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Now for something completely different.

Woody’s Back School Unit is a comic delight run by RH Humphries with the help of Jojo and Dave Ell.

It is possibly unique in spanking blog land in that all the content form pictures and stories are original.

For those who have not been there, Woody’s back to School Unit is a fictional college in a fictional England where celebrity brats et al are sent for re-education.

The whole tone is one of 1950s jolly hockey sticks and drips with the innocent fantasies of your best friends older sister being spanked while home from boarding school.

Indeed, Mr Humphries has this to say:

My spanking antennae was really piqued when I was at my best friend’s house and his younger sister was hauled upstairs to her bedroom and given a rather noisy spanking. Apparently she had just been suspended from the expensive school that she attended.

I will never forget the sound of her getting her bottom smacked echoing around the house or the look on her face when she was forced to sit down for the family dinner. I have been writing spanking stories ever since!

My Beloved Jojo claims that her first interest was stimulated by watching a young squaw being spanked by Little Joe on Bonanza; so go figure.

Dave Ell is responsible for the original cartoons.

The picture above was one of those Mr Humphries was kind enough to send as an informal prize for the A Vacation with Mother story which won last summer’s story contest over at the spanking Library (linked right).

Check out Woody’s.

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