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This week’s blog is also the Spanking Network’s blog of the month.

This is the epitome of keep-it-simple. There are those of us who quietly entertain the idea that thousands come to read our well-crafted prose and that our readers only take a passing interest in the illustrations.

Well every week MarQues Study garners as much traffic as almost anyone and its secret is pithy one-liners and great pictures.

Marques is a UK-based blogger who gives his day job as disciplinarian.

He seems to be at the core of a team that includes Naughty Catherine and Taylor Anderson.

So check out MarQues Study.

22 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. 1 Michael

    Outstanding selection! ‘MarQe’s Study’ is one of my favorite sites, and just FYI “A Voice in the Corner’ is rapidly rising on my favorites list. ‘MarQe’s Study’ always has unique artful steamy photos, along with keen wit and occasionally a sexy tale from his real life experiences from both sides of the implement. Excellent, excellent choice.

  2. A great choice, DJ.
    MarQe has a wonderful selection of pictures. Do you think his day job really is disciplinarian? What do you think he does in the evening for fun?

    • 3 DJ

      Oh sure disciplinarian is his day job – I think his company is being floated next year.

      In the evening he knits.


      • 4 scarlet

        Is his company floating shares, do you think, or boats? Either way, I think this is a good choice, too, DJ.

  3. 6 scarlet

    I could see you as the captain of a boat, DJ.

    • 7 DJ

      yes and I could implement rum sodomy and the lash twice daily.

      only kidding – I don’t like rum.


      • 8 scarlet

        Apparently you have spent too much time at sea. Do you think you could be a kindly sea captain with a twinkle in his eye? The rum may help in that regard.

        You must know some very naughty girls if they need lashings.

        • 9 DJ

          Hardly too much – maybe you just haven’t been at sea enough.

          For the last – read a spanking (sometimes) it is interesting and very naughty that the only thing that bothers you about my last comment was the absence of rum.


  4. 10 dude

    good choice dj.
    Its the 1st time I am commenting, but I do like your blog. Keep it up.

  5. 11 MarQe

    I’m honoured dj, Thank You ! I will certainly link ‘A Voice in the Corner’ at ‘MarQe’s Study’


  6. 12 scarlet

    I am struck by your observation about the rum! Of course, I was only thinking of you. I thought it might help take the edge off dealing with all the naughty girls you know.

    Can the boat be the kind with hammocks and straw hats and dolphins following behind? I would like that. And you could be the genial sea captain who puts worms on hooks for fishing and that kind of thing.

    • 13 DJ

      I would like that too.

      Although The shores of England are a little rugged for the attire at this time of year. The Dolphins would have to wear ear-muffs.


  7. 14 scarlet

    Let’s not have a housemother on board, shall we?

    • 15 DJ

      definitely not. All housemothers can walk the plank. There may be a cat or two though….


      • 16 scarlet

        That will be delightful. I love cats. We will have two. They will both be marmalade tabbies. One will be named Dash and the other Ruckus.

        • 17 DJ

          that’s sweet so naive

          is this before or after we have made them?


  8. 18 scarlet

    Made them do what? Jump through hoops?

    I am firmly holding to my belief that you meant felines, and not any other kind of cat. I do not know about other kinds of cats, and do not want to. If I saw one of those other kinds, I might have to raise a ruckus, and then dash.

    • 19 DJ

      No I would raise ruckus – that is what you called one of the cats wasn’t it?


      • 20 scarlet

        This boat is beginning to sound quite chaotic. Perhaps you should let me off at the next port!

  9. 22 scarlet

    In that case, the cats and I will be in the stateroom. You can bring me my tea there, please.

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