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Imagine the stories by Ashley Jefferson is another specialist entrant to this feature.

Ashley writes about family and business relationships with a spanking twist. She was behind the successful Quest 5 blog, which was remarkable not least because of its demanding and unvarying publishing schedule; and the now defunct Primrose Girls.

Her style, not unlike A Voice, is to serialise stories, like the Winter’s Storm, her current offering.

She has also, again like yours truly, written and published spanking novels.

6 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. Ashley’s the greatest! Hers is the OTHER site I frequent when I need an over-the-top, humiliating spanking fix.

    Kind regards,

    Carla Marie

  2. 2 Paul

    DJ, Ashley is one of the best, I’ve been reading her since she started, good choice.:D

  3. Wow! I’m almost speechless. I can’t recall ever being featured like this before. Thank you DJ. This is really nice and makes me feel like my work is truly being appreciated. Of course none of us write spanking stories for the recognition, but it is a nice bonus when it happens.

    Thanks Paul and Carla, you two are wonderful.


  4. 4 Michael

    Good to see you recognizing Ashley’s excellent site. Imagine the Stories and A Voice in the Corner are my two favorite stopping places on the Web these days. I thank my lucky stars that the two best writers of spanking fiction on the Web are also two of the most prolific.


  5. 6 Kaki

    DJ, thanks for the heads up, I havn’t visited there and will check it out.

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