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The Pink Report by Barely Pink is this week’s blog.

Barely Pink is celebrating her first year as a blogger this week so happy birthday.

Barely Pink is a girl who wants it hard and wants it often and doesn’t mind admitting that she although she is heterosexual she often prefers looking at girls in pornography.

The Pink Report also boasts its own picture blog, the Pink Papers, so you get tow blogs for the price of one.

12 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. A well deserved selection, DJ, as Miss Pink is an amazingly creative and intelligent woman, and her blog ‘The Pink Report’ is fantastic in its entertainment, honesty and revealing of the beautiful woman Pink is both inside and out.

  2. 2 Jon

    I second that Michael! The Pink Report is one of the best spanking blogs out there and people are just starting to pick up on that. It’s nice to see other blogs recognizing her work! Nice job DJ and fantastic site!

  3. 3 Gern Blandershphelt

    A most wise and deserving selection! Miss Pink has made the blogosphere a much more interesting and colorful place. Everyone should be as lucky as we are to have a voice like her’s heralding thier favorite vice. Congratulations Pink!

  4. “…she often prefers looking at girls in pornography.” Did I say that? *blush* Sometimes I can’t believe the things I type. I really am more shy in person with those kinds of confessions — my mother taught me well, believe it or not. But I do like to be spanked hard and frequently. And I do like pornography. 🙂

    Thanks so much for this, DJ! It is most appreciated, particularly since I have long admired your work.



    • 5 DJ

      Glad. 😉

      And thanks for the kind words.

      Where abouts do you publish from btw?


      • From the good old Midwest, USA: land of lakes and cows and wholesome folk. 😛

        And you?

        • 7 DJ

          Hi BP

          I am from N London – land of the goths, goulies and the Highgate Vampire!


  5. So, instead of cow tipping (which btw, I’ve never done), you guys had Vampire hunting. I’ll trade ya.

    (And thanks Michael, Jon & Gern. You guys are the best.)

    • 9 DJ

      Well the believers used to stand vigil at the cemetry – I was one for my bed myself.

      Sean Manchester killed the King of the Vampires in 1969/70 – if you believe that. Still he was a catholic bishop.

      I look at this way – if its true I want to be at home – if its not (my bet Lol) then who wants to be a bit of a div in the graveyard at midnight? But I still prefer Vs to cows (not many cows in London)


      • So I wonder what poor fellow was actually killed by Sean Manchester, if it wasn’t the Vampire King? Being in bed seems like it was a great place to be, lest you were mistaken for the undead. 🙂

        • 11 DJ

          I rather think he was staking corpses from Highgate Cemetry (which was derelict in the 1960s) and there was a spate of grave robbing.

          I think because he was a bishop and the police had had official complaints about Vampires – he got away with it. Google it – it is quite a story! How did we get on this? Oh you and your cows. 😉


  6. I am so far behind on everything, that I am starting to think that I am actually ahead.

    So, although a week late…Miss Pink apart from having a brilliant blog, eh two blogs, is one of the most helpful, caring and genuine people you might meet.
    Thanks to her encouragement, and private mails, messages etc – I am still out there.

    Could not have been a better choice!

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