The Perils of Paula


Saturday 26th February, Cyprus

Dear Diary,

I have not long been up. I didn’t get to sleep until late and then it was a restless night. My sore bottom throbbed against the sheets all night and I had to sleep on my tummy.

Even now I cannot sit down and I have been told that after supper tonight I am to have another spanking.

Why you might ask?

Well yesterday I have was having a perfectly lovely lunch on my balcony when Aunt B turned up. She was furious. She yelled me ever such a lot and then she sent me to my room to get into my nightie.

When I pointed out that it was only lunchtime and anyway I didn’t have a nightie she said not to answer her back.

Of course I am not stupid I knew what Aunt B was going to do so I tried to climb out of the window into the garden below. That’s when she caught me.

Aunt B didn’t waste much time and I soon found myself over her knee with my knickers down. I got such a jolly hard spanking with the hairbrush.

I had forgotten just how hard Aunt B could spank and after just a little while I wondered if the whippings I got in prison might not have been so bad.

I was yelling so much that a man came in, which was so embarrassing. But he soon left when after Aunt B told him off.

“Please stop that madam,” he said. “Think of the other guests.”

“Stop it young man, I have only just started,” Aunt B replied. Which was a bit of a fib I thought at the time.

But I suppose we were much nearer the beginning of the spanking than the end at that point.

After that, Aunt B made me stand in the corner on the balcony with my knickers down where she could see me. In fact, after that everyone could see me and we had such a lot of waiters and people bringing room service. I so wanted them to go away I can’t think what they were doing there.

Now I have to think of a way to escape Aunt B before she takes me home to England.

One Response to “The Perils of Paula”

  1. 1 Michael

    You know what? It’s very well written but not very much detail on the actual spanking. Also, I don’t think any man could avoid watching the spanking of a pretty girl getting a red bottom, I know I couldn’t.
    It would also be better if she was forced to go to England, perhaps by boat, so that the spankings could be extensive and many. And the story has a basis to continue once they reach England.

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