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This week’s blog is the world famous Chross.

It almost seems moot to feature it as a mere blog of the week. Such is its influence, people send emails to congratulate A Voice in the Corner whenever it gets Chrossed, that is to say whenever it is featured on Chross’s links of the week. Being so featured, means about 1,000 extra visits a week to a spanking blog, which in the early days of blogging is a serious hike.

A Voice in the Corner did not really take off until it was first Chrossed, so thanks to our favourite spankologist.

Chross is probably the most popular spanking blog on the net, with about 1.7 million visitors a year and recently reported that has gone past the five million visitor mark.

For those who do not know, is that even possible, Chross features the best of the web and specialises in lost mainstream movie sequences featuring spanking.

Incidentally the picture above is taken from Chross and is a picture of his wife, lucky man. Let’s hope he doesn’t mind it being republished here.

Keep up the good work Chross

6 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. Well. I love Chross (and wife too) but you forgot me, I’m more than 7 million views… lol. That does’nt mean anything important about the quality, anyway…

    just for fun…

    • 2 DJ

      I didn’t forget – I just have no way of knowing. One of the reasons I quoted the stats to shake a few trees.

      You get 7 million a year? That’s good.

      My next mission is to try and get some data on spanking blogs to guage what size audience is out there.

      Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks a lot 🙂
    And no, I don’t mind the picture.

    Stats are always nice, although in my experience every counter has its own way of registering.
    And I think Stan is mixing up unique visitors with page views 😉
    A huge difference.


    • 4 DJ

      Glad to do it Chross. 😉

      I know people get obsessed with stats and wordpress have just recaculated and back dated mine so they have all gone up. ?? Also a certain blog was shown as getting a few hundred hits from me but they say they had a hike of a thousand or more – so the stats don’t always join up. 😐

      It is easy to get confused between hits and visits – I count visits not hits so its easy Lol

      All I know is that when you publish to the void and get three comments – it is nice to see the visitor counter go from 100 visits a month to 100,000 plus

      Thanks guys.


  3. I feel like a child in a toystore when visiting Chross – so many things to read, to look at…you can get lost in his blog for a long, long time.
    And Fridays, I wait breathlessly…there is truly nothing more rewarding to know that you have been “Chrossed”

  1. 1 - Chross Guide To The Spanking Internet

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