An Edwardian establishment


Charles Wells was about to enter when he saw the cane in Jennifer Kingston’s hand. The remaining two girls studied it with a fascinated horror and not a little apprehension. He guessed they had been caned before, it was written on their faces. He had seen the look so many times before.

Cecelia and Caroline were new to the establishment or else they would have known long since all about the sting of the cane on their bottoms. They had both come from upper middle classes families who could not quite afford to send them to a Swiss finishing school. Charles prided himself that his establishment offered all that such a place could offer and a little more besides. Discipline. The kind of discipline that up-and-coming senior clerks and self-made people appreciated for their daughters lest they fall back in station.

Jennifer was well within her rights to punish the girls in any way she saw fit and he was curious to see how she would handle the situation. It was then that he noticed that she kept checking her watch as if waiting for something.

“Oh this is too much, I distinctly instructed Emily to be here at five o’clock.” Jennifer stamped her foot petulantly.

Charles rubbed a small smile from his face with his hand. Emily was one of the trainee instructresses, what business could Jennifer have with her, he wondered.

“Very well we shall begin without her.” Jennifer continued. “Cecelia stand out at once and Caroline I want you to face the black board.”

Cecelia took a nervous step forward and held out her hand. Oh you naive girl, Charles chuckled to himself as he watched from the shadows.

Jennifer rolled her eyes to heaven at Cecelia’s gesture and then grasping the girl’s offered hand pulled her across her knee as she sat on a nearby chair.

“Oh Miss,” Cecelia gasped, “I am 18 you cannot treat me so.”

“If you think to whisper and pass notes in my class like a child then you will be treated like one.” Jennifer snapped.

“Miss.” An astonished shout escaped Cecelia’s mouth as her skirts were raised and her draws tugged down.

Caroline turned her head to look, her jaw collapsed onto her chest at the sight of her friends bare bottom turned up on Miss Kingston’s lap.

“Keep your nose to the board girl or you will suffer worse when I am done.” Jennifer snapped, causing Caroline to hastily look away.

Charles nodded appreciatively at Jennifer’s sternness, she was learning. He remembered not so long ago when she too had been a student and then a student teacher here. He had turned up her skirts many times to spank her adorable full round bottom. As he compared the memory with Cecelia’s pert offering, he felt a pang of regret that he was no longer responsible for student discipline. But the establishment had grown in size and reputation and most parents were uncomfortable with a man chastising their daughters as they would wish it done, namely very firmly across the very bare bottom.

Still in the early days it had been a great perk of the job. He could still make Jennifer blush with the least reminder of those days.

Meanwhile Jennifer’s hand had come down smartly across Cecelia’s bottom leaving a crisp red handprint on her right cheek. It was quickly matched on the left before being obliterated altogether by a quick flurry of spanks that left her bottom bright red all over.

“Oh my gosh.” Cecelia squeaked. The spanking stung her behind far more than she imagined and she clawed the air in front of her as if to swim away, even kicking her legs a little to support the image.

Jennifer spanked on firmly for several minutes with a delightful intense look of concentration on her face.

“Ooh.” Cecelia wailed as she blew something like a raspberry as the tears began to flow.

“Feeling it now are we?” Jennifer snapped.

“Oh, oh, oh Miss.” Cecelia sobbed.

Jennifer paused the spanking and took hold of the girl’s right buttock and examined it. Then with one last smack she said: “Alright get up and face the board. And leave those skirts up and draws down.”

“Oh yes Miss.” Cecelia snivelled as she scampered to obey.

“Caroline come here.”

“Oh please Miss I won’t ever do it again.” Caroline hugged herself and almost doubled over as she backed away pleading.

Jennifer just crooked her finger and glowered at the retreating girl. Caroline swallowed and glanced in horror at her friend’s very bare and very red exposed bottom as she stood facing the board crying. Then she took half a step forward, regarding Miss Kinston with big sad eyes.

It did not take long for Caroline to take the short walk to Jennifer’s lap where she too was denuded to her knees with her bottom turned up.
Charles heart, and something much lower, leapt as Caroline’s bottom came into view. She was a consummate beauty, he thought taken aback.

Even Jennifer was moved by Caroline’s beauty and her hand strayed tentatively to touch the porcelain globes. Then with one last rub she slapped hard and Caroline squealed.

“I shall tell Mummy.” She pouted as the second spank landed.

“I shall tell Mummy too.” Jennifer growled beginning a fast hard volley.

“Oh no I didn’t mean it please don’t I will catch it dreadfully from Papa.” Caroline amended quickly.

“I hope you do.” Jennifer allowed herself a smile as she spanked on.

Caroline’s minor rebellion cost her a longer spanking than Cecelia had endured and by time it was over her bottom was a vivid strawberry red.

As Caroline took her place to stand beside Cecelia, Emily arrived.

“Oh my.” Emily licked her lips as her eyes strayed to take the two red-bottomed girls.

“Emily you are late.”

“Yes I…”

“We will discuss that later, you are just in time to assist me. I intend that these girls will take a dozen each before they leave.” Jennifer said picking up the cane again.

“Oh Miss.” Both girls said together.

Jennifer scowled at them both and watched to see if they dared to take their noses form the board before turning back to Emily.

“Of course I would be delighted.” Emily said nervously, although she did not seem too delighted, Charles thought.

At 20, Emily was only three years younger than Jennifer and half-a-head taller. She had come to the establishment after her father had sued for bankruptcy. This was a fate that befell many a young woman, most of whom had to take what work they could get. At her interview Emily had explained that a teaching position was preferable to becoming a governess.

Again Charles wondered why she was here. Surely Jennifer did not need any assistance dealing with these two miscreants.

“Cecelia stand out here and bend over.” Jennifer swished the cane and made Emily jump.

Cecelia turned her head and looked plaintively over her shoulder as if hoping to get a reprieve.

“Cecelia. At once.”

Then she walked nervously forward and bent over as she had been told.

“Stick it out a little more girl.” Jennifer sounded impatient and Charles could see that she rather pompously pretended to examine the cane tip rather than Cecelia’s bottom, although he thought that the girl was already pushing her bottom up and backwards quite far enough. It was almost obscene as it was.

“How many did I say girl?” Jennifer asked casually.

“Twelve Miss.” Cecelia whispered.

“A dozen it is then.”

The cane was a light schoolroom stick. Designed to sting but not to bruise. although it would surely leave its mark for a while. Jennifer sliced it once more and then struck.

Cecelia bobbed up wagging her fingers as she struggled not to reach behind, she got an extra three the last time she had done that. Before Jennifer could scold her, she bent over again and resumed her posture.

Jennifer struck again extracting a little squeal. In her head she executed a slow count to three and then sliced another lower. Cecelia stayed down for the first six, but on the seventh, she lurched upright and did a little stiff-legged jig. Again she resumed position before Jennifer had to scold her.

The last five were hard going and Cecelia jerked at each. She also choked out a sob at the eight and continued to gently cry through out the rest of her punishment.

“Alright girl, back to face the blackboard.”

Cecelia stood erect and minced away.


Caroline moved briskly as if eager to get it over with. She needed no instruction on how to present her bottom and dipped elegantly to grab her ankles so that her bottom was turned neatly up. Charles noted that her dark split sex could not help but peek out from between and he swallowed against a tightened throat.

Jennifer caned Caroline more slowly than she had Cecelia, drawing neat dark lines across her pale flesh one below the other. Caroline gasped at each and by the count of 10 she was breathing heavily, but otherwise kept her composure.

The last two caused the girl to bob a little and wag her bottom from side to side.

“Alright we are done. Five minutes facing the blackboard and then you can go.”

Charles leant against the wall to survey the scene. Jennifer took out her watch to keep the time, while Emily sucked in her cheeks apprehensively and let her eyes dart across the two well-presented punished bottoms.

“Alright girls you may leave.” Jennifer said at last.

After they had gone Jennifer turned to Emily.

“You were late.”


“Yet again. You were late to class on Tuesday and again yesterday when you had especially been asked to watch the afternoon class.”

“I was…”

“I know where you were.” Jennifer let the words sink in.

Emily wondered if she should speak or was it a trick?

“You were with that butcher’s boy from the village.” It seemed Jennifer did know.

Charles frowned. This was a serious matter and Jennifer should have reported it to him at once. She had no business dealing with this.

“Tom and I were just talking.”

“Tom is it? Well a girl of your position has no right talking to butcher’s boys. It does not reflect well on the establishment.”

“Will you report me to Mr Wells?”

“I should. But I see no reason why we could not deal with this between ourselves. Do you?”

“No Miss Kingston I suppose not.”

“Very well then remove your outer clothing.”

“You mean to… punish me?”

“Oh yes.”

Jennifer walked over to the cabinet and took out another cane. It was black and longer the short cane she had used on the girls.

“Please couldn’t you just…”

“Bare your bottom Emily and bend over the desk. You will not be able to hold position for the bite of the rattan.”

Emily eyed the door as if she might flee, then her hands went to her throat and unbuttoned her top button.

Charles wondered if he should intervene. Jennifer had gone too far and as for Emily, her behaviour was unforgivable. To cap it all she was trying to avoid her true punishment, perhaps in the hopes that Jennifer would be more lenient. He watched as she slowly undressed, stepping out of her frock and folding it over the chair. Her petticoats and corset followed until she was standing just in her draws and chemise.

“I have a better idea.” Jennifer smirked as she kicked the piano stool into the middle of the room. “Rather than the desk I want you to go over that with your elbows on the floor on the other side.”

Charles smiled at this. He remembered that he had once caned Jennifer in this way when she had still been a student at the establishment.

Emily looked at the stool as if it would bite her and then reluctantly knelt before it. She felt awkward and embarrassed as she bent forward and as she did so she realised that her bottom was sticking up in a very shameful way.

“I seem to remember that I asked you to bare your bottom.”

“I know but…”

“Three extra strokes for stalling.”

Emily fumbled for the drawstring and hastily tugged her under things down onto her thighs before she incurred another penalty.

Charles felt something like a ‘punch’ into his solar plexus as Emily’s bare bottom was unveiled. It rivalled Caroline’s in beauty and although it was fuller, it described an almost perfect circle.

Jennifer moved behind the now skittish trainee and sized her bottom up with the vicious looking cane. She tried not to remember that the same rattan had once scored her own bottom. It had been pain personified, just as Emily deserved.

Caning the two younger girls, whilst not onerous, had been a duty. Caning this baggage would be a pleasure, she thought.

“How many?” The words caught in Emily’s throat.

“Two dozen plus the three extras.”

Emily’s jaw dropped and she looked back over her shoulder in horror.

“Please Miss Kingston… I just couldn’t. I’ll die.”

“No, no, not at all. You’ll just have to stand up for a few days that’s all. Think yourself lucky, if you were here as a student I would have you display your marks to the breeze for a few days as an example to others. Believe me it has happened.”

Emily gasped and offered sincere thanks that she was not a student.

Charles smirked. It has indeed happened, he remembered. An I8-year-old Jennifer Kingston had looked quite becoming with her skirts pinned up to display two-dozen crisp welts for the edification of her fellows. Worse still, she had been required to stand for lessons and meals for three days to enhance the effect. Although given the state of her bottom, she had had very little option at the time.

The cane bit in hard and Emily tossed her head back in surprise, but her posture would allow no other resistance. At first the clean line across her hinds appeared as a stroke in the snow, a white slash on alabaster white, but almost at once the thin weal turned a healthy pink and then went darker still.

Not that Jennifer waited too long. The second stroke was laid expertly under the first so drawing a gasping shout from Emily and causing her to claw at the floor.

“Feeling it?”

“Yes Miss.” She looked back as she replied and from where he stood, Charles could see that already tears were pooling in her eyes.

“Then count them out. One”

“Yah! That was three Miss.”

“One I say.” Jennifer struck again.

“But that was four Miss.” Emily was starting to blub already.

“Astonishing. One.” Jennifer struck again.

“One Miss.” Emily wept as the penny dropped.

There were now five perfect lines crossing Emily’s bottom from her crowns to her under-bum. Jennifer added another.

“Two.” Emily’s perfect bottom bucked and then rocked back.

Jennifer took Emily to a slow count of 12, by which time she was crying softly and then made a turn of the room to allow the young woman time to recover as she examined how the tracks of 16 harsh strokes had begun to merge.

“I trust there will be no more butcher’s boys.”

“No Miss.” Emily sounded more sincere than anyone had before.

Then without warning Jennifer sliced in again.

“And eight.” She said gleefully.

“Thirteen.” Emily screamed.

“I say eight.” Jennifer struck again.

“Eight.” Emily wept.

“You see the lesson you learn is that I am the Mistress here. My arithmetic is the only numbers that count.”

“Yes Miss.” Emily said desperately.

She must be wishing she had confessed to me about now, Charles thought grimly, somewhat troubled by Jennifer’s open cruelty.

“Are you ready to continue?”

“Yes Miss.”

It took two or three minutes to take the stricken girl to 18, by Jennifer’s count, or 27 strokes. By which time Emily’s bottom was well marked with a vivid texture and she was weeping copiously.

“Please Miss, please, just six more.”

“Is it? Or were we at 15?”

“Eighteen Miss, oh please god 18.”

Jennifer struck again.

“Eighteen then as you say, so the next must be 19.” Jennifer was pleased with herself for stealing another stroke.

“Oh. Yes Miss.”

The last six were fast and fierce and Emily was left spluttering into the floor.

“Alright you can face the blackboard while I mark some books.”

Charles waited until Emily had taken her place and then coughed loudly.

“Ch… Mr Wells.” Jennifer corrected herself. “You quite startled me.”

“Miss Kingston, Miss Emily.” Charles had a sombre demeanour, as was expected of him.

“Oh Sir.” Emily pressed her face to the board and prayed to go right through it and be taken from his sight.

“I understand there is some matter regarding Tom the butcher’s boy?”

“Oh Sir… I… yes Sir. But…”

“But nothing. You will report to me tomorrow as you should have done already. The very idea of trying to avoid your just deserts by seeking a woman’s hand.”

“But I… ooh!” Emily stamped her foot.

“Get out.”

As she scurried to repair her dress, Charles could have sworn he saw a look of open admiration as she stole a glance at Jennifer. Then she caught him watch her and blushed again as hurried out.

Once she had gone Jennifer turned to Charles stammering without words and blushing down to her lace collar.

“Charles I…”

“It’s Mr Wells to you.” He snapped. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Oh please Charles there is no one here.”

“Well I was here and you failed to notice.”

“Yes Sir.” She whispered.

“You know I am going to spank you first don’t you?”

She nodded.

“Then we will retrieve the rattan for another lesson in arithmetic.”

Jennifer’s mouth formed a perfect O.

“For two farthings I would forget you were an instructress here and have you pin up your skirts for the next few days.”

Jennifer gasped and swallowed.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

Charles cocked his head and glared at her.

“I mean… oh please Charles, please don’t I…”

“Fortunately for you, we have to think of the reputation of the school, but I know someone who will be eating off the mantelpiece for at least week.”

“Yes Sir.” Jennifer chewed her lip as her hands went unconsciously to her behind.


Jennifer stood bent slightly forward with her bottom turned out to the room. The skirts of her gown were neatly pinned to the small of her back to reveal that her draws had been carefully lowered to her knees. Her nose was pressed to the centre of a chalk circle that had been drawn on the blackboard. A trick she was once familiar with and had since forgotten. But the most striking thing for anyone who might have chanced on the scene was that her so obviously bottom was well marked from a healthy chastisement reserved for impudent misses who overstep their authority.

The spanking across his knee had been memorable in itself and she might have been secretly thrilled by it if it had not been quite so long and hard. But the real ordeal had come with the application of the rattan to her stinging red bottom.

Sentenced to three dozen, he had taken her to 12 and then called it as six after a brief pause.

“It was 13, please Sir 13.” She had wept.

“It is what ever I say it is. You showed me a new game.” Then he added, “one.”

What had seemed like a good jape when she played it with Emily had become harsh justice. By the time they were done, neither Jennifer nor Charles could have given the true count. Although her bottom testified that there had been a great many strokes.

“I trust you have learned your lesson Miss Kingston.” His question brought her back to the present.

“Yes Sir.”

“I deal with the trainee instructresses, not you.”

“Yes Sir.”

She would have said Yes Sir to anything just then, even a walk in the grounds with her bottom still on display. She had never felt so humbled.

“Sir?” Jennifer braved the question only after some time.

“Yes Miss Kingston.”

“How long must I be Miss Kingston?”

“For as long as you want to teach or until our first child comes.” He whispered.

“It’s a silly rule about married women not being able to teach.”

“I know.” Charles whispered and moved behind his wife to ruffle her hair. “Am I forgiven for being so harsh Mrs Wells?”

“Always.” She risked turning her head a little to respond to his gesture, but only a little lest she anger him. “Am I?”

“Once I release you, you will be.” He kissed her neck.

“Not soon then.” She sighed.

“No, I suppose not.” He chuckled and sat back to enjoy his handiwork for another half hour or so.


6 Responses to “An Edwardian establishment”

  1. 1 opsimath

    Thank you for another delightful story, Damian. Your style, as ever was so true to the period – you are a very gifted writer – I love this blog.

  2. Oh, how I love your writing! My very favourite bit is when the unfortunate girl is made to go to classes with her skirts pinned up, her shame revealed to all. Thrilling, captivating stuff!

    • 3 DJ

      Opsimath and Carla – thanks for that – the historical ones always get the most response.

      BTW Carla do you write stories as Aunt Carla or is that someone else?


  3. Yes, as the photo depicts, the Edwardian, or Victorian Era days, were the truly good old days, when the master of the house, was king of his castle. And be they ‘upstairs’, or ‘downstairs’, females, their old-fashioned knickers came down, and upon their bare bottoms descended a pliable birchrod or cane, most vigoriously.

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