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The subject for today is incest. No not that kind. Yuk. No we are talking about blogging about blogs. At least two spanking blogs have disappeared from blogspot recently. Whether taken down by their operators or the host, is not clear. Now that sets one wondering. Why do some blogs stop? Why do some blogs […]



From orbit, she had assumed it was just an illusion, a trick of the light as it filtered through the atmosphere, but the sand actually was red, almost like blood. It was beautiful. The endless landscape of great hills of sand was a sea of frozen waves in every hue of red one could imagine. […]

Spanking in the workhouse always seems in bad taste somehow as a topic for exploitive eroticism. All those women locked up, sometimes naked, whipped morning noon and night… where were we? However, a chance encounter on goggle books some months back threw up the story of Emily J Gauge, who may have also been known […]

The Prophecy


Last year you may have seen a post about a writing collaboration over at the Spanking Library. The Prophecy: the Lord and the Librarian is the first part of an 18-part novella by DJ Black and Flopsybunny, which is only available in the library and is now complete. Membership of the library is free and […]

No one knew how the tradition had got started or even when it began, but Mindy Heaver knew that it had happened even in her grandmother’s time. She had always thought it was kind of cool that it happened at her house, but she supposed that her family did have one of the biggest houses […]