Santa’s little helper


The small provincial airfield was closed. The snowstorm had grown in strength and anyone who wasn’t home for Christmas was there for the duration. Paige in particular was not going anywhere.

She could not believe that he had actually done it. She had never been so humiliated in her life. Every time the wind caught the sign outside the office or a truck went by her heart leapt. She earnestly prayed that no one was coming in. Oh please god, please, please, please… she dared a look over her shoulder, thank god he wasn’t looking up. Then he did. Just in time, she turned her nose back to the wall.

“Were you peeking again?”

“No,” she lied hastily. Her ears burned as hotly as he bottom, which despite being bare to the indifferently heated office, still burned. It was a cert that she wouldn’t be sitting down for Christmas dinner without the aid of a pillow. She could just hear the teasing now.

“You had really better not be,” he growled.

She had peeked half-an-hour before in the hopes that he might let her out of the corner. He hadn’t. But he had carried out his threat to spank her again and this time as promised he had used her hairbrush until she had howled and pleaded that she was sorry.

The first spanking had been bad enough. It had been a whole lot worse than any spanking he had given her while growing up. It was even worse than her last one five years before when she had been 19.

She wanted to be angry with him, but she wasn’t. He had warned her after all and in the intervening years, it wasn’t like he hadn’t threatened her now and again. But she could not believe that this time he would carry out his threat.

He studied her hard, still a little sick at how close he might have come to losing her. He could feel her pouting at the wall even with her back turned. He found a smile as she tentatively rubbed her bottom.

Paige had a full prominent pair of buttocks that spilled over her thighs in all directions while remaining firm and high-set. Just when had this skinny kid become such a beautiful woman? His feelings right now were anything but paternal.

It had all began when the weather had set in. All flights had been suspended, which meant that the last post before Christmas would not be delivered to the outlying areas. It happened a lot in the wilds of Canada.

“But that’s terrible,” Paige had said. “People won’t get their presents until the New Year.”

“They’re all grown-ups, they’ll understand,” he had chuckled at her childish lip-chewing concern.

“I’ve got my licence now, I can fly them up there.”

“No way. What for? A few pairs of socks and bottles of after-shave? Are you nuts?”

“You taught me to fly and I’ve grown up around these mountains. I’ll be alright I tell you.”

“All flights from this airfield are grounded and that is final. If I catch you even looking at a plane I’ll tan your bare behind right here in this office and I don’t care who is around to watch.”

She had blushed at the threat and might have stamped her foot and pouted him to death but old Jackson, one of the older pilots, chose that moment to return his keys and heard the whole threat.

An hour later the weather had let up a little, enough in fact for Jim to drive into town for some last minute shopping of his own.

“Mind the shop, I might be a while,” Jim had said as he left.

The idea had formed slowly in Paige’s cute little head. The weather was definitely clearing. She could be up at Gulley’s Field in 40 minutes and back before Jim returned.

She cast a mischievous eye over the mailbags and parcels. Jim was right they weren’t worth it, but the adventure definitely was.

The trouble was, as Jim could have told her, the weather up the valley was still socked in. And as he could also have told her, the lull was just that, a brief moment in the storm front. By the time she had got to Gulley, the ground was lost under the snowstorm. She knew then that she was in trouble. Her best bet would be to land and spend Christmas on the mountain, but there was no way to land.

“Come in Charlie Victor Two,” the radio had crackled. She had never been so happy to hear Jim’s voice.

“Jim… I can’t find the ground. Over.” She started to cry and felt like the kid that Jim had given a summer job to seven years before and had later taught to fly.

It had taken him an hour to talk her down.

When finally she had landed, skidded more like, she had stood sheepishly on the asphalt as he came out to hug her. She knew before he spoke that she was in trouble.

“I had better call Mum.”

“She doesn’t know. Yet.”


“Oh indeed young lady. You wait until I get you in that office.”

“Please I only wanted…”

“I know what you want.”

Her denims and panties had barely touched her legs on the way to her ankles as she was upended over his knee.

“Jim you can’t I’m…” She had no time to complete the futile phrase as his hand blasted down on her denuded bottom.

“Ow, ow, ow…” She yelped, but he didn’t let up for a sustained five minutes. And then he only paused to slow the pace.

“Please Jim someone will come in,” she had pleaded.

“I really don’t care.”

By the time he was done, her bottom looked and felt like glowing coal on a Christmas fire in her mother’s grate.”

“Leave them down,” he roared. “And get your nose in that corner and if you even dare to move I will spank you again.”

She hadn’t believed him.

The second spanking had been an epic. Despite her best resolve, she had cried this time. That had been some time before.

“Please Jim can I go home now?” She whispered.

“When I am done here I will take you home myself.”

Just then the door opened and Henry and Jenny Martin burst in with a snowy gust of the raging storm. Paige’s eyes were out on stalks as she tugged in vain at her gingham shirt, willing it to stretch over exposed bottom.

“Oh my, quite like old times Paige,” Jenny giggled.

“Not quite,” Henry choked, his throat and trousers constricting in unison.

“She thought she would be Santa’s little helper today,” Jim said between his teeth.

“Oh and such a seasonal colour too,” Jenny giggled.

“Ooh.” Paige wept, wishing she could fly away. But the corner held her as word went round the field that the office had a new Christmas ornament.


3 Responses to “Santa’s little helper”

  1. 1 fatherjim

    Holidaylicious! The happiest to you all!


  2. 2 paul1510

    DJ, nice one, sets the tone for Christmas. Thank you.

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