Abraham Heights: the Housemother and the misplaced Donna


After all these years, she finally had a teaching position in an all-American university. Okay so it was only a minor university in the mid-west, but from little acorns, she thought happily, I am at last a bone fide college don. Well a donna, anyway, Donna giggled at her own accidental joke.

Donna’s happy mood lasted all the way to Carlton House. Then a sense of some foreboding crept in. As she walked up the paved path to the house, she was disconcerted to see a sorority pendant hanging from one of the windows. Also, there seemed to be far too many young women who appeared to be students coming form the house.

“Excuse me,” she said to the girl at the front desk. “Donna Warren. Am I in the right place?”

“Welcome to the Burnsville Ladies College at Abraham Heights University,” the girl answered automatically with just a tad too much enthusiasm. “Oh. Aren’t you kind of old for a freshman?”

“Old?” Donna bristled. “I am only 28.”

The girl laughed nervously.

“Your kidding right? I didn’t mean that you were that old, I just meant that you eh… don’t look like a freshman.”

Slightly mollified, Donna put down her bag and tried to start again.

“That’s because I am not a freshman. I am Donna Warren the…”

“Well if you’re not a freshman then I think you must be in the wrong place,” the girl said cheerfully as she continued to scan her lists. “Voight, Voller, Vynch, now where are the… are here were are, W. Wight, Willard, oh… other side just under the Vs, Warren D S, that you?”

“Donna Susan Warren, yes.” Donna said with a tight smile.

“Such a lovely name.”

“Thank you.” Donna was getting a little irritated by the over done enthusiasm by now.

“Oh you have one of the single rooms on the second floor,” the girl smiled again, handing Donna a key. “Who’d you kill?”

By the time Donna had unpacked her bags it was too late to report to the administration building. No matter she thought, there were no classes until Monday. She had all weekend to get orientated.

Just then there was some screaming in the hall outside and it sounded as if a herd of elephants were being pursued by lions. Perhaps this is just temporary? She wondered, I mean, some of these small town university’s might not have fixed accommodation for faculty. But surely sharing a building with freshman was a little odd.


Donna found a small diner off the main street that sold her a passable hamburger and coffee.

Overall, Abraham Heights seemed like a nice town and before she returned to Carlton House she took a turn of the town to size it up for possible long-term apartments. There were a couple of nice streets, one of them had a cute little bar on the corner where she hoped the student body did not get to. It certainly looked more like a locals bar. She made a mental note of its location and continued on.

Then a little before 10 and almost before she knew it, she arrived back at the house. She had half expected chaos with so many students in the house, but although there was a little frantic scurrying, most of the girls dashed about with purpose rather than high jinks.

Donna reached the top of her stair and turned into her corridor. The house was certainly clean and the pictures on the wall were understated and in good taste. Oh well, she thought, it will do for a week or two. I’ll check with the administration on Monday to see if they haven’t made some sort of mistake.

Just then a young woman came down the passage towards her. Unlike the other girls she had seen, she was walking very slowly. What was also obvious was that she was crying. She couldn’t have been more than 18 and Donna thought that tears looked so out of place at the start of term. Homesickness maybe?

“Are you okay?” Donna asked.

“Why don’t you boil your head,” the girl snapped.

Donna was taken aback, but before she could say anything the girl angrily crashed through the fire doors leading to the stairs.

Donna shrugged and went to her room.


The next day she went to the main university office, but it was closed. So, she walked around the campus and visited the English faculty instead to see if she could find some colleagues.

“Shouldn’t you be wearing a beanie on campus?” Said a voice.

Donna turned around, startled, only to see a rather stern looking young woman with fiery red-hair glaring at her.

“A what?” Donna asked.

“Oh another one who hasn’t read the handbook,” the girl sighed. “Name.”

“I beg your pardon,” Donna gaped at was obviously a student, albeit a sophomore or junior maybe.

“Can you please tell me your name?” It was an order not a question, Donna noted.

“Donna Warren.”

“Warren,” the girl muttered and checked her list. “I can’t seem to find a freshman of that name.”

“What is it with this place? I am Donna Warren; I am in the English faculty. I start on Monday.”

“Oh. Oh… I… I’m terribly sorry. I thought you were… you see freshmen have to wear beanies throughout the first semester, it’s tradition.”

“My god. Do they still do that?”

Seeing that she was not in trouble, the girl grinned and began to gush about the college and its customs.

It was quite a while before Donna could slip away.

As it was, the faculty was closed except for students picking up assignments from their in-trays.

One thing Donna did see after her conversation with the earnest redhead, was a lot of young girls wearing beanies. I wonder what happens if they don’t, Donna thought idly. For some reason the image of the crying girl from the night before popped into her head and she laughed.

That evening, she went and found the bar she had scoped out the previous day. A couple of guys hit on her, but they were nice about it and didn’t push it. But she did fall in to chatting with a woman at the bar and after a couple of beers realised the time.

“Goodness me, look at the time, I have to go.” She told her temporary friend.


The house was dark and quiet when she arrived home at little before 11 and she was surprised to find that the front door was locked. The bell push made no sound so Donna wondered what to do. Then a rather flustered girl in her nightclothes opened the door.

“Are you nuts?” The girl looked decidedly on edge.

“I don’t think so? I am just trying to get into my room.”

“Dorm closes at 10,” the girl hissed tugging at Donna. “Quick, get in.”

“Okay, okay,” Donna laughed at the girl.

No sooner had she stepped inside the door than the girl took off.

“Strange girl,” Donna murmured and closed the door, relocking it.

It had been a long couple of days, what with the travel and the settling in, so Donna heaved a sigh and then yawned as she rubbed the back of her neck. She suddenly wished that she had one of the downstairs rooms.

She got as far as the end of the corridor where she had seen the crying girl the night before when she was confronted by a rather severe middle-aged woman.

“Have you any idea what time it is young lady?”

“Eh… yes it’s, let me see,” Donna pulled back her sleeve to look at her watch, “almost 11.”

“Impudence will get you nowhere my girl,” the woman spat.

Donna frowned and wondered if she might be drunk. One of them must be.

“Were you aware that the doors of this house are locked at 10?” The woman continued.

“That’s what the strange girl downstairs said,” Donna pointed over her shoulder. “How am I supposed to get in?”

“You are supposed to have already come home by then, don’t you read the rules?”

“Ah rules, ‘for the obeisance of fools and the guidance of wise men,’” She quoted. “Gosh, I am a little drunk. No I didn’t actually, I only arrived yesterday.”

“This is intolerable. Do you know who I am?”

“No. I’m Donna Warren, by the way. Do you live here too?”

“I am Mrs Main, the housemother.”

“The what? You have to be fucking kidding?”

“I can hardly believe my ears. Come with me this instant.”

“Your ears look fine to me,” Donna giggled. “Sorry, I really have had too much to drink.”

“Come with me,” the woman growled, seizing Donna by the ear.

“Hey. What are you doing?” Donna said with a shout as she was dragged down the corridor.

“You young brats are all the same, a few days away from home and you think you own the world. Well not in this house. In this house freshmen know their place.”

“Freshman. Not again, listen lady…”

“Don’t you ‘listen me’, you listen.”

Donna was still blustering as she was led into a large in-house apartment at the end of the hall. There she was shoved forward and told to wait there.

“Look, I don’t know…” But Mrs Main wasn’t listening as she had already gone into one of the other rooms.

She quickly emerged holding a hairbrush in one hand and an old Shaker style chair in the other. It was all getting far too surreal for Donna, who yawned and started for the door.

“Can we sort this misunderstanding out tomorrow? I’m bushed.”

But Mrs Main promptly sat down and pulled Donna over her lap.

“We are going to sort out the misunderstanding now,” the housemother growled.

Donna giggled as she flopped across the woman’s lap, not quite following what was about to happen.

“This is silly let me explain,” Donna said as she tried to get up.

“You’re not going anywhere girl. I once had the captain of the ladies rowing team in this house, she was a big girl but no match for me.”

The hairbrush stung Donna’s bottom then and she yelped.

“What the fuck?”

“Listen my girl any more of that and you won’t sit down until you graduate.”

Then Mrs main let rip with a sharp volley to the seat of Donna’s pencil skirt.

“This is… owww… please…” Donna gasped.

“Don’t tell me miss prissy has never been spanked?”

“No… certainly not… well yes but…”

The housemother brought her arm down hard and finished it with a flick for an extra hard spank.

“Which is it? Yes. No. You are certainly going to get a very sound spanking now.”

“You can’t do this I’m… yeow! Ooh.” Donna was having trouble getting the words out now.

“I certainly can young lady, it is clearly stipulated in my job contract. We have been spanking uppity brats in this house since 1899.”

“But I’m… nah…ttt a freshman… yikes! Please god… nooo!”

“I know you are a freshman. Not that it makes a difference. I have had a senior or two over my knee before now.”

“But I am not… fuuuckkk that hurt, please…”

“I see,” Mrs Main sighed.

Donna was dumped on the floor where she began to cry. The strange woman got up and went into the other room again. When she came back she was holding a bar of soap. Not that Donna was taking any notice, she was still lying on the floor dazed and confused clutching at her bottom.

Then the woman grabbed Donna by the hair and shoved the bar of soap in her mouth.

“Wahh, puh, puh…” Donna spluttered. While she did so, Mrs Main grabbed the zip of her skirt in back and drew it down. Before she knew it, she was hauled to her feet with her skirt going south and dragged back across Mrs Main’s knee.

“Now young lady I don’t want to hear another word come out of your mouth that ain’t either ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘no ma’am, do you hear?”

“Listen please… yaaah!” Mrs Main spanked down hard and then with a flourish whipped Donna’s panties down to her ankles. “My god!”

Mrs Main sighed again and began another stiff spanking volley until Donna could not draw a breath and had opted for clawing at the chair legs and kicking her feet.

“Do you understand?” Mrs main growled.

“Yes ma’am,” Donna yelped emphatically. “But please listen.”

“No, no, no, no young lady. You listen.”

Then Mrs Main set to spanking her charge with a vigour that could have rattled the china in hell. The flat of the hairbrush cracked across Donna’s round red bottom so that sound bounced back of the walls in time for the next impact. Donna would have been fascinated by the physics of it, but she had other things on her mind at that moment.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” Donna sobbed.

“Do I have to spank you into next Tuesday to get you to mind me?”

“No ma’am.”

“That’s quite a bottom you have there, both before and after its spanking,” Mrs Main observed as she eyed the epic red globes. “Believe me and I have seen a few.”

“Yes ma’am,” Donna continued to sob, not daring to venture one more word.

“Good girl. Now stand up and go and put that cute button nose of yours in the corner,” Mrs Main said kindly.

“But Mrs Main… yeow!” Donna’s explanation was cut short by another round of spanks.

“Honey you got to mind me. Now what did I say? Get your cute little hiney to that corner.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Donna had never felt so stupid in her entire life. She wished she could stop crying long enough to explain properly, but she could see that the housemother was in no mood to listen. But there was nothing for it, so she limped forward to obey the batty old woman.

Once in the corner, Donna let go with heart felt sobbing while Mrs Main looked on still holding the hairbrush. She must have stood there for five or 10 minutes with a hot hard throbbing bottom before she could recover herself. Then she took a deep breath and turned to confront her tormentor.

“Mrs Main you are going to feel so silly about this… but I am not a freshman. I am…” Donna tried her confident best to assert herself, as she took up a lecturer’s stance complete with hand emphasis.

“Oh dear me,” Mrs Main said wearily. “For the last time young lady, I don’t care.”

The housemother stood up and strode towards her recalcitrant tenant and hauled her back across her lap.

“Mrs Main please listen,” Donna wailed in her panic.

“You know I used to get a girl like you maybe once every couple of years. Lately it seems that every semester I get a smart mouth who tries to tell me that they are too old to be spanked and that it ‘just isn’t done in this day and age.’” Mrs Main pinched the bridge of nose before she set to giving Donna another spanking.

Mrs Main had several grades of spanking she could give through long years of practice. There was the common or garden sound spanking that usually worked. There was the ‘you won’t sit down for a week’ exemplary spanking for the hard cases. And there was what she was about to give this girl. Her ‘you won’t ever cross me as long as you live and if you can sit down by Easter you will be lucky’ spanking.

As the spanking got underway, Donna thought she had sat on hot coals and began to screech. There was no way she could think let alone explain and even if she could have, she needed all her breath for howling the place down.

The spanking lasted for maybe 15 minutes and by the time Mrs Main was done, Donna was a sobbing wreck and her bottom was a deep muddy red with white chafe marks across its surface.

“Now are you going to stand in the corner for me until I tell you to come out?”

“Yes ma’am.” Donna sobbed.

“Good girl. At last.”

Donna was made to stand in the corner until the early hours of the morning, although it took her almost that long to stop crying and she had definitely given up trying to explain. This was a huge inconvenience for Mrs Main, but some girls just had to learn and by mid semester all her girls would be as quiet as mice except for the odd lapse, so it was worth it to take the extra trouble at the start of the school year.

“Alright, you can go to your room. And Donna is it? Don’t let me have you back in here for a while or your bottom will have quite a time of it.” Mrs Main said at last.

“Yes ma’am,” Donna said sheepishly. God I will never live this down, she thought as she gathered up her clothes and left the room without dressing.

Once she got to her room, she threw herself down on the bed and began another bought of sobbing, which lasted until she fell asleep.


The next day being Sunday, she stayed in her room all day. She had a lot of papers to catch up on anyway, although her mind wasn’t really on it, especially as she had to read laying face down on her bed. Furthermore she kept getting up to check her bottom in the mirror, which looked decidedly swollen and showed not the slightest sign that it was ready to turn its natural pale pink.

Even the Monday morning walk to the faculty was slow painful affair and she was certain that everyone she passed must have known she had been spanked.

The faculty office was expecting her and she was sent right into to see the head of department.

“Dr Warren, or may I call you Donna, I am Professor Stevens, please sit down.”

“Eh… I would rather stand if I may,” Donna eyed the chair with horror.

“Of course, how is the accommodation working out?”

“It’s a student hall,” Donna said curtly.

Professor Stevens frowned.

“Oh yes, now I remember. Most of our teaching staff comes from right here in Abraham Falls or at least from nearby, we don’t have staff quarters and no digs could be arranged. It was a temporary measure. Now where are my notes… ah? This is the letter I should have sent to Mrs Main, it appears I forgot to post it… she was expecting you? I mean you have a room?”

“Oh I have a room alright but…”

“Excellent, let me know if you have any problems.”

“Well there was one thing…”


Donna had no idea what to say now.

“Oh nothing, it doesn’t matter. I guess I will have to speak to Mrs Main myself.”

“Splendid.” Professor Stevens turned back to his work and Donna realised the meeting was over.


Donna took a deep breath and knocked on the door to Mrs Main’s room.

“Come in,” came a muffled response. So Donna opened the door.

It was quite a tableau that greeted her eyes. Mrs Main was sitting on the same chair she had used two nights before, only this time it was another girl over her knee. Mrs Main’s arm was raised in mid spank and from the look of the hapless girl’s red bottom the spanking had been going on for some time.

Beyond the spanking, was another girl facing the wall with her hands on her head, her skirt tucked up and her panties around her ankles. Her bottom also looked as if it had been well spanked, both girls gently crying.

“Oh… Donna isn’t it? I was expecting someone else to join this little party. As you can see I am busy, please come back later.” Mrs Main turned back to the spanking.

“But…” Donna didn’t know what to say.

“Later,” Mrs Main snapped. “Unless you want to join them.”

Donna flushed and closed door on the scene. Now she would have to find the courage to comeback, she sighed. Then she walked back down the corridor to her room.

About and hour later there was a knock at the door.

Donna opened it on a young girl who had obviously recently been crying. From the skirt, she recognised the spanked girl in the corner.

“Mrs Main will see you now,” the girl said sheepishly.

“Oh, thank you,” Donna returned a tight sympathetic smile. Then added, “have you been with her all this time?”

The girl blushed and nodded glumly.

“Goodness, what ever did you do?”

“Sally left the tap running in our bathroom.”

“But why were you… eh punished?”

“It was kind of all our faults, we were kidding around, the four of us. There was a bit of a flood.” The girl seemed reluctant to talk, but seemed afraid to give anyone the least offence.

“Thank you…”


“Michelin.” Donna nodded and waved her thanks.

As it was, Mrs Main took ages to open the door. Donna wondered if she had heard the knock and was about to try again. Then the door opened.

“Donna. You wanted to see me?”

“Yes Mrs Main, there has been a bit of a misunderstanding… you see as I tried to tell you the other night, I am not a freshman.”

Mrs Main said nothing and waited for Donna to make her point.

“I am not an undergraduate at all,” Donna added, surely the woman could see the problem.

“Donna, it is unusual to get graduate students staying at Carlton House, but it is not unheard of… I am afraid I still don’t know what you are getting at.”

“I am a member of the faculty Mrs Main. I was assigned here temporarily but Professor Stevens forgot to inform you.”

“I see, that is highly irregular, had I known I would have objected.” Mrs Main frowned. “However, it seems that here you are. Will you be with us for the entire semester?”

Donna gaped. Had the woman nothing to say?

“I don’t know, I doubt it, but the point is you cannot expect me to be subjected to… I mean to say what you did it was entirely…”

“Miss Warren, or is it Professor?”

“Dr Warren if you wish to be formal Mrs Main.” Donna waited.

“Dr Warren. Your behaviour of the other night, coming in past curfew, drunk as well if I am not mistaken… and as for the language, your behaviour, it was an outrage. If you were my daughter, I would have spanked you so hard that you wouldn’t sit down for a month. If you have come to apologise, then I accept your apology. If you have come looking for some special privileges, then you are in the wrong place. I suggest that you find somewhere else to live.”

With that, Mrs Main closed the door on her.

“I see,” Donna said acidly addressing the closed door, “I am so glad we had that little chat.”


Over next few weeks, Donna tried to find alternative accommodation both on and off campus but with little luck. She also got to see a good deal more about the workings of Carlton House.

She came home one day to find two girls on their hands and knees scrubbing the front step with toothbrushes. The front of the house was marred with drying soggy paper and someone had scrawled various slogans in shaving foam.

Donna caught one of the girl’s eyes and raised a quizzical eyebrow.

“A jamboree stunt for our sorority.” The girl shrugged. “Mrs Main wasn’t impressed.”

Inside there were miscellaneous bags of refuge bagged-up and waiting to go out. They showed clear signs of being the detritus of similar high jinks as had been evident outside.

There were two girls standing facing the wall either side of the staircase. In recent days Donna had seen other girls so positioned and had thought it better not to ask.

As she went up the stairs there was another girl standing in penitent vigil at almost every spare corner.

“My you girls have been busy.” Donna murmured.

At the turn from the stairwell leading to Mrs Main’s rooms things got even more interesting. Outside every room stood a girl facing her own door. Only this time her skirts were turned up and her bare red bottom was well displayed.

“Next.” Someone bellowed.

A tearful girl scurried down the hall passed Donna displaying a well-spanked bottom and disappeared down the stairs. To stand outside her own room, Donna guessed.

Sure enough, the girl who had been standing in the corner at the top of the stairs turned around and walking as if to her execution, went down the hall to Mrs Main’s room. Then a girl further down the stairs took her place.

“Good heavens this could take all night,” Donna giggled. Then humming a little tune and taking in the sights, she ambled along to her own room.

“Good evening Dr Warren,” Mrs Main called as she appeared at her door to let her next miscreant in.

“Good evening Mrs Main, busy tonight I see.”

“Every darn year it is the same. The sorority pledge mistresses know what I’ll do about this stunt of theirs, that’s why they do it. But why can’t they spank their own pledges, if that’s what they want, I have enough to do.”

“Poor you,” Donna smirked, her tongue lightly touching the inside of her cheek.

Sometimes Carlton House could be quite diverting, she thought as she went to bed. As long as she kept out of Mrs Main’s way, maybe it wasn’t so bad.


A few days later Donna went with some of new colleagues to the head of department’s house for dinner.

“Another cognac Donna?” Professor Stevens asked.

“Well perhaps not Professor, I have a lot on tomorrow and besides it is a bit of challenge getting into Carlton House after ten.” Donna smiled as she placed her hand over the brim of the cognac glass.

“Carlton House? But that is for… oh yes, I remember now. Are you still living there?”

“Yes I haven’t had much luck finding digs in town.”

“Oh we will have to see what we can do. But what’s this about 10 o’clock? Surely, Mrs Main has provided you with a key. I did ask.”

“As a point of fact Professor, you didn’t. If you recall you forgot to…”

“Oh…” the professor frowned. “Did I? Quite possibly I did. I don’t remember… ha ha.”

Everyone laughed, although Donna rather hollowly as she remembered the consequences of his oversight. Not that she would ever tell them.

Donna left the party and made her way home. She was cutting it fine, but she was confident that Mrs Main understood the situation now, wasn’t she?

She arrived at the front door a little after the hour and annoyingly it was locked. She felt a few butterflies as she rang the doorbell.

The door opened after a few minutes and a ghostly arm waved her in.

“If I get caught because of you… oh your not Karen?”

“No. But thanks.”

“Shit.” Karen hastened away.

Donna laughed. She could well imagine what would happen if Karen and her friend were caught.

Donna headed straight for the back stairs to come at her room from the other direction. Why not? She thought, I can go any way I like. Somewhere a door opened and closed. Mrs Main coming to see who is at the door no doubt, Donna suppressed the silly nervous thoughts at the edge of her mind. And walked briskly up the stairs to her room.

She felt a strange relief as the door to her room closed behind her. Then she shook her head. I must get somewhere to live, she thought.

The knock at the door startled her. She thought about removing her coat before opening it, but why should she?

Mrs Main was standing outside glaring at her.


“Mrs Main?”

“Would you be so good as to come with me?”

“Come with you? Why?” Donna asked nervously.

“I saw your door close as I turned the corner. You have just come in have you not?”

“Yes I was at Professor Stevens’ house, we…”

“Donna. I don’t care where you have been. You were late. Now we are going to have a little chat.”

“I don’t understand,” Donna lied, her stomach becoming a tight knot.

“You know the rules. I wish you to come with me to my room right now. When we get there I am going to bare your bottom and I am going to put you across my knee for a sound spanking. If I get any resistance or back-chat from you, then you will be sorry.”

Donna’s mouth went dry and her tongue refused to do her bidding. This could not be happening.

“Mrs Main. I am a member of the teaching staff at this college. I am here temporarily and you really can’t just…”

The housemother sighed. Reaching out she took Donna by the ear and started off down the corridor with a tottering 28-year-old in tow.

“Mrs Main what are you doing? You can’t do this. I refuse to cooperate. I’m a lecturer here… please stop.”

Once in the housemother’s room Mrs Main grabbed the Shaker style chair and picked up the brush and patted the palm of her hand with it.

“You have just one minute to remove your coat, skirt and panties,” she snapped.

Donna backed away waving an impotent finger at the housemother.

“Wait just one minute, if you think for one moment that you are going to… to… Mrs Main you can’t do this.”

Mrs Main sighed again and in one smooth movement divested Donna of her coat and flipped her across her knee. Then as the younger woman struggled and began a string of expletives, first her skirt and then her panties were removed.

“Mrs Main, please. You can’t do this,” Donna wailed.

The spanking began in earnest from the start and Mrs Main spanked hard. Donna screwed up her face and tried to reach around to defend her exposed bottom, but the housemother seized her wrists and spanked all the harder.

After three or four minutes, Donna’s resolve cracked and her intermittent spluttering turned to stuttering sobs.

“Feeling it now are we?” Mrs Main said almost kindly. “Listen my girl, you come from a big city or some such and you are not used to our ways. But for the last time while you are living under this roof you will obey the rules. I don’t care who you are or who you think you are. I we clear about that?”

“Ow, please Mrs Main stop,” Donna sobbed.

“Are we clear about that?” Mrs Main repeated. Spanking out hard at each word.

“Oooh god, yeow, please.” Donna growled angrily.

“Are we clear?” Mrs Main barked putting an extra snap in the spank.

“Yes,” Donna sobbed.

“Finally,” Mrs Main said expansively as she continued to spank her errant tenant. “I am going to spank you until I am convinced that you get the message, until you tell me in a nice clear voice that you understand that you will be spanked every time you break the rules.”

“Ooh, huh-huh,” Donna choked, knowing at that moment she would do anything she was told.

After a while the spanking was paused and Mrs Main allowed Donna some time to cry. Then she asked: “Have you something to tell me?”

Donna continued to cry, but said nothing.

The spanking was resumed and Donna began to beg and mumble something incoherent.

“What was that?” Mrs Main paused the spanking again.

“I understand. You are going to spank me if I break the rules,” Donna said angrily.

“Hardly clear, what with all that crying. I do hope you have better diction when you teach.”

“Please Mrs Main, I understand,” Donna sobbed.

Mrs Main looked down at Donna’s striking red bottom and wondered if the lesson was learned.

“I really need to be convinced of that,” Mrs Main said seriously.

“Please I’ll be good.” Donna was hiccoughing a little as she wept.

“Alright. I know it’s late, but I want you to go stand in the corner until I tell you to come out. Then you will apologise and ask me nicely to give the final part of your spanking.”

“Oh please Mrs Main,” Donna sobbed feeling thoroughly defeated.

“You want another spanking first? Is that it?” Mrs Main asked. “I can make this take all night.”

Donna nodded. She had never felt so humiliated.

“You knew this would happen if I caught you didn’t you?” There was gentleness and a maternalism to Mrs Main’s question.

Donna nodded. She knew now that she did.

Mrs Main let Donna stand up and go to the corner to start what was for her an embarrassing and nervous half hour.

A while later when it had gone eleven, the housemother was ready for bed, so she brought the proceedings to what she hoped would be a close.

“Turn around,” she ordered. “Have you something to say?”

Donna looked at the hairbrush in Mrs Main’s hands and quailed.

“Please Mrs Main, I am sorry. P-please… sp… punish me a bit more.”

“You’ll do better next time if I ask it, but that will do for now,” Mrs Main said wearily. Now go to bed.

Relieved and decidedly humbled, Donna gathered up her things and walked still bare-bottomed to her room. She had a lot of thinking to do.


The next day, having no actual classes, Donna called in sick. So it was not until the day after that she made it back in to the faculty office. Although her bottom was still tender and she tended to wince at each step. As before she wondered if everyone knew she had been spanked by Mrs Main, but the was no real evidence of it.

“Ah Dr Warren,” the office secretary said as she entered, “glad to see you are better. You look positively glowing today.”

“Yes thank you,” Donna returned a tight nervous smiled.

“We may have found you some accommodation,” the secretary said absently.

Donna thought about the entertaining line of spanked freshman and the warm cosy feeling she had felt from the motherly Mrs Main. So it was with mixed feelings that she said: “Oh good, when can I go and see them.”

In the end, it had not turned out to be suitable and as there was another cottage available at the start of the next semester, she decided to hold out for it. After all Carlton House wasn’t so bad. At least it gave her the opportunity to see another side to college life. She wondered what the Donna Warren of a month ago would have said about that as she all but skipped home from a late faculty meeting.

Somewhere the clock chimed 9.45 and she looked around at the quaint brick college buildings that were fast becoming her home.

“Excuse me Dr Warren,” a student gushed as she rushed past.

Late home no doubt, Donna chuckled, she probably has a housemother like Mrs Main. Omigod Mrs Main. Donna looked up at the clock, it was almost 10 minutes to the hour.

“Oh shoot,” she wailed and broke into a run. It was a good 20 minutes walk to the other side of campus she thought, as she frantically cut across some forbidden grass. At least I can’t be spanked for that.

22 Responses to “Abraham Heights: the Housemother and the misplaced Donna”

  1. 1 Michael

    Am loving this series. Great work, DJ.

  2. 2 C

    DJ, This story couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m loving F/F and F/f stories right now. Thank you for fulfilling that need for me. The story was great, as they always are

  3. 3 fatherjim

    Misplaced or properly placed? Hmmm?

    Great stuff! Makes one wonder what kind of students such a college might actually produce. Maybe we wouldn’t be lagging behind even China now!


  4. 4 allie

    Great story!

  5. 5 Carlos

    I love this story!

  6. 6 Kaki

    Love the story.

  7. 7 scarlet

    Mrs. Main shall not be deterred. Nice writing, DJ!

  8. Loved this – and seeing that it is 4am in the morning, I am very happy that I do not have a Mrs Main to deal with.

  9. Absolutely fantastic story, DJ. Loved the indomitable Mrs. Main and how her unwillingness to negotiate unlocked something in Donna. This feels like it wasn’t written with a sequel in mind, but I want one anyway.

  10. 11 JaneX

    Not only is this a good story but it could have happened.

    I was at a women’s college at the end of 70s and into the 80s. I lived freshman hall for the first two semesters and the set-up was just like the one described in the story.

    It was an overhang from when the college was founded way back between the wars.

    Our housemother used to spank plenty. The bathroom flood was a common error of new girls – I made the same mistake by cutting my hair in the bathroom (a forbidden activity) and it blocked the sink after I left the tap running.

    Ouch! I got it bare and how. OTK with a hairbrush! Not the only time. It was so embarrassing at the time, but I have fond memories now. It was usually a private affair but I did see another girl get it once.

    I never got corner time but I heard it happened.

    There were a few non-freshman students even grads and they got it just the same if they screwed up. Coming home late, coming home drunk, smoking in the rooms, too much noise… you name it, powee!

    If a junior professor ever got placed there I am certain she would have been treated the same. 😉

    Loving this blog btw.

    Jane x

  11. DJ & JaneX

    I usually only read snippets of your stories and ignore most that involve men. Unless the man in the story is me, of course. This story, however, I read every word at least a couple of times. Not only was this a fantastic story but was topped with one of the most intimate F/f spanking photos of all time.

    Your story certainly peeks an interest in me. Hard to believe that the Spanking House Mother was still around in the 80’s, although I have heard stories.
    I would love to read more about your adventures and would like to invite you to recall them on my forum. If I have overstepped my bounds on your wonderful website, DJ, you have my blessings in censoring this. If not, please visit my humble forum at http://www.voy.com/214955/ Sometimes A Girl Needs A Spanking.
    If you would like, JaneX, I could even set up a forum just for you and others who have had similar experiences.

  12. 13 Tales

    Doctor Donna? Is that a Doctor Who reference? 😛

    Anyway, a fantastic story. I especially like how even though it started as a “mistaken identity” she still deserved the spanking, and that she ultimately went on to accept that treatment even though she wasn’t a student.

    • 14 DJ

      Dr Who – I am not sure I see that?

      No a small play on words Don being slang (from latin) for professor, Donna being female form.

      good luck with your new blog


  13. 15 Gentbb

    This so well written I felt as a fly on the wall. Love that the doctor has accepted her lot in life. Please write a sequel where the Doctor and Mrs. Main become closer but Donna is still subject to discipline.


    • 16 DJ

      Thank you.

      There will be more from Abraham Heights, so who knows. The characters in the stories take on a life of their own and Mrs Main is a strong-willed woman – she chooses her own friends.


  14. 17 George

    28 is an excellent age for hairbrush spankings.
    By a father, by a mother, by a husband, or by whoever has its legitimate role to do that 🙂

    It would be nice to meet -among readers- any young woman about that age used to such fair, caring and effective domestic discipline.


  15. 18 Charlotte of Mountevideo

    excellent !

  16. 19 Mr & Madame de Mountforce

    what a great plot !

    we can’t wait to read the continuing part, where Professor Stevens may be joining?

    sincerely appreciating,

    Mr & Madame de Mountforce

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