Sorority postscript


Following the recent post on sororities, Jean sent in this comment. But with permission and after some edits, it is being used as a post in its own right. Thanks Jean.

A few years back I went to college somewhat later than usual and being a spanko even then I was very interested in sorority paddling issues. I actually joined a sorority on the strength of a poster advertising a ‘paddle party’ but it turned out to be rather tame.

I decided to research the subject for my master’s – until I was told to drop it.

For what it is worth here are my conclusions.

More than 90% of sororities do not seriously use the paddle and it is all a myth. However there is a small ‘underground culture’ that do still persist in older traditions or at least there were up to the turn of the millennium.

How far does this go? It is hard to say because no one will talk.

One girl told me that she was paddled for ‘breaches of etiquette’ on the seat of her slacks more than once. She also said that at her paddle party she had to collect signatures on her paddle and the ink was ‘blotted’ on her behind. Seriously hard swats that left her bruised. None of this was on the bare bottom and none of it was sexual in her opinion.

Did she ever here of full on bare bottom punishment paddling? No, she hadn’t.

However, she introduced me to a girl who said that there was some rough hazing and that she had ‘heard’ that some bare bottom paddling had taken place both with pledges and others. She also told me that at her cousin’s college a sorority was suspended because of over zealous hazing and she had heard that bare bottoms were paddled and switched.

I did meet one girl who told me that she was paddled bare ‘lots of times’ and that her sorority ‘handled things’ very robustly. She alleged that a girl had been on the verge of being ask to leave the college before intervention from the sorority. And that the girl in question was very seriously dealt with, with the tacit complicity of the college authorities.

Was this girl paddled on the bare as a punishment? And I quote “Oh hell yes the full bell, book and candle routine!”

I arrange to meet this girl in a coffee shop to find out more and get a more systematic run down of hazing and disciplinary practices but she was a no-show.

I saw her again the next day and she looked very sorry for herself and definitely wouldn’t talk to me. It might have been my imagination, but I could swear she was limping a little.

Shortly afterwards I was ‘approached’ by some of my own sorority sisters together with a woman I did not know but who was active in another sorority. It was put to me that I stop asking questions. No threats, just very strong suggestions. As by then my tutor had already told me that my dissertation subject was inappropriate, I did.

I have always wondered if the two were linked.

Maybe Jean will tell us more one day.

There was a similar thread to this on Sometimes a Girl (linked right) where a girl alleged and hinted about similar things, but after being pressed, she backed off.

Rumours and lies? Who knows?

One Response to “Sorority postscript”

  1. 1 Anon

    Re Sorority Postscript

    I wonder if the not telling is to do with the fact that although it goes on girls are not in to it so much and put it behind them rather than read blogs like this.

    The paddle and paddling was a big part of my sorority and I became fascinated by it, but whenever I meet sisters from those days it is either not talked about or an embarrassment, or it is treated as a joke.

    I was in a sorority (no names or college so don’t ask) 1998 through 2002, and we had the paddle.

    Not to give too many secrets away, we were paddled as pledges for silly things like not remembering sorority history (really dull stuff like lists of Presidents and other officers), tardies, not sitting right, not cleaning your room. These were real hard swats that left bruises, maybe four or six swats.

    Also at our initiation we had to take 10 real ass busters. Mostly girls cried for these, but also we laughed. These weren’t bare.

    However there was a rule that you had to get one more swat than you got last time if it was the same week, so some girls got eight, nine or even as many 15. This was rare but it happened.

    My biggie offered to give four instead of seven once if I took it on the bare this one time so I did. I think that this happened a lot in private.

    Once I was a biggie I used this system a lot with my lil’ sis and oftentimes private debts were paid off. No big deal and I am sure that some of the girls were into it.

    One time (and I only heard this but I believe it) a girl was caught working part-time as hooker off campus. The honour court sentenced her to a monthly workout for the rest of her time at college and made her do some menial work, which they set-up for the money instead of what she was doing. (I gather she had money troubles).

    I don’t know all the details but I gather this may have been a dozen on the bare in front of witnesses once a month. I really wish I knew more about it but it happened after I left and I only heard from little’s little at a reunion party.

    One time when I was still there one the sisters got drunk and bragged about blowing a boy for a bet, it didn’t reach an honour court but we busted her good, and I mean real good. I have to admit it was fun as it was on the bare, but I felt a bit mean when she started crying. We made her do other stuff to get off swats, but that’s just how it was, certain standards you know.

    Anyway I like this blog – great – and love all this stuff. I wish I had gotten hazed a bit more and had some better stories, but only now I was too chicken shit at the time. Our sorority played real hard.

    Now I hope the sorority police don’t catch me. Lol. 🙂


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