The Perils of Paula


Saturday 12th February, Tel Aviv

Dear Diary,

I have such a lot to tell you.

I went back to court, like I said last time and they were very cross.

The translator said that the provisional government wanted to see me at some place called Kit-Kat (well it couldn’t have been but that’s what it sounded like).

But that night I had a visitor. It was Mr Aziz. Yay! I was all smiles again.

But Mr Aziz wasn’t smiling. He was cross and said I had been a silly girl and had caused him a lot of trouble and that I deserved all I got.

I thought that was mean of him after all the sore bottoms I had got, but then he said that we had to go.

I got all giggly and jumped up and down, but he looked frightened.

“Shut up,” he whispered. Loudly. “We are sneaking you out.”

We turned out be Mr Aziz and the guard. Although he just stood there, mostly counting a big bundle of money. I don’t know why, it seemed a funny time to be counting your savings.

We left the prison and went to an old Land Rover.

After that, we drove for days and days and Mr Aziz hardly said a word to me.

Once we had to hide the car in some bushes when an airplane flew over. Mr Aziz said it was unlikely to be looking for us but that we would never know.

We went through some lovely countryside and I thanked Mr Aziz for taking me that way home. He got very angry when I said that.

I don’t know what I did wrong, but there must have been something, because when we got to the border… This is the border between the place I was in that I don’t know and another place I don’t know. Actually it all looked the same to me.

Anyway when we got there Mr Aziz made me get out of the car. And guess what? He put me over his knee and pulled down my knickers and gave me a jolly hard spanking.

I guess I deserved it, otherwise why would Mr Aziz say I did.

It really, really hurt and I had a red bottom afterwards. But I was still so glad he had come to get me.

Anyway, I am now sitting in a bar in Tel Aviv having drinks.

Mr Aziz said he wanted to get to Egypt but that there was some trouble.

That made me scared but Mr Aziz said that it was good trouble and he was smiling.

I don’t know what good trouble is, but I did ask if it was the sort of trouble that was going to get me spanked again and he laughed.

One Response to “The Perils of Paula”

  1. 1 Michael

    Oh good, more Perils of Paula. I enjoy her adventures.

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