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Vanilla Twist


The waves battered against the rocks below the small beachside café with a sound like muffled cymbals. Every once in a while, specs of sea water would splash over the low wall and reach where they were sitting. Not that Alice minded. This was fast becoming one of her favourite places. Overhead the seagulls dived […]

IT problems have struck and there will be intermittent problems here this coming week, which you may or may not notice. Good news, RH Humphries over at Woody’s has given the A Voice in the Corner Blog and award, so thanks Mr Humphries. Also a well-wisher contacted me to say that she had just read […]

Angela’s story continued: With no college that week I was looking forward to just hanging around the house waiting for David to get home. I carefully planned my day and reckoned that if I timed it right I might manage a lie-in followed by plenty of nothing to do but read. I might have known […]

Here is a blog that has only been going since the autumn. Tiffany Scarlet’s Discipline Her, is similar at first glance to Poppy’s Submissions, which we featured as our inaugural Blog of the Week. It has lots of great pictures of the kind that appeal to gentleman as well rather than being heavily reliant on […]

“Under the circumstances I can see absolutely no alternative,” the magistrate intoned. “As if I care,” the girl in the dock sneered. The magistrate peered at her over his glasses and shook his head. He didn’t want to send a 19-year-old to a correctional facility but her attitude was appalling. Who wore blue-hair and ragged […]

Spanking in the movies, westerns and all that jazz. What could be easier? That would make a great post, especially as the material is already to hand. Well the best laid plans of men and blogsters. After some digging it soon became clear that anything new was going to be hard to find. Then a […]

Just to show that people really do get spanked in the real world, here is an amusing (no shocking tsk) newspaper report from 1964, which was carried in the St Josephs News-Press. You couldn’t make it up. Gardener Admits Spanking wife of Viscount Portman of the Portman Estate Viscount Portman’s head gardener admitted today he […]

The paddle


Some time back we started an abortive feature on punishment implements and techniques. Abortive in the sense that this is the third article in 18 months on this theme. So to make amends let’s take a look at the humble paddle. The paddle has what is known as a parallel evolution. That is, it was […]

Now for something completely different. Woody’s Back School Unit is a comic delight run by RH Humphries with the help of Jojo and Dave Ell. It is possibly unique in spanking blog land in that all the content form pictures and stories are original. For those who have not been there, Woody’s back to School […]

“I don’t see why you shouldn’t bring your friends over as planned honey. After all it’s not your fault.” Dana broke off from applying her lipstick for a moment and glanced at her youngest daughter, Dakota, who was standing in the corner. Freya followed the direction of her mother’s look. Darn the little brat she […]