Another sorority postscript


There was another reply to our strand on sorority spanking. And once again, with permission, it is worthy of a post in its own right.

Stephanie writes:

I don’t know why it is supposed to be so hard to find out about sorority hazing and initiations. OK so they are supposed to be secret but the way people go on about it you would think that they were sinister in some way. Its not like people are gonna be dragged off in the night.

I’m from West Texas. I’m not gonna say where I went to college, but I am more than 10 years out of it now.

I was a legacy. My mom is much older than me and went to the same sorority from 1960 and her experience was different in some ways but not in others.

Okay, where to start. The paddle. Yes there was paddling. Quite a lot. Was it on the bare? Yes sometimes, but mostly not. I’ll come back to that because it was complicated. I am a spanko by the way so I get it. Oh that’s a pun (Lol).

Was there hazing? You could say that. Here is where it was different from my mom’s experience. Ours was more sexual. I suppose that reflects the age.

Both mom and I had hell week, but hers was a week, ours was three days culminating in hell night, go figure.

On mine, one of the things we had to do was strip to our underwear and get on our knees while blindfolded. Then we were told that a dozen frat-boy pledgies had been ‘milked’ for our training. We were spoon-fed boy cum and had to hold it in our mouths until told to swallow. My mom had to walk on worms. See the difference here.

Okay, so the cum was really egg whites and the worms were spaghetti, but we didn’t know that at the time.

Another thing we did was panty parade. My mom’s was in the sorority house and they were painted on, covered in goo and shit like that. Not literally shit, I don’t think anyway.

We had ours on the woman’s soccer pitch. There were all kinds of silly stunts and if you screwed up you had to bend for swats. Trey embaraisimo, But it was at least semi-private with lookouts for campus police.

The loser of the ‘games’ had to take off her panties in the middle of the field. Then she got swats. Yay!

We all huddled around her to hide her all the way back to the sorority house because she didn’t get them back. FYI. When I helped organise things later, we had a rat which we used to scatter the pledgies and so expose the bare-nekid one to general gaze at the most opportune moment. Double yay!

When we got back from that – there was laundry night. All our clothes were put in a huge box with stuff you don’t even want to think about and then we had to wear them home.

Things that were the same for both mom and me.

Scrubbing floors with a toothbrush and pledge points.

The pledge points were fun. Not. We (our pledge class) had to collect an envelope everyday and on it were words we could not say and things we had to get. Some of them were real dumb like a bear smoking a cigar.

At the end of the week we had a meet (we called this housekeeping because anything else that came up was handled here as well) and had to answer questions without saying the banned words (or any banned words from before) but still answer the questions correctly. You were marked on your answers. We also had to present our stuff.

There were five collection days in a week and 10 possible points for each day. Fewer than 25 points for the week and you had a negative score. You got a positive score for every point over 25.

You could not end the week with a negative score and you needed an average of five points a week by the end of the pledge period.

Here is the bit you’ll like.

You could make up your points by taking swats. One point for one swat on clothes, two on panties and three for taking a swat on the bare. At the start no one took the bare option. As mostly they only needed three or four points to break even. But towards the end it became obvious that there were not enough points for the five-point average.

Most of us worked out that eight or nine on the bare would see us clear rather than a couple of dozen.

I have to explain at this point that the swats were real. Girls cried and bruises were cherished.

Sometimes girls got swats for dress code violations, saying banned words and other silly stuff.

Mom and me both had big sisters who mentored us. My mom’s big sis paddled her lots, but never on the bare. Mine paddled me a few times, but nearly always on the bare.

Mom got paddled for real stuff like bad grades and coming in late. I got paddled for dumb stuff, but it was kinda fun.

Later I paddled my two littles much more than I was ever paddled, because I am a perv, but I prefer to get than give.

Mom is still friends with a little sis who she once spanked over her knee with a hairbrush for dating a boy she didn’t approve of. They still kid about it.

There was one ritual that we would never do, that my mom saw happening to put arrogant rich girls in their place. It is kinda cool, but too degrading for the 21st century IMHO.

It is called putting the pledge to bed. The pledge you wanted to humiliate (in moms day) had swats (1,2,or 3) on the seat of her skirt, in public. Then she took a layer off and had more swats and so on until she was bare nekid and crying. Then she had swats until she was dressed for bed (two layers with robe.)

Then she had to have milk and cookies in the common room like a kid, standing up probably, while everyone laughed at her.

My mom still thinks its funny. It turns me on, but it is also horrible.

I posted this info to a board some years back and got flamed. I wouldn’t mind, but half the flames were calling me a BS and half said I was giving away secrets. I mean go figure. If you don’t believe, then what the hell. But what secrets have I told? You don’t know my name, mom’s or the school’s. Don’t spank me for it. Well actually there is an idea.

From an ex-sorority girl who can still feel that paddle.

2 Responses to “Another sorority postscript”

  1. 1 Donna

    I attended a sorority in the mid-70s at a private school in the Midwest. We had a stereotypical sorority/frat row near campus that had just been renovated the year before I got there. Much of what has already been posted is pretty close to what I did and what other girls pledging went through. There were points to be earned which were impossible to attain, silly words that could not be said and then times where other words couldn’t be said. There was a bell that would signal what phase of words could be used. Of course we got so confused we ended up saying words at the wrong times.
    We had a similar humiliation for pledges as “putting the pledge to bed.” It didn’t happen often but it was the WORST that could happen. If a pledge’s attitude was considered especially poor and that she was acting like she wasn’t a pledge and a full member she could face this horrible embarrassment. Only one girl had this happen to her when I pledged. As the other pledges were cleaning, washing laundry, doing dishes, be at the beck-and-call of her Big Sis a “putting to bed” girl would be singled out.
    Here’s how it worked: All pledges would be called to the living room. The girl would be called out and told that she has been a bad girl and will be punished and sent to bed early. The idea was to treat her like a little girl. The girl would be paddled in front of everyone, change into pajamas, and have to stand in a corner facing everyone while sucking her thumb. A few times she would be given a teddy bear to hold. All other pledges would go back to work. After some time the girl’s Big Sis would demean and talk down to her—You have been a bad girl, you have a bad attitude, you have embarrassed me in front of all the Sisters, ect. The girl would usually still be crying. She would be tasked with something like writing in crayon I’M A BAD GIRL on many pieces of paper. We pledges could not show any sign of pity for her. When her writing I’M A BAD GIRL was over, all pledges would be called back and she would get a spanking from her Big Sis. (NO, not BARE!) The girl would go over the Big Sis’s lap and be spanked by hand. It was more for humiliation but the smacks were hard. She would cry and whimper and the whole time Big Sis would ask if she will be a “good girl.” Of course the answer was I’ll be good, I’m sorry and all that. When Big Sis felt it was done, she would stand the girl up and then read her a children’s picture book. She would have to show attention to it and everyone else, well not the pledges, would make comments about her being a little kid. Then she would be led to bed and get tucked in, crying herself to sleep.

  2. 2 DJ

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks very much for sharing that – it seems whereas you can never get frat boys to shut up – sorority girls won’t talk. 🙂

    It is interesting that your experience in the 1970s is more like Stephanie’s mother’s experience in the early 60s rather than Stepahnie’s in the 1990s.

    The shift seems to be more nudity and sexual stuff and rather less punishment stuff – does that sound fair?

    The other issue that some sorority girls have confided to me (some in the flesh back when we had US excahnge students at out UK University) is the difference between public and private arangements between big and little sis.

    I have recently dug out more on this so watch this space and anything else you can share would be great.

    Thanks again. 😉

    DJ Black

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