In the Corner with DJ Black


Been reorganising here and have taken the opportunity to look over various issues and unanswered comments. That has got the old grey matter creaking into life.

Some people have asked why this blog? There have also been several requests for sequels of this story or that. Another person asked is it true? What a great question. What is true? It’s like asking what truth is; an invitation for some wonderful existential waffle if anyone ever heard of one.

A particular favourite when it comes to enquiries is why there aren’t more Dotes. That interestingly is a more popular question than are all the Dotes true? A positive sign, as it means people are paying attention. Who cares?

The original idea was for a rolling magazine with features, snippets and stories that were almost available elsewhere, but not quite, and certainly not in one place.

Part of the original inspiration was derived from such ‘case studies’ of Will Henry and the ‘Pat & Peeves’ style magazines of the 1950s and 60s, which had disappeared by the late 1970s as being politically incorrect.

For instance, the Dotes were either slightly occluded reminisces that are true or stories (that might not be true) as told to yours truly at some point. Why aren’t their more? Well despite the occasional memory jog, the well for now has run dry. But watch this space, there is at least one more this week.

So what about sequels? Well there are, it’s true, several stories that have sequels owing or would benefit from one. However, as corny as it sounds, the stories write themselves and any attempt to force the issue tends to result in sub-standard copy.

Some of the best stuff has quite literally been written after a character has woken up the writer and dragged him to a keyboard. Insomnia has its uses.

Was your question left answered? Good. Maybe you will come back.

One Response to “In the Corner with DJ Black”

  1. I will definitely be back, DJ, and I see you have already added the next Dotes installment. Outstanding!

    I just left a comment on your previous post “Abaconti’s Driver” hoping there would be more of the story only to read here about sequels and how you cannot force them but must have the character tell you their story – something I have been told by other writers. So I hope you continue to use your insomnia well which will benefit all your readers. Thanks, DJ. 🙂

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