Rayne’s Landing


Kathy lay on her back on top of the boat as the world slipped by at little more than walking pace. Looking up she could see the clouds drifting idly across the sky. Rather like me, she thought.

She had dropped out of college almost two years before and had been on the road ever since. Lately she had taken to cruising the waterways of Eastern England, having found that a pretty face and a pair of short shorts would get her a free ride to almost anywhere on the river.

“I have to stop at Rayne’s Landing for diesel and supplies,” the old man who owned the boat called out.

“’Kay,” Kathy said absently. What did she care? She was in no particular hurry.

The boat turned off at the bend in the river and headed up into a creek.

This particular creek was hemmed in on all sides by tall trees that shut out the fens beyond and there was something soothingly familiar about the place. Although Kathy knew she had never been here before.

Kathy sat up and saw that the boat was heading for a jetty with a diesel pump and freshwater on the planking. Beyond that there was a small shop draped with various enamelled signs such as: Coca-Cola, Gaz and Bovril.

A curvaceous redhead dressed in T-shirt and cut off jeans stopped to watch them coming in. There were two other women on the quayside. One was small with dark brown shoulder length hair styled in a neat salon quality bob. The other was tall and elegant with long raven-black hair.

The latter woman looked much older than the other two, perhaps by 10 years, but she was much the most striking of the three. Although, all of them carried themselves with a preternatural air that made them appear as if they had just stepped off of a magazine cover and were not of this world at all.

Kathy felt an unnamed sense of longing as the boat pulled up. It was as if she was seeing a magical world in which she could never belong.

“What do you need?” The redhead called over as she smiled at them.

“Diesel and some odds and ends,” the old man replied kicking the engine into neutral.

Kathy watched as he struggled with the ropes, glancing at her once or twice for some reason, as he did so.

“Jump to it Piper,” the older woman said in a commanding voice. Kathy was drawn to her at once.

Piper was the small brown-haired girl, it seemed. Lest ways she all but ran to grab the forward mooring line while the redhead jumped took the aft rope from the man.

It was then that Kathy noticed that the tall commanding woman was studying her with an uncomfortable intensity. It occurred to her that perhaps she should have offered to help with the boat. Not that she knew how. For some reason she blushed.

“Where are you headed sir?” The redhead asked politely.

“Eventually. I hope to get to Norwich. Not sure where this young lady is going,” the old man said as he killed the engine. “She is not really with me.”

“Indeed,” The older woman said as if the information held some special significance. “I am Rayne. Welcome to Rayne’s Landing.”

The man nodded awkwardly, perhaps sensing some of the same discomfort that Kathy had felt since arriving.

“Piper get back to what you were doing,” Rayne snapped.

The petite brown haired girl hastened away.

“Pekoe. Don’t dawdle. This gentleman hasn’t got all day.”

Kathy watched as Pekoe, the redhead, started unscrewing the tank head for the diesel. Then deciding that this would take some time, she got off the boat and began to look around.

The obvious place to go was the shop so she ambled over and poked her head around the door. A striking blonde girl was serving the old man so she made a slow turn of the shop.

The goods on offer were the usual riverside fare, with the emphasis on boats. Then Kathy noticed the sign above the counter. Staff wanted.

She waited until the man left then ask the woman about it.

“I don’t know, you would have to ask Rayne. There was a guy in here the other day asking about it, but Rayne said the position was taken.”

“Oh,” Kathy was genuinely disappointed. Usually when she asked after a job she was only bothered if they offered her it.

“But she never hires guys anyway, so you never know,” the blonde added.

Usually Kathy took things in her stride, but today was different. She didn’t know why, but as she approached Rayne, she had never felt so nervous in her life.

“I eh… saw the sign. You still need staff?” Kathy mumbled not able to meet Rayne’s eye.

Rayne leaned back as if appraising the girl and then lifted her head with one finger.

“How old are you?”

“I’m 22 next month,” Kathy said proudly as if she had just said won a prize.

“Over 21. My favourite age,” Rayne said huskily. “Turn around.”

“What?” Kathy was confused.

“It’s a simple enough order. Give me a twirl.”

Kathy felt self conscious as she made a slow turn. It had to be the oddest job interview of her life.

“I pay minimum wage. Long hours. Hard work. I make deduct ions for food and accommodation. Every Friday you’ll get £50 no questions asked.”

“Fifty quid,” Kathy gasped.

“You think you can do better with no references? Especially after you have paid for bed and board.”

Rayne had a point, Kathy realised. A month or two here and she would have enough to drift for a few weeks.

“Is this seasonal?” She asked, not wishing to appear a pushover.

“I can handle the wage and put you up for as long as you need a place, if you can handle my rules that is. I may set Willow over you from time to time, but otherwise I am your sole boss.”

There was something unsettling and final about the way Rayne said that.

“Willow the one in the shop?”

“You catch on fast, I like that.” Rayne smiled. It was a firm confident smile that was full of promise, with a hint of threat, like a cat with a mouse.

“What exactly will I be doing?”

“Anything you are told.” The smile vanished and there was something about Rayne’s words that were ominous.

“I’ll get my gear,” Kathy looked away again.

She hopped aboard the boat and grabbed her bag.

“I’m getting off here,” she grunted at the old man.

He didn’t look too sorry, she thought.

“Manners girl,” Rayne snapped. “At least say thank you and good bye properly.”

Kathy gaped at being corrected like that by a stranger.

“Well go on girl,” Rayne growled.

Kathy blushed and reluctantly turned round.

“Thanks mate, see you around.”

“Mate? He is a customer and very much your senior girl.” Rayne scolded.

“Goodbye… eh… sir.” Kathy managed as she hid her anger.

“Good bye, and good luck. I think you are going to need it.” The boat engine roared into life and Pekoe cast him off.

“Hi I’m Pekoe,” Pekoe said brightly as the boat headed off.

“So I gather an unusual name. I’m Kathy.”

“For now anyway,” Pekoe replied.

“What was that?”

“Never mind. I’ll show you where you can crash and then I guess we had better get to work.”

As Pekoe stooped to pick up her new colleague’s bag, Kathy noticed the unusual tattoo on the back of her neck. It was in the form of an incomplete circle broken by a diagonal line of teardrops.

“Don’t dawdle back there having a gossip I want you and the new girl scrubbing down the jetty within 10 minutes,” Rayne instructed sharply.

“Yes alright,” Pekoe said impatiently and rolled her eyes up.

“Don’t take that tone with me girl or I will put you over my knee here and now,” Rayne said icily.

Pekoe blushed, but once Rayne’s back was turned, she offered Kathy a smirk. Kathy felt a frisson of camaraderie but nevertheless thought it an odd thing for Rayne to have said.


By the next day Kathy knew her way around the small community of Rayne’s Landing. The land owned by Rayne was actually a small island, although apart from the creek, it was surrounded with semi-overgrown cuts and marshland. The buildings on the island consisted of the shop, the boathouse and four fisherman chalets behind the shop.

Kathy had been assigned one of the chalets and as Willow lived in an apartment above the shop, that left one of the chalets free.

Rayne herself lived on a houseboat further up the creek.

She had inherited Rayne’s landing from her grandmother, who Pekoe told her had brought her up. The old lady had died 10 years before when Rayne was only 24 and instead of selling it she had tried to make a go of it, supporting leisure boats and renting out the chalets to fishermen.

“So she named the place after herself? What was it called before?” Kathy asked as she joined Pekoe on mopping up detail.

“Oh no, it has always been called Rayne’s Landing. Rayne was her grandmother’s maiden name. She changed her name after the place,” Pekoe explained.

Kathy pondered this while Pekoe continued to chatter away.

“Apparently she hated it here as a child and well into adulthood. Her grandmother was very strict and she ran away when she was 19 to escape. Willow told me she came back when she was 21.”

“Talking about names, how come you are called Pekoe? It sounds, I don’t know, Chinese or Spanish or something.”

“Rayne called me Pekoe. She said I was rough, yet valuable like a rare red tea. I used to be Mandy Pratt, so it is no real loss to me.”

“She renamed you?” Kathy was agog.

“When I turned 21. I had been here almost two years at that point. I’m 24 now.”

“I suppose she renames everybody,” Kathy laughed keen not to ask why for some reason.

Pekoe looked at her and smiled.

“Willow has been here for nine years, she was the first. She is tall and fair like the riverside tree the Willow. We call her Weeping Willow. I don’t even know her original name. Piper came last summer. She used to be called Alice Featherstone-Hough.”

“Speaking of Piper, I have to do her chores this week. So I will leave you to do this.” Pekoe pulled a face.

Kathy was wondering if Pekoe was winding her up. She was the new girl after all and it had happened. So she didn’t ask anymore about names.

“How come you are doing Piper’s chores?”

Pekoe blushed.

“I’m kind of in the dog house. Piper is the new girl so she gets the sewage pump-out jobs and cleaning the latrines. But not this week.”

As Pekoe walked away, Kathy reflected on how like school it was. Then she remembered the tattoo. The night before she had gone Willow’s flat to get some bedding. Willow had been naked and shaving her legs without the least concern for Kathy’s presence. Disconcerting though Willow’s nakedness was, Kathy could not help but look. She noticed that Willow had the identical tattoo to Pekoe on her lower belly just above her sex.

For the rest of the day Kathy watched Pekoe emerge from the toilets with a sour look on her face every time a boat pulled. In case the owner wanted a pump out of their on-board toilet. Kathy wondered if she would get those jobs as the new girl after Pekoe was back to her normal tasks.

If it hadn’t been for the matching tattoos, Kathy would have concluded that Pekoe was yanking her chain. She decided to go and find Piper for another perspective before she believed any more of Pekoe’s stories.

It had been over an hour since she had seen either Piper or Rayne and the only place she hadn’t looked was the houseboat. All her allotted tasks being completed she decided she would head over there and see if Rayne had any more jobs and maybe she could talk to Piper at the same time.

The floating home was both large and fairly old. Kathy was able to walk all around the outer decks without see a soul. It was large and she wondered how it had got through the relatively narrow entrance to the creek in the first place.

“Hello, Ms Rayne? Piper?”

There was no answer, so motivated by curiosity she went down the stairs of the open door to the main living deck.

“Ms Rayne?” She called out again.

There was a sharp clap and a yelp from somewhere nearby.

“We are in here,” Rayne’s voice called back.

Some instinct made Kathy hold back for a moment and then she went into the other room. Piper was draped over Rayne’s lap with her dark blue cotton work trousers around her ankles. Her white knickers were also down at her knees so that her pert domed bottom was completely bare. There was already a red handprint on Piper’s left buttock and as she watched, Rayne spanked the left side of her bottom to redden that also.

“I… I’m sorry, I…” Kathy didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t mind us,” Rayne said cheerfully, “I am just sorting this little brat out. Having got out of her usual chores she has been slacking and hoped I wouldn’t notice.”

“I see,” Kathy said, not understanding at all.

Piper looked horrified at her predicament being witnessed as she glanced over her shoulder at Kathy before hastily looking away distinctly shamefaced.

“We are just going to start with a little hand spanking before we settle down for a lengthy dose of the hairbrush, aren’t we Piper?”

Piper just glowered and wished the boat would sink.

“Aren’t we?” Rayne spanked her bottom hard as she spoke.

“Yes Ma’am.” Piper sounded a little sullen.

It was then that Kathy noticed the tattoo. In the small of Piper’s back was an exact replica of the one that she had seen on Willow and Pekoe.

“What did you want?” Rayne asked as she began spanking Piper in earnest.

“I…” Kathy licked her lips, “I have finished, was there…”

“Go and see Willow,” Rayne replied as she really set a spanking pace.

Piper had started to squirm and yelp a lot at the vigorous treatment.

“Spankings and plenty of corner time is Piper’s medicine. She cries so easily don’t you baby?” Rayne cooed.

“Ouch please… yah,” Piper managed.

“Oh by the way,” Rayne said to Kathy by way of dismissing her, “It’s just Rayne never Ms Rayne. Unless Ma’am seems appropriate in a give situation.”

She glanced significantly at Piper.

“Yes ma’am,” Kathy said without thinking.

After she had left the scene of the spanking she hung around outside. Although she had no interest in girls as such, she found herself strangely curious.

She didn’t have to wait long until she guessed Rayne had switched to using the hairbrush. The crack of the spanks had more resonance and Piper was certainly expressing herself more loudly.

“Best come away,” someone whispered.

Kathy turned to see Willow.

“Piper will be spanked for a while yet, but you don’t want to be caught slacking as well do you?”

Kathy blushed and tried to think of something to say.

“Come on I’ll teach you how the shop works.”


Of all the girls Pekoe was the one who seemed the easiest to chat to, so Kathy confronted her as she sat on the jetty watching the sunset. It was harder than she thought and it took a while to think of how to bring up the subject.

“Do you know what happened between Rayne and Piper today?”

“If I said no, what would you do then to broach the subject?” Pekoe grinned. Kathy had her attention now.

“I didn’t want to say anything out of turn,” Kathy said with a pout, she guessed from Pekoe’s demeanour that she did know.

“Willow told me. You caught Rayne giving Piper a spanking.”


There was a long silence during which Pekoe studied the newcomer carefully.

“Are they…? Was it…? Oh,” Kathy didn’t know how to ask.

“Piper is a shy girl, but a little naughty on the side. She just got too big for her boots on account of me doing her chores I guess,” Pekoe explained.

“But isn’t it a bit weird? I mean is it sexual?”

“I have been here so long I don’t know what’s weird any more.” Pekoe shrugged. “Is it sexual? Well yeah.”

Kathy nodded. It was all right then. Everything was back in its box and made sense. Then she remembered the tattoos.

“You all have the same marks,” Kathy blurted.

“Rayne likes to mark all her women,” Pekoe said matter-of-factly. “We are all tagged, renamed and spanked when we need it.”

Kathy’s jaw hung open.

“But that’s… I don’t know. Do you have to?”

“It’s compulsory yes. Rayne takes no prisoners. Or rather she does,” Pekoe added with a laugh.

“You are here against your will?” Kathy was horrified.

“Oh no, not exactly. She takes your will along with your name. She has a knack for it. I wasn’t even into women when I came here.” Pekoe flicked a lock of red hair from her eyes and bowed her head as she explained.

“What is she, some sort of vampire?” Kathy was gobsmacked.

“Maybe.” Pekoe laughed and punched Kathy lightly on the arm. “When I first came here I defined the world as cool or uncool. And I had decided, I think, that the world was mostly uncool. Life had no edge. Three weeks after I got here I forgot to turn off the pump. I spilled diesel all over the place. Not only was it a waste but I could have burned the place down.”

“Not with diesel surely?” Kathy interjected.

“Believe me, in those days I would have found a way. I was a disaster-in-waiting.” Pekoe’s face lit up as she told her story and Kathy felt herself being drawn in despite its bizarre nature. “I felt so guilty about it, I was almost sick. Then Rayne put me across her knee right there by the pumps, pulled down my shorts and spanked the living daylights out of me. There were a couple of customers here at the time. I was sooo embarrassed. But afterwards I felt better.”

“Oh my god,” Kathy clapped her hand to her mouth and tried to be shocked, but she couldn’t help joining Pekoe in laughing.

“After that Rayne spanked me fairly often whenever I screwed up. Still does, only nowadays she uses a strap more often than not,” Pekoe grimaced.

“Oh my god, she doesn’t.”

“Don’t worry I can handle it. Mostly. I kind of got used to the spanking and well, you know.”

Kathy shook her head, she really didn’t.

“Piper still kicks off from just a spanking, but she looks kind of cute standing in the corner. She is so pale. Her bottom goes so red, like a post box.”

Kathy had no idea what she thought. True she had got an odd feeling when she saw Piper being spanked, but that was just the surprise of it. Wasn’t it?


The three of them had lain on the jetty under the stars for a few hours after dinner. Then at some point Pekoe had lit up a joint and passed it around.

“Are you barking?” Piper’s jaw was on her chest and she sat up. “If Rayne catches us with that…” She looked sideways at Kathy and closed her mouth.

“I notice you already said us, so I take it you’re not saying no,” Pekoe mocked. “Besides, Rayne is with Willow. They will be at it all night.”

Pekoe offered the joint to Kathy.

Although Piper took a couple of turns with the ever shrinking reefer, after a while she slipped away, perhaps afraid of getting caught.

“When you say Rayne is with Willow, what do you mean?” Kathy asked.

Pekoe rolled over and replied with a mischievous grin, her darting eyes appraising her companion.

“Do you really want to know? Or are you just making conversation?” She asked.

Kathy blushed, she already knew, or thought she did. But at the same time she had no idea. For a moment she realised that Pekoe was offering her something far more dangerous than the marijuana. Then she pushed the thought aside. Years later she would look back on this moment as a turning point in her life.

“What is there to know?” Kathy’s tone was a challenge.

“Come with me,” Pekoe said mysteriously.

The two women stood up and Kathy followed Pekoe along the waterside path to Rayne’s houseboat.

“You have to be quiet. I did this once before when I first came here. I was caught and I didn’t sit down for a week,” Pekoe hissed.

Kathy thought of the spanking she had witnessed and suppressed a strange frisson at the idea that Pekoe was also spanked.

Pekoe led her to a porthole just above the water towards the front of the boat. Long before they got near it, she was walking at a crouch and placing her foot carefully with each step as if they were crawling through a minefield. Then at the small round window, the light from within caught her face giving her expression a devilish appearance. Kathy followed the line of her eyes and peered into the circle of light.

Rayne was almost naked. She wore only a black leather basque and stockings and suspenders. Her hair was backcombed into a long ponytail. Kathy could see at once that she wore no underwear and that the strong black triangle between her legs was every bit a black as the hair on her head. She could also so that what little she wore emphasised an epic bottom that formed a firm flesh circle spilling from under her corsets. Also, she could see that Rayne was holding a long black leather paddle with leaf-shaped blade twice the size of the palm of her hand. Then she saw Willow.

“Oh my god,” she breathed in shock, letting each word out slowly.

Willow was naked and stretched over a barrel-like piece of furniture that looked as it might be more at home in a torture chamber. Kathy could see that she was a classic beauty, with a strong but delicate figure that lived up to her name. She was strapped down with her naked bottom thrust upper most for an obvious purpose. Her well-defined buttocks held a dark red blush, that was raw looking at the edges but grew ever darker at the summits of her bottom.

“Should we help her?”

“Don’t be a goose.”

Kathy turned back to watch. She could not hear what was being said, but she heard the crack of the leather paddle as Rayne struck Willow’s exposed bottom again. She also heard Willow cry out as her head bucked and her face was pulled into a rictus.

“They’ll keep this up for hours,” Pekoe eagerly explained. “I wish I could handle it like that.”

Kathy didn’t know what to say to that, so she turned back to watch.

The paddle spanking continued for some time and Kathy could not believe that an independent grown woman would submit to it willingly.

After a while Rayne put down the paddle and picked up what looked like a riding crop.

“Come on, before we are seen.” Pekoe pulled a strangely reluctant Kathy away.

“Has she ever done that to you?” Kathy was eager to know.

“Not in play. She almost never plays with me. I caught it like that a few times for punishment, but not usually anything like that. Willow is amazing.”


Kathy had been in a dream all day. Strange thoughts and ideas came crashing in to taking her unawares. She had not been so emotionally confused since Helen Smith had kissed her for a dare when she had been 14.

Kathy kept watching Willow for any sign that she was in pain, but the woman had been bright and smiling all morning.

“Watch what you are doing girl,” the man yelled at her.

She had been filling the boat with diesel and now the precious liquid was pouring out of the tank input and pouring over her feet and the polished wooden deck of the customer’s boat.

“Oh sorry,” she said pulling a face and shut off the valve.

As she replaced the cap, she saw Rayne watching her and her ears burned. Shit, she thought.

Things didn’t improve much after that. First, the customer refused to pay for three gallons of diesel saying it had not gone in his tank. No matter how she argued that less than a gallon had been lost, he wouldn’t budge. Then he started complaining about the damage done to his wooden deck.

Even after Rayne intervened to smooth things over, the man realised that Kathy had short-changed him.

“Oh I’m sorry, it was an accident,” Kathy blustered.

It had taken another round of diplomacy from Rayne to mollify him.

“Sorry about that,” Kathy said with a sigh after he had finally gone.

“Were you out by my houseboat last night?”

Kathy blushed and began to fidget.

“No,” she said unconvincingly, but the lie hung on her face like a nervous sweat.

“Curiosity is one thing. Spying is another. Do you know what the difference is?” Rayne challenged.

“I wasn’t…”

“I advise you not to lie again,” Rayne snapped. “The difference is two gallons of diesel and an disgruntled customer.”

Kathy wanted a hatch to open on the jetty so that she fall through into a cool water that would put out the fire that burned on her face.

“Like two elephants whispering with shouts you were,” Rayne chided. “Pekoe knows better and tonight I am going to blister her behind until she can’t sit down for a week. You. You are going to get yours now, before your curiosity and daydreaming does anymore damage.”

Rayne took Kathy by the arm and led her towards the office at the back of the shop.

“Wh-what are you doing? What are you going to do…?” Somehow, Kathy couldn’t coordinate her arms and legs to resist.

Once Rayne got Kathy to the office, she didn’t even close the door. She sat down on a box of stationary and hauled the smaller girl over her knee.

“I’m not one of your…” Kathy began.

“Not one of my what?” There was an edge to Rayne’s voice.

Kathy pursed her lips and tried to get up. But Rayne just laughed at her pathetic efforts and seized the girl’s jeans belt. Then yanking her clothing up tight over her bottom, she began to administer a sound spanking with the flat of her hand.

“Ouch. Stop it you can’t do this to me,” Kathy wailed.

“Are you still curious?” Rayne chuckled as she continued to spank her newest conquest with some vigour.

Kathy squirmed and struggled on Rayne’s lap, conscious of an ever-tighter sting in her bottom and all too aware that everyone in Rayne’s Landing knew she was getting a spanking.

“I’ll call the cops you bitch,” Kathy wailed impotently as she gritted her teeth against the continuing onslaught.

“Willow,” Rayne bellowed. “Bring the phone in here.”

“What are you doing now?” Kathy was incredulous. She didn’t want Willow to see her across Rayne’s knee like a child.

At least the spanking had been put on hold. Willow came in and handed Rayne the cordless handset. Kathy didn’t dare look up and just lay bent over Rayne’s lap glowering into the floor.

“Your phone little madam. You wanted to call someone.” Rayne held the phone in Kathy’s face.

“No,” Kathy said in a sulky voice.

Rayne handed the phone back to an amused Willow and resumed the spanking.

“Ow. Ouch. You can’t do this to me.”

This was the refrain emanating from the back office for the next 15 minutes. It might have continued but the sound of another boat entering the creek brought proceedings to an end.

“Next time I will spank your bare bottom. Now go and see to the customer.” Rayne said dumping a moist-eyed and sheepish Kathy on to the floor. “And no more daydreaming.”

Kathy’s face was the colour of a June rose as she hastened out of the office. Willow could only guess at the colour of the girl’s bottom. She and Rayne exchanged a knowing smile.

Kathy was determined not to cry, no mean feat with a hornet nest in your knickers. Pekoe and Piper were openly laughing, leaving her in no doubt that they had heard, then she realised that she was still clutching at her bottom and trying to wring the sting out of it.

“Oh I hate you,” she said petulantly, close to tears.


He stepped off the boat as if he was the master of the world. His rugged ageless features spoke of experience rather than age and when he looked at Kathy, she hugged herself with a sense of longing.

“Who is he?” She asked Willow.

“Mr Manners,” Willow replied with amusement in her eyes.

“And?” Kathy pressed impatiently.

“He comes every month or so to see Rayne.”

“Her boy friend?”

“As near as she has ever had a man I suppose.” Willow shrugged. “I don’t do men at all myself. But Rayne has other needs. Like ours I suppose, but she can’t surrender to women, hence Mr Manners here.”

“You have got to be kidding,” Kathy gaped, ignoring the fact that Willow had included her in the games. “Rayne lets him…”

“You don’t get the subtleties of submission yet do you kid? Rayne has a need, she doesn’t let him do anything.”

Kathy resented the implication or her getting submission, now or ever, but Mr Manners and what he might do to Rayne was too good to miss. Once Willow’s attention was elsewhere, Kathy moved closer to where Manners and Rayne were standing.

“I wasn’t expecting you for a while yet,” Rayne said defiantly.

“I can go,” Manners said effortlessly.

Rayne considered the threat carefully before answering.

“Please don’t.”

“One day I am going to put you on a leash and lead you like a dog to that dungeon of yours on the boat,” he sneered a little.

Kathy was wide-eyed at what was obviously not just banter.

“Please don’t,” Rayne said again, but with a tiny smile dancing on her lips. “That would be so humiliating.”

Manners took her by the hand and they walked oblivious to the world towards the houseboat.

Kathy pretended not to be watching, but at once found a dozen different errands to run in the same general direction.

Once they reached the houseboat, Manners didn’t wait. He hooked his finger into Rayne’s ski pants and drew down the zip.

“Can’t we go inside first,” Rayne breathed.

“No, I don’t think so.”

Rayne felt light-headed as she was upended over Manners’ lap and had her leggings and knickers taken down.

“Your bottom is magnificent,” he said in a sigh.

“So you have said. Have I done something to offend you?”

“I am sure I’ll remember that you have,” he growled and spanked her.

Kathy watched as the oh-so-poised and commanding Rayne was spanked bare bottomed over this strange man’s knee not 30 meters from a public jetty.

What was more, Rayne was not only submitting, but she was squealing girlishly.

“Beautiful isn’t she?” Willow whispered as she moved up beside her.

Kathy jumped a little but then turned back to the action.

“Her parents died when she was 16 and she became a little lost. Her grandmother took her in and ruled her with a rod of iron. At 19 she ran away to lose herself in drugs and sex for a couple of years and didn’t come back until she was 21. For three years, her grandmother trained her with a whip, a harsh discipline that she still craves. I am not even sure that her ‘grandmother’ was even a blood relative. But no other woman has been able to provide.”

Kathy saw the sadness I Willow’s eyes.

Rayne was whimpering now and the spanking showed no signs of slowing.

“She has been collecting women as proxies for her needs ever since her grandmother died. Manners is the small chink in her armour,” Willow continued.

Then the spanking finished and Manners allowed Rayne to crawl down the steps into the cabin below.

“You saw some of what Rayne did to me the other night?”

“Yes,” Kathy whispered. “Sorry.”

“Rayne will get rather more.”

“Oh,” Kathy wanted to see more.

“Come on, your turn.” Willow ruffled Kathy’s hair affectionately.

As Willow led Kathy back to her flat Kathy didn’t resist. But when they got there, she backed up to the wall.

“Listen you can’t. I don’t want…”

“Shush.” Willow tipped the unresisting Kathy over her knee. “Rayne will very imaginatively and very thoroughly punish me this week because of you, but you are ready now. I hope you appreciate it.”

Kathy remembered her last spanking and blushed. She was also aroused. Then Willow started taking down her jeans.

“Nooo, no, you can’t,” she struggled a little, but no avail.

Willow easily bared her bottom and then began to stroke her soothingly while making cooing sounds.

“A girl never forgets her first bare-bottomed spanking,” she sighed. “After she sizzles my tail, maybe she will let me keep you.”

The spanking began. It was hard and fast and kept Kathy just on the edge of what she could bear.

“You are going to be spanked at least once a week from now on and this will be the least you ever get,” Willow explained.

I won’t, Kathy thought defiantly. But she wanted it. It hurt and it stung and she cried a little, but she didn’t want it to stop.

“I haven’t done anything,” Kathy sobbed.

“You have been skipping work to spy on people,” Willow said as if it mattered.

“I’m sorry.”

“I know. You’ll feel better in a minute.”

Willow spanked her for as long and as hard as she could, until her hand was sore and it collapsed by her side under its own weight. Still it wasn’t that long and Kathy’s bottom was only just red.

Kathy was crying gently and cuddled into Willow.

“I bet Pekoe is jealous,” she said, sounding like a little girl.

“So you are not so innocent after all.” Willow gave Kathy one last slap. “Come on let’s put you in the corner for a while.”

“I feel silly,” Kathy blushed.

“I know. That’s what makes it fun. Hurry now or I will make stand in the corner of the shop downstairs. I had to when I first came. We gained more customers than we lost.”

Kathy let her jaw hang and then seeing Willow was serious turned her nose to the wall and stuck her bottom out when she was told.


For the next couple of days Rayne was completely girlish and playful. She obviously made no secret of her relationship with Manners and ostentatiously complained about not being able to sit down.

“I heard you had a run in with Willow?” She said putting her arm around Kathy.

“She… well…” Kathy just blushed.

“I’ll put her in her place, don’t worry, but maybe you would benefit from her guidance on a regular basis.”

“Look I don’t get any of this,” Kathy said coyly. “I am not gay.”

Rayne gave her a sisterly kiss.

“I remember another little girl who said that.” Rayne cooed with a flick of her eyes towards Pekoe.

That was the last Kathy was to see of Rayne’s softer side for a while. The next day she was strutting around barking orders and finding fault with everything anyone did.

Kathy felt constantly harangued and became so flustered that she was certain she would make a mistake.

“What is going on there?” She bellowed.

Kathy looked to where Rayne was pointing and saw that a customer’s boat had not been moored properly and was at right angles to the dock.

“Oh god,” Kathy hurried over to it.

“Never mind. Pekoe sort that out,” Rayne barked.

Then she took Kathy by the arm and led her to the back of the shop where she had been spanked before.

“Look you can’t just do this,” Kathy said angrily.

“Willow. Hand me one of those brushes,” Rayne said ignoring her. “One of the small pale wood bath brushes.”

“Oh no,” Kathy said with a hint of panic to her voice as she tried to run.

Rayne pulled her into the back office and as before left the door open. Then hauling Kathy over her lap she tugged down her cut-off jeans together with her knickers.

“Please don’t do this,” Kathy wailed. “Someone will see.”

“See, hear, I don’t care. I am going to give you the sound spanking you have needed since you got here.”

The brush stung hard and Rayne paused to let the sting sink in before she swatted her protégée again.

For Kathy, the humiliation burned more than the spanking and all she could think about was if the customer had gone and would Pekoe laugh at her. But then as the spanking continued she began to reappraise that notion.

“Please Rayne it hurts, ow, that really hurts,” she growled angrily.

“Does it? What about this? And this?” Rayne emphasised her words with a spank.

“Please Rayne it hurts,” Kathy said again and began to cry. Then instead of words, she began spluttering like a customer’s motorboat.

The spanking only lasted for perhaps five minutes, but for Kathy it seemed like the proverbial eternity. Rayne didn’t finally stop until Kathy’s bottom held a dark red stain and she was thoroughly sobbing.

“Now go and stand in the corner until I tell you to come out,” Rayne pointed with the brush to the corner of the office where she could be seen from the counter, but not by everyone who came in the shop. “Leave those down or we will begin over.”

Kathy didn’t speak she just shuffled over to the corner and took up her place as ordered.

Rayne looked down at the brush and picked up a marker pen off the desk. She hadn’t decided what name to write yet, but if Kathy stayed, it would become her very own brush.

She glanced at Kathy in the corner and at her polished red bottom searching for inspiration.


Kathy had no idea how long she was in the corner or if anyone besides Willow had seen her. But after some time Rayne came back and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and led her out of the shop. Kathy tried to pull up her things, but Rayne told her to leave them around her ankles.

This led to an awkward and humiliating parade across the jetty to Rayne’s houseboat. Pekoe and Piper certainly didn’t hide their amusement.

“If you stay I’ll spank you once a week. Hard on the bare bottom and for no reason other than to teach you your place,” Rayne said as they arrived at the boat.

Kathy wanted to refuse but couldn’t find any words.

Rayne led her to what looked like her bedroom and laid her face down on the bed. Then almost lovingly, she smoothed baby oil into her throbbing backside.

“What a lovely little pussy you have,” Rayne sighed. “So plump. You should shave it. Unlike some people, it would suit you. Also it would be a lovely place to put your mark.”

Kathy’s eyes went wide as she felt Rayne’s touch.

“I’m… I’m not…”

“Shall I stop?”

“No,” Kathy breathed.

“Your bottom looks like two holly berries in winter. Absolutely delicious.” Rayne placed the brush on the bed in front Kathy. The word Holly had been printed on the back of it.

Kathy new what it meant and groaned as she felt Rayne’s fingers massage her bottom with the oil.

“In a moment I am going to give you your first spanking and then we will spend the afternoon together,” Rayne kissed her.

“My first…”

“Your first as Holly,” Rayne kissed her again. “We’ll have you tattooed next week.”

“Yes,” Holly breathed as she nervously watched Rayne pick up the brush.


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  1. DJ, I liked this, different but very nice. 😀

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