile. “I say bare-benders for fillies I had no idea this still went on.”

“Yes we run a tight ship here don’t we Stephen?” The headmistress said recovering herself.

“Eh… yes,” Stephen coughed.

“Has she got many to go?” The man asked eyeing Mary’s bottom.

“Six,” Stephen said.

“Carry on,” the headmistress said.

“Please I…” Mary began to protest.

“Quiet girl,” Stephen snapped.

Stephen was angry now. Mary’s prank might have cost him his job.

As he set to the last six Mary was far from sanguine throughout it and at nine she was howling.

“Go and face the wall,” Stephen ordered when he was done. He didn’t want to take the slightest chance that the governor would spot that she was too old for a student.

He needn’t have worried. The man’s eyes were fixed on Mary’s bottom.

The headmistress ushered him from the room deep in animated conversation. After a while the head returned alone.

“Well?” She growled.

Mary explained her prank to the headmistress and begged her not to blame her husband.

“So you wanted to come back to school did you Mary?” The headmistress said in a scolding tone.

Mary said nothing.

“You realise that what you have done is a criminal offence?”

Mary blanched as the full ramifications sunk in.

“You put me in a difficult position. The new governor has agreed to take the job and make a contribution, but he expects to see you at the end of term soiree for the governors, you know serving tea and cakes with the sixth-formers.”

Mary gaped.

“He is also going to be nosing around for the last three weeks of term, undoubtedly to see a girl catching it so to speak.”

Mary had a sinking feeling. She did not like where this conversation was going.

“So my girl I need a whipping girl and you have just signed on for the remainder of term just to keep him on side.”

“Oh you can’t be serious… Stephen?”

“Don’t look at me. You started this,” Stephen looked heavenward.

“Good that’s settled,” the headmistress smiled like a cat that got the cream. “Just a couple of things, I think we’ll have you in detention for the rest of term and any mischief and you’ll get Saturday club as well.”

Stephen grasped the bridge of his nose and sighed.

“You know what that means don’t you?”

“Six of the best,” Stephen said in amusement.

“I think we’ll make them bare benders, for appearances you understand,” the head said grimly.

“You can’t do that. If you think…” Mary blustered.

“Come with me girl. I’ll think we will make a start,” the headmistress snatched up a cane without looking and grabbed Mary’s ear and then lead her away to her own office.

“Stephen help.”

“I should take the six before she makes it another 12 dear,” Stephen chuckled.

“Ooh,” Mary wailed. This was too much.


5 Responses to “Back to school”

  1. 1 fatherjim

    What a wondereful turn of events!

    Great set up, the aprrehension of the waiting girls was wonderful. The ending was excellent. Would have loved to see the wife taken across the headmistress’s knee!

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Enjoyed every minute of reading this! Had a good giggle at the end must add – okay, nervous giggle at that. Truly as case of careful what you wish for…

  3. 3 PDBB

    I always felt uneasy about the “little ones” *getting it*. But when it’s a mischievous big girl… That’s another story.
    I especially like *a plan* goes awry scenario and a *token* consensual paddy whack becomes something unplanned for and completely out of control and consent of the contriver.
    The headmistress’s counter of “so you want to be a naughty little girl,do you”(?), has so many avenues to go down. From the we’ll see if you still feel that way at the end of the term to I was waiting for the this very opportunity to teach you that lesson your mother should have done long ago. In fact she could become her alma mater.
    I have my own ideas where I would like this story to continue but would very much like to read other paths as I think of the possibilities.

  4. 4 doublecee

    An excellent twist.

    • 5 DJ

      Thanks – I see I have never acknowledged comments here before – although Back in the day I was getting up to 50 comments a day 🙂

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