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The subject for today is incest. No not that kind. Yuk. No we are talking about blogging about blogs.

At least two spanking blogs have disappeared from blogspot recently. Whether taken down by their operators or the host, is not clear.

Now that sets one wondering. Why do some blogs stop? Why do some blogs cause offence and not others? Why do some blogs get two or three comments per post and others 33?

Every week we will try and single out a blog that excels in one regard or another and try to see what makes the blogosphere tick.

This week we will kick off with Poppy’s Submissions by Poppy St Vincent.

Poppy is a superstar of the spankosphere, because she is associated with two great blogs. How she does it is anybody’s guess (except yours Poppy. Because you know, so don’t try and claim the prize.)

Her other blog by the way is the one she shares with Devlin O’Neil. You will notice that Poppy is the main contributor there at the moment.

Now the phrase that best sums up Poppy’s Submission’s is ‘politely rude’. It really is good clean fun.

It is a bit of a girly girls’ blog. As an occasional commenter there, it has to be said that one does feel like a gentleman in a ladies boudoir sometimes, with a dozen semi-clad ladies comparing underwear in the corner.

What is especially pleasing is that the other gentlemen there, who may occasionally offer their spanking services, are just that so please guys if you drop in mind your manners.

Now does this further our investigation into what makes blogs tick. Well here is the thing. Poppy claims to have slightly less traffic than A Voice in the Corner and yet she regularly gets about 20 or 30 times more comments.

So we have to make her the starting point for a benchmark for interactive blogs. So blog-keepers if you want more comments drop by Poppy’s and take some notes.

The other great features of Poppy’s blog are the pictures, again always in the best possible taste and such a fascinating insight into the feminine libido, which a wise man ignore at his peril.

So in the hope that we don’t run out of blogs to review, the first blog of the week is Poppy’s Submissions.

86 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. 1 paul1510

    DJ, I have to agree with you, but then I’m a regular, I love it. 😀

  2. DJ,
    I squeaked when I saw this. And then I squeaked again. And then I had to pretend I had stubbed my toe because I was at work looking on my i-phone.
    This is so kind and so wonderful and I have no idea at all what I have done to deserve something so fabulous- but thank you very, very much indeed!

  3. And I love how you describe it at my place, that is just what it is like. We are very seldom dressed at all because we do love to show off our knickers – but only to gentlemen, just as you said.

  4. 4 scarlet

    DJ, you are a gentleman with a very special way of seeing things, because you described Poppy’s blog perfectly. It is wonderful to be a certain kind of girl there, where we lay across the bed in our prettiest corsets and spill our shopping bags on the floor and unwrap pretty panties wrapped in tissue. We can paint our nails and whisper secrets about ourselves and laugh with the Toppy men who come to play.

    You have explained to me why I love being there, so I thank you very, very much for that. It is, indeed, a ladies’ boudoir where gentlemen who know how to be men and just when to be gentle are always welcome.

    It is, without question, a celebration of the feminine, and the feminine libido. And I have always enjoyed when you stopped in to see what Poppy and her girls were up to. Come back and visit again soon.

    You can leave your cane here.

    • 5 DJ

      Hi Scarlett,

      I may well leave my cane here – but my hands are attached and my belt is needed to keep my trousers up.


      • 6 scarlet

        DJ, good to know your belt is needed to keep your trousers up. You won’t be removing it then.

        • 7 DJ

          I have learnt to be versatile over the years. I know lots of tricks.


  5. Excellent choice! 🙂

  6. Good point, Scarlet!
    All canes get to stay here where you may look after them and and keep them safe. There tend to be a lot of fires at our place. We would all be terribly sad if something happened to a cane, those poor innocent pieces of caney stuff.

    Erica, you are kind. 🙂

  7. You started with an excellent blog. Poppy has two wonderful blogs and no end of faithful followers. She and Devlin are the Queen and King of comments; they both get lots and lots of them per post.


  8. “… one does feel like a gentleman in a ladies boudoir sometimes, with a dozen semi-clad ladies comparing underwear in the corner.”

    That is exactly the sensation, DJ. You distilled it well. 😉

  9. We don’t stay in the corner- I just want to make that clear. We escape very quickly and scuttle around.

    • 13 DJ

      Yes the first time you are put there maybe – I have known that to happen.

      Strangely though after a little chat – few seem to scuttle around – as they learn that the corner is much the better place to be.

      I can be quite persuasive in that regard.

      DJ 😉

      • Does your persuasion involve chocolate and scented candles?
        I think all the girls in the boudoir love those things. We will be quite good after those little chats.

        • 15 DJ

          Sometimes. After the young lady concerned has come out of the corner which follows the long ‘chat.’


  10. 16 scarlet

    More chatting. Even here. The whole world seems to be *chatting* lately.

    DJ, I hope you know things like card tricks. I am always amazed by those, and would watch you quite attentively. Poppy can watch from the corner.

    • 17 DJ

      One or two and I know a great trick that can be accomplished with household objects like a hall brush or even garden implements.

      DJ 😉

      • You are a proper magician then. I love that you offer to tidy up and even do the gardening while we are sipping our cocktails. You are lovely.

      • 19 Kaki

        I think I know that trick with a hairbrush, it makes a girl disappear.

  11. Yes!

    He can do card tricks and we will be very good and loiter on the chaise longue in the corner. Someone will bring our drinks there I am sure of it.

  12. Poppy says goodnight, DJ. 🙂

    • 22 DJ

      Hey its microblogging time!

      Who needs Twitter.

      Cheers and goodnight. Me still working. 😉


  13. 23 Kaki

    DJ, wonderful choice. You did describe Poppy’s place perfectly. Next time you stop by if you bring chocolate you will have us eating out of your hand. ( we are partial to Green and Blacks )

  14. We are also partial to bacon sandwiches in the morning.
    On Saturdays I make them but with egg, of course. Do let me know if you want one.

    You seem to be quite keen to put us girls in corners or to spank us which is odd because we are such good girls. You may be confusing us with naughty girls, like Erica. She will not cook for you but rather will be very tweaking of nose and Top sensibilities. We other girls are very genteel and snuggly. When we get spanked it is because we are sorely misunderstood. You should really offer us amnesty and respite.
    I hope you did not work too late.

  15. 27 paul1510

    DJ, well you wanted lots of comments!!! 😀

    • 28 DJ

      Well not necessarily, although I rather suspect that is what people thought I meant and I am chuffed that they are making the effort.

      I really am just interested in the dynamics of it. I have already had some feedback as to why some do and some don’t. And thanks for that also (you know who you are).

      Let us see what happens after next week’s featured blog.


  16. Excellent choice, Poppy is one of the best.


  17. 30 scarlet

    DJ, I am not British, so I had to google “chuffed.” I wanted to be sure you were pleased, as that was our intent.

    Here is the definition: “to move with a sharp puffing sound.”

    Is that when you are spanking innocent girls, or all the time?

    Oh, there was another definition, too, something about being pleased. But I figured you meant the first one.

    I can’t answer for the rest of my naughty friends, and why they are visiting. I expect they want a nice spanking with your pretty cane.

    But I am visiting because what you wrote was spot on the mark. You showed you absolutely understood the sensibility that Poppy brings to her blog and to her friends. You wrote it well, and it was fun to read.

    But it was a bit of a playful, tongue in cheek, Toppy tone that made me think you would be fun to visit with.

    There! analysis done for you, from me, anyway.

  18. 31 DJ

    Hi Scarlet,

    I think you know exactly what I mean.

    Btw you cannot spank with a cane. You cane with a cane. A spanking must be given with a flat surface like a hand, hairbrush or paddle.

    Have you ever been properly caned. I suspect not. It is not for the feint hearted.

    But under all your cheekiness – I think you mean well and I thank you.

    If you ever need a hand (or cane) directing some of your exuberance let me know.


    • 32 scarlet

      DJ, I have never been caned, nor am I likely to be, as I am one of the few good girls who play at Poppy’s and at Poppy’s and Dev’s. I am most assuredly faint hearted. The right man simply saying the right words can make me drop my eyes and blush and promise to do better. So you see? No canes are necessary, not at all.

      But thank you for the clarification. I will let my naughty friends know. I am sure it will come in handy for them.

      I don’t understand what you mean by cheekiness. But I will give you a hug for being so sweet all the same, and hope your sharp puffing sounds are only emitted when doing something strenuous, and not at restaurants and movies and things.


  19. 33 scarlet

    DJ, something else has occurred to me about all the commenting. Maybe we are just excessively talkative?

    • 34 DJ

      You think. 😉


      • I would like to point out that Scarlet is the very worst of the naughty girls on the blite and she very often gets me into trouble. This makes me very sad as I hate to be in trouble.
        That is because I have been caned and I know how it feels.
        Scarlet said to me that she thinks English men are no good at the cane and that you are a silly billy.
        Word for word, that is what she said. I cannot tell a lie because lies are bad.
        I do not talk too much by the way. I talk just the correct amount.
        See? I can stop any time I want to- like now.

        • 36 DJ

          You are so lucky you in Dev’s charge.

          As for telling tales – the consequences even if I believed you…


  20. But what is a girl to do, DJ?

    If she hears a girl saying such things? I am confused and overcome by your stern words.
    You may console me with chocolate if you wish.

    • 38 scarlet

      Poppy, do you think DJ might be even stricter than Dev? It has begun to occur to me that he might just possibly maybe be.

      DJ, I’m so glad you know better than to think i would say such an obviously incorrect thing. The problem is that Poppy was listening to her iPod while I was talking, so here’s what I really said: I said that English men (like you, for instance) obviously have big brains, and then I said I wonder if you like chili. Poppy didn’t hear me and she said, “what?” So I said, ” Chili, silly!”

      I would never scoff at a man with a cane. This is how I have gone uncaned as long as I have. Poppy, however, has admitted to being caned (frequently, I’m thinking) so goodness knows what she has done to deserve it.

      • DJ? Stricter than Dev?


        Only one way to find out.

        DJ! Hey, DJ!
        Scarlet says there is no way you could be stricter than Dev because you can’t even see through her. Please would you tell her what you will do to her?

        Thank you. I will sit here quietly and do some needlepoint. That is because I am very well behaved. I am sorry about Scarlet, American, you know.

        • 40 DJ

          Now its interesting that no one dares says these things to my face.

          But I bet that 40 mins in the corner after a spanking to get their attention, would keep them on track.

          Of course I know girls get embarrassed in the corner and muck about and get giggly some times, but that’s what the cane is for. Six of the best for the first breach of corner etiquette – with corner time starting again, then 12 for the second breach… you get the idea! 😐


  21. 41 anushree

    i can see how much you worked today.
    Great choice, really. Looking forward to the next.

  22. 42 scarlet

    Poppy, you and I started that needlepoint at the same time, and mine is nearly done, while yours is…well, just a mess, frankly. I don’t think you’ve been working on it at all. What were you doing while you were supposed to be sitting quietly?

    Hi DJ. I will say all kinds of things in front of you. Here are two of them: I think you sound a little bit scary, and I fervently hope that if I am ever in the same room as you are, that your cane is far, far away.

    Poppy, being British, loves canes.

    • 43 DJ

      I think it has been agreed by the fourth Zog protocol that I am officially scary.

      being British doesn’t mean that you necessarily like canes.

      I am not a man to go wildly caning young women at random. I have spanked a brat or two in a social context and that usually works well enough. The cane is a last resort.

      If a girl likes the cane then doubtless I would use something else.


  23. 44 scarlet

    I do not know these Zogs. I think you are a little bit scary, and a little bit nice. Maybe both at the same time. I think that’s probably the best I can do for now, as I don’t know you very well.

    I am glad you don’t hop about wildly caning girls at random. That would make you beyond scary, and definitely cross the line into terrifying. I think if a very gentle girl behaves around you she might not spend all her time crying.

    No telling with Poppy, though.

    • Are Zogs related to Zig and Zag?
      I agree with Scarlet that wildly caning girls at random would make you terrifying. And any girl that says she likes the cane is insane and thus should not be caned.
      Girls that do not like the cane should not be caned because it would make them unhappy.

      Did you know what Scarlet wrote on her needlepoint?
      It says, “DJ can’t spank for toffee and he is a nincompoop”

      I was staggered, I can tell you. I stopped doing my needlepoint because I thought the needle might be to blame but then Scarlet assured me it was all her doing.

      I think you should say something.

      • 46 DJ


        My child you are telling stories again and definitely need to be soundly spanked.

        If you do it again I will add a good caning and at least an hour in the corner.


        Ps my generosity can encompass Scarlett id any part of what you say is true.

  24. That was not what I had in mind when I said you should say something.

    Not at all.

  25. 48 scarlet

    DJ, I find I like you more and more! I think Poppy needs spanking, too. Ever so many spankings. One a day, at least. It is in her nature, so deeply ingrained, to be naughty, but spanking will help her curb those impulses. I am concerned for her, of course, out of friendship.

    I am afraid, sadly, that the needlepoint she described was her own. Mine says, “The virtuous woman submits to punishment when necessary for her own good.”

    I am giving it to Poppy for her birthday, so don’t tell her.

  26. DJ,
    This morning Scarlet smoked. And she did not do her homework. And other stuff that I dare not say.
    I tell you out of concern for her, out of friendship, you understand.
    I am off to sit quietly now and read the Bible and think about how I can be even more good.

  27. 50 DJ

    Let those who are without sin, cast the first stone.

    You are throwing a lot of stones Poppy.

    be afraid, be very afraid.


  28. I don’t think we should talk about this any more.

  29. You were getting biblical and one is not supposed to discuss religion so I was trying to save you from yourself.
    That is how kind I am. I am a giver.

  30. 54 DJ

    A giver of grief I suspect.

  31. Me?

    Yes. That is right. To anyone that tries to be strict and make me do things. Let that be a warning to you.

    You may placate me with chocolate.

  32. Blog popularity should not be evaluated on comment numbers alone. I read many blogs, great blogs (such as this one) and rarely comment on most of them. But I am still a regular and still a fan. 🙂

    • 57 DJ

      Hi Vanessa,

      Great to hear from you again.

      I agree,

      blog of the week is not about popularity – it is just my choice – but I am looking at blogs that seem to be good in certain aspects.

      The question was this week (or observation)

      Poppy gets about 80 or 90 percent of the traffic that A voice gets – why does she get 20 times more comments? I am not necessarily putting more value on this, I am just exploring what makes people and blogs tick.

      hey maybe I am just running out of things to say?


      • Its quite simple really. 🙂

        Lets say you have a room full of geeks listening to a speech done by Stephen Hawking. In walks a young, nubile nymph who can only be classified as a straight-up-banging-smoking-hot-hottie. Lithesome, mini-skirt, swaying hips, gorgeous smile, hair, poise, her wantonly womanly parts wiggling with eager youthful wantoness and body parts undulating, her ripe firm tits, her tight little ass,,,,,,(lol)

        See? You and every other guy already forgot about “Hawking” and are instead “gawking”.

        My point being, that perhaps with the exception of certain types of forums or blogs (cars, politics, cigars, beer ugh) guys might be more inclined to post/interact with a blog that features a female.

        This does not mean that your blog is not “better”, just after finishing your wonderfully lengthy posts, the guys might be “spent” and in no mood to reply. On a hot chicks blog however, while their “spentness” may still be there, once they shake it off (and wipe/zip it up) they still have the hopes of seeing/hearing/meeting the female, and not so much you. Sure, they may want to get together with you for a beer (ugh) or coffee, etc, but they want to get together with “her” for coffee,,,,,,, with breakfast the morning “after”.

        Or, I could just be blathering. 🙂

        • 59 DJ

          You could be what?

          Sorry what were you saying? I was still there with the hottie.


  33. 60 Alice

    Hi, DJ, I have been reading here for a long time but have never commented. I really enjoy your stories.

    I like your description of Poppy’s blog, and I see you have been given a taste of Poppy and Scarlet in action! I’m afraid they tarnish the reputations of us good girls who hang around with them.

  34. It does have to be said that Alice is naughtier than any of us. She scares me- that is how naughty she is.
    DJ, I wonder if you could tell her to be good.

    Scarlet and I would be so grateful.

  35. Quite right. That will shake Alice.

    And then take off your belt and spank her with it.

    That will sort her out.

    • 67 scarlet

      Poppy, DJ can’t take his belt off. He needs it to hold his pants up.

      • 68 DJ

        Being English I don’t have a belt on my pants.

        The belt on my trousers will do just as well as last resort. But for you my first result will serve I think.


  36. 69 scarlet

    I am Americanly confused now. What are pants? Are they different from trousers? I suppose you mean underpants? That would be very odd if you needed a belt to keep those up, so I’m relieved to hear that you don’t!

    It’s a wonder we can speak to each other at all, we English speakers!

    • 70 DJ

      You guessed right.

      Holding your pants up with a belt would be – well pants.


  37. 71 dd


    I really don’t think you knew what you were getting into!

    Yes, Poppy’s solo and joint sites are fantastic and we comment there because it is safe!

    As a very, very good girl, I would like to point out that canes are sooo last century, why I believe the EU is bringing in an edict to ban them, and belts are now officially sanctioned only to hold up trousers.

    Incidentally my needlework is impecable and says “Good girls are wonderful and should be given chocolate and ice cream”.

    • 72 scarlet

      dd, you have done a fine public service by adding to the comment section here. I believe DJ has now decided only to give the softest little hand spankings and then to feed chocolate to all the girls who visit here. And some of us don’t even get soft spankings, because we are too well behaved for that.

      I would like to go on record as saying that maybe Alice is one of the good girls. She might be. She needs to be watched very very closely, though, as she is tricky.

  38. 73 Kaki

    DJ, is your first result a caning ? You English seem to be partial to it and Alice being English and Poppy……. Scarlet speaks English, so there you go! Have at it.

    • 74 DJ

      In a minute I am going to ask you all to form a line with all clothing below the waits ready at your ankles.

      Don’t dawdle because those at the back will have to stand by the large window facing the street!

      Then one by one I’ll have to put you over my knee and then you will spend the morning with your noses to the wall.

      Late-comers and defaulters will be caned.


      • Well, I am glad to see you have it all sorted out (not a moment too late might I add?)

        I will wait here with some tea and cake for when you have finished with all those badly behaved girls.

  39. 76 scarlet

    Kaki, please note DJ’s comment above where he says his last result is a belt, and I think he was referring to me when he offered a first result that would be enough. I have queried longstanding friends of his, and I understand a first result is a massage and a trip to the movies.

    Go ahead, girls, line up just where DJ says. Quickly now.

    (I am helping.)

  40. 80 scarlet

    No, no, I mean first resort. The result will be a happy Scarlet.

    The rest of you will have a different result.

  41. I am confused but happy that Scarlet is going to be sorted out, not a moment too soon, if I may say so.

    I will get popcorn and some chairs.

    As you were, DJ and Scarlet.

    • 82 scarlet

      I hope you brought lots of popcorn, Poppy. My massage is going to take a while. If you’re good and quiet, maybe DJ will let you come to the movies with us!

  42. 83 scarlet

    DJ, do you know any girls with white bottoms? I may be the first. i think it will be good for you.

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