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Last week we started our blog of the week feature, which hopefully will continue here every Thursday.

This week the Blog of the Week is The Spank Statement.

The Spank Statement is slightly mysterious as there is no obvious character behind it. The Blogmaster Valdor, is probably UK-based, but other than that, we have no clue.

Unlike last week’s blog, the Spank Statement is not heavily commented upon. It chugs quietly along with its eclectic wares.

And what wares. A Voice in the Corner prides itself on variety and apart from the stories, its forte seems to have become historic curios. The Spank Statement’s seems far broader. It seems to find every TV and film reference no matter how obscure. In addition, there are magazine interviews with the stars, cartoons and stage plays.

The latter is the real meat of this blog. Not only does the Statement dig up long forgotten production stills, but frequently publishes the scripts from long forgotten plays, whenever and wherever the spanking of a fair maiden is depicted.

Often also the Statement goes behind the stories where other blogs fail to tread. For instance we could have all covered Spanking Shakespeare on TV, but it is typical of the Statement that it digs up a bare bottom spanking scene from the act’s other work.

The picture above illustrates two typical features from the blog. The picture on the left is supermodel Caprice being spanked on TV for a stunt. Why? Who cares? The picture on the right is from an art film about spanking.

Check out the blog of the week, The Spank Statement.

One Response to “Blog of the Week”

  1. Hi there, thanks for featuring my site. I’m based in the UK and in my forties. I was inspired to start The Spank Statement after reading the French blog Au Fil Des Jours.

    Chross started his famous blog a few months before mine and I’m proud to have featured regularly in his Spankings of the Week. I’ve also had plenty of positive feedback and even contributions from readers who’ve had a go at writing Spank Statements themselves. With impressive results too – in fact the guest posts are amongst the most viewed on the whole site!

    StanE.’s blog is still my favorite. We both share a similar aesthetic about the female form and I admire the way he’s not afraid to drift a little off-topic when he finds something erotic that’s not strictly about spanking. I try to do the same (and I think your site is in a similar vein too.)

    My only regret is that I rarely have time to read and comment on other blogs as much as I would like. I’m not sure how I can make The Spank Statement grow any more than it already has but, again if only I had the time, I’d love to start some sister sites covering different areas of the spanking scene.

    regards to you and all your readers,


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