Dotes: spanking in public


After yesterday’s post the telephone rang and the conversation turned to a mutual friend who had recently married and moved away. The mutual friend in question, unknown to telephone friend, had been the conspirator in a few spanking adventures, so the reminiscences did not entirely coincide.

One incident in particular set into motion a train of thought of when spanking breaks into the vanilla world. Here are three brief anecdotes.

Years ago a gang of us used to gather at the pub after school and this being sixth form, we were all mostly 18. One of the girls was a bit scatty and always given to saying things she didn’t mean to say or doing something incredibly stupid.

She had very strict parents and as a consequences often did not join us because she had to be home because she was grounded.

Now firstly, at that time we were all young adults and no one still got grounded. The few that still did would keep it quiet. The fact that this girl was still grounded and everyone knew was another example of how she would blurt things out no matter how embarrassing.

One day the girls got talking about pregnancy near misses and ‘thank god for the pill,’ and ditzy girl says, ‘oh god I could never use the pill my dad would kill me.’

Some of the girls were outraged on her behalf and asked what if she had got pregnant?

“Oh I thought I was once, luckily I wasn’t, but I had already told mum before I knew, I got such a good hiding,’ she said, very ostentatiously grabbing her bottom.

The room went silent and she went red as a bus as she suddenly realised what she had said.

Now her boyfriend, being a mate had told me about the pregnancy near-miss from his side. He had mentioned that she was still spanked and had got it for her part, but to keep it quiet, so much for that.

To be fair it is not always ditzy girls who say the wrong thing, some years later while working for a charity the immediate boss was a younger woman. Being the oldest on the team she used to call me ‘Mr Black,’ which began as a joke. It used to irritate a bit in an office where everyone was on first name terms and came across as patronising.

Then one day following a heated discussion in the photocopy alcove, ‘Mr Black’ threatened the boss with a spanking. Remember this is a politically correct charity with workshops on race, gender and bullying at work. Not the thing to say.

However, it was the boss who could have blushed for England as she backed away into the corner talking as if she was trying to calm a tiger.

After that ‘Mr Black’ took on new resonance with us and she could be made to giggle in serious meetings by Mr Black just raising an eyebrow.

Now you may think this was a missed opportunity, but sadly she was dating a friend at the time.

She was last seen on TV looking very serious.

Now back to the friend that triggered these memories. One night we were out and about and going to the pub. Guess who had a new rape alarm? Guess who thought it was fun to set it off every two minutes?

After a very stern, and perhaps a bit pompous, telling off, a very chastened friend put her rape alarm away. Only to get it out five minutes later and set it off in yours truly’s ear.

Less than a minute later she was over a knee in the street getting a spanking on the seat of her skirt. This was in a busy community where everyone knew everyone. In mid spank a mutual friend, a town councillor, came down the street on his bike, did a double take and said: “good evening.”

Raised arm in mid spank turned into an awkward wave. She looks up with a face that is probably far redder than her bottom and says in a little girl voice; “It’s alright I was naughty.”

“Well that’s alright then,” says the bemused councillor and hurried away.

8 Responses to “Dotes: spanking in public”

  1. Since your friend knew she was naughty she was getting not only what she needed but what she wanted. Made me smile. Thanks, DJ. 🙂

  2. 2 anushree

    hey isn’t the second dote the one about which you had written earlier in the comments?

    • 3 DJ

      No idea, maybe or maybe I have said it privately, you see the problem 😉

      I will have to read them all there is another story which I can’t remember if I have told or not.


  3. 4 anushree

    I think you had mentioned it in a comment to the post about the gardener spanking his boss. Check if I am right.
    Do you like harry potter-severus, black…?

    • 5 DJ

      Yes I mentioned it. I hadn’t told the story. I’m impressed you remembered.

      What’s potter?


  4. 6 anushree

    well yeah, I never praise myself, but I am super intelligent, and have a great memory. More than anyone who has ever walked on the earth. And also, I read it just before commenting.
    Harry potter is a famous character in the novels called, well, harry potter

  5. Those viewing the naughty woman’s spanking, should have seen her dress raised high, and her knicker”s taken down, and then spanked good and proper, by the gentleman.

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