Some Canadian spanking philosophy


As previously promised here is a snippet on spanking philosophy from the Canadian frontier. The source was taken from a post entitled ‘the Canadian wild east’ from woodshed reminiscences. The setting is a ‘family farm commune’ in Nova Scotia in the 1920s and 30s. (The pictures are from other sources.)

What follows has been extensively edited for sense and length, but hopefully the original feel has been kept.

“These were tough days and if you didn’t mind your manners then there were harsh punishments. Now it wasn’t right to spank young men as it tended to breed resentment and there comes a certain time when you have to look to their dignity and not break their pride. So the boys over 12 or so were moved into the bunk house with the other unmarrieds to learn how to be men. I dare say there was a lot of roughhousing, but the only real sanction was that miscreants were made to walk to the old tree on their knees with a bundle on their back adjusted for their size. No small for thing, for the men’s knees were often bleeding afterwards.”

“For the women folks it was another matter. In those days, for the older girls and women we had the strap or for lesser mischief a switch. And believe me it weren’t always the pain that learned them. Seeing as the hiding was usually given on the bare bottom.”

“Mostly the girls were taken to the woodshed stripped down as far as possible and bared over the cross ply once they got there. Once when I was a girl of 18 or 19 I had been joshing with my sisters in church of a Sunday and straightaways we got back Mother had us out of our best clothes and off to the shed in nothing but our draws and camisole. Mind you we weren’t in our draws on the way back after having been tanned purple for our deeds. Then, as mostly, we were set on the porch, still without undies. Other times, if there were men about, then we were set in the scullery and made to face a wall. Not that the menfolk didn’t see a bare bottom or two on the way back to the house from time to time.”

“This went on until we were wed and believe me being a woman-grown was no protection if you had it coming. It was mortifying at the time, even if my brothers weren’t about, but it learned us good and I didn’t change things when I had daughters of my own.”

“I have to say though; sometimes the strap was too much. Mother was heavy with it so that a girl couldn’t always sit down after. Once I had my own girls to see to I didn’t raise a strap but once or twice. I preferred the switch, which can raise welts like pencils on a bad girl’s bottom, without half the drama of the harness leather.”

“I do think that there wasn’t a girl or woman that did not benefit and not one of us bore a grudge, but I guess they’d say it was brutal today, well different times.”

8 Responses to “Some Canadian spanking philosophy”

  1. This post is of particular interest to me … I’m going to see my sweetheart in Alberta in a couple of months – after a very long dry spell … this will give me plenty of fuel for fantasies until the time comes. It was interesting and entertaining to read. Thank you for sharing that.

  2. “without half the drama of the harness leather” – that’s the best part!

    A wonderful and interesting excerpt. Thanks.

    Hermione (from Canada)

  3. 3 paul little

    NICE story I too prefer using the switch but not getting it!!!!

  4. LOL! … I’m not so sure … harness leather or switch? Just depends how that switch swings through the air, ha! Great reading.

  5. 5 Jack Stankaitis

    I very much liked the dialouge and manner of speech….it elicited a rough hewn form of erotica all its own. Being a masochist, I so envied the women and girls and the condition they ended up in. I yearn for the woodshed and harness.

  6. 6 Christina

    I was introduced to “this that we do”, spanking lifestyle by an online Canadian Top, Spring of 2002, during the season called Lent! I became ‘hooked’ & thus searched out chats on MSN, a frequent visitor to until my 1st computer died Spring of 2003! Anyway, Ive had an on again / off again curiosity about the D/s lifestyle for 9 years and thus just this month returned to reading blogs on and through a blogger found Poppy’s submission, ectera!!

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