The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake


The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake by Ashley Jefferson has just been added to the bookshop. This book will be reviewed here in the near future. A Lulu reviewer gave it four stars out of five.

Meanwhile here is the cover blurb:

Kylie Langston never felt much sympathy for friends or peers punished in front of a general assembly at Cedar Lake. She assumed they brought the trouble on themselves and that following the rules would keep her safe. That was until the Dean confronted her with a crime she didn’t commit.

Her faith in the system shaken, she sets out to prove her innocence. Kylie throws the rule book out the window, diving head first into a search for the truth that leads into her confrontations with friends, former friends, and enemies. But when things go wrong for a student at Cedar Lake, they have a tendency to just get worse.

Sinking deeper and deeper into trouble, Kylie endures one humiliating punishment after another. From an embarrassing spanking in the Dean’s office to a blush inducing Saturday detention session and more, she holds tight to an internal sense of dignity and refuses to surrender to the seemingly insurmountable evidence piling up against her. Will she uncover the real source of her troubles in time for the college’s inquiry or will she be for the general assembly?

One Response to “The Spanking Chronicles of Cedar Lake”

  1. 1 Michael

    DJ, I just discovered the wonderful writing of Ashley Jefferson when you featured her blog, “Imagine The Stories” last week as your ‘Blog of the Week.’ I read and enjoyed some of her Cedar Lake stories and can’t wait for your review.

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