Girls still just want to have fun


A funny thing happened on the way to the forum… two girls (sorry women) were talking in the pub on the next table about their friend.

It turns out that said friend thought it would be ‘a laugh’ to pose for some nude pictures in her lunch break. To this end, she persuaded another friend to go with her. Now our pub friends were very excited about this and the tone seemed to be ‘if only we had the courage.’ Not being party to the rest of the conversation, one can only guess where it was all going.

Now here’s the thing. A while back there was a story about women in LA, where else, who were apparently going out in their lunch times from work to experience light bondage with undertones of BDSM. The same piece suggested that there were holidays (BDSM vacations) for the even more adventurous.

Frankly, it all seemed too fanciful, but in light of the overheard conversation, one begins to wonder.

For a small investment, one could set up a club in California (or maybe even London) where ladies at leisure go to be spanked in their lunch hour. Imagine all those women standing at their PCs all afternoon.

Of course, the problem would be finding anyone willing to spank all of these women.

2 Responses to “Girls still just want to have fun”

  1. 1 Michael

    What a fabulous business model. I need to a open a local franchise. What would be the name? One Hour Spankings. No, that sounds like the spanking would last a full hour. Nice in theory but hard to put into practice. Spankings in an Hour. Express Spankings. The possibilities are endless.

    Thanks for providing this flight of fancy. Warms me up on a snowy morning.

    Love your blog and all the quality fiction you present. This is the first time I am commenting but won’t be the last.

  2. 2 Wizard Birchwand

    “Of course, the problem would be finding anyone willing to spank all of these women.”

    Yes I imagine this would be really difficult!!!

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