Girls just want to have fun


Just got back from a gruelling trip and the next proper post is not ready.

Imagine the delight to find these sorority pictures in the in-tray. Thanks Anon-girl.

They have been edited to obscure, the mostly smiling faces, and therefore identities have been protected.

Anon-girl says she culled these from password protected sorority sites and stresses that they are not her sorority pictures. Although, she says, she has other more incriminating ones that were taken during ‘light hazing’ as described in the previous post.

She also says the first picture could easily be her ‘in discussion with my big – ouch!’ Draw your own conclusions.

Apologies if you are bored with sororities now. Story coming soon.

5 Responses to “Girls just want to have fun”

  1. 1 Maggie

    The pic on the sports field could have been my sorority.

    You notice that the girls are wearing specially brief panties for the day.

    I did not even own such things and it was real embarrassing to have to buy them special. But not as embarrassing as what came next!! Suffice to say it involved paddles. 😦

    M xxxx

    ps love this blog 🙂

  2. 3 Curly Sue

    I don’t know for sure – but the picture with the topless or bottomless girls looks like a thing we did. We had a choice and then had to reach ‘certain’ places.

    It also looks like they have been written on – probably the night before if I guess right.

    Both stunts were for points and point deficits were made up with swats. 😦

    (actually kind of fun).

  3. Very interesting to say the least.

  4. 5 Mary Jane

    We used to get written on during hazing. Stuff like our butts were too big or too much cellulite. It kinda looks like that’s been happing here.

    They probably did that the night before, but its cruel to do a panty parade stunt outside the night after when your confidence is low.

    We didn’t have much official paddle – no paddle points – but two sororities on campus did do this.

    We had swats at one party – but there was a bit of kidding around in dorms that sometimes got kinda heavy. I had one work out on the bare with another girl as a kind of contest.

    Mary Jane C

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