Sorority housekeeping


Can there ever be enough about sorority spanking? Do they? Don’t they? Just when the official line that it is all a fantasy is repeated for the 1000th time, someone else lets something slip.

As sorority posts are among the most popular here, when three separate titbits came this way, there just had to be another.

The first is innocent enough and nothing to get too excited about, but it inspired another trawl of the web.

Regina Lewis, American author and national television contributor was commenting about CP in schools on one of the links followed from Chross last week. She was over-talked but she started to say “so I should (or should not) get out my Gamma Phi Beta paddle…” She wasn’t being serious where kids were concerned, but it was an obvious admission that she was in a sorority that knew what paddles were for.

Remembering what Jane Wilcox said about ‘sorority housekeeping,’ it had to be worth another look.

After following a link to a discussion board on MSN, this look turned into a convoluted journey across a sea of worthy feminist arguments about the merits of sororities and other mundane stuff. No wonder it’s a secret.

However, just when one is ready to give up (about four minutes in) a few snippets began to crop up.

Megan asked: “Can I just ask anyone here? Has anyone here been paddled?”

Katy69 eventually replied: “What seriously or in fun? Why do you ask?”

Megan: “Well my sorority has paddles and I assumed they were just for fun. Like my cousin was in a sor and there they were totally never used. But I have been told to buy, steal or borrow a paddle for my Frosh year and to make sure it can be used.”

Katy69: “We had something similar and we had a sort of fun paddling on hell night and they kinda get used sometimes in fun. Maybe that’s all it is? What have they said?”

Megan: “I was told it was going to be for housekeeping. I don’t exactly know yet.”

Kitten: “Oh man… giggles… one of those sors!! Boy are U gonna get it.”

GHK (Re: Kitten): “I think we can be more positive and sisterly than that. But Megan, Kitten’s comments underline part of the point here, it is to make you apprehensive to some degree. Talk to your sponsor, you really should not feel unduly pressured by this. My sorority has housekeeping and I have found it a positive experience. As a freshman I was spanked for what seemed petty breaches of rules, but remember most girls are away from home for the first time and discipline is important.”

Maxine: “I think it depends on where you are and to some degree where you are from. A friend of mine was spanked at home until and just after she left for college, so when she joined a sorority, sorority spanking did not faze her. I went to a college in New York State where it is virtually unheard of. I would say if you can handle it, then take your licks. If not then join another sorority.”

PruSnu: “I agree with GHK. But Maxine, we had housekeeping and we were in a college in New York State so maybe it’s not such a regional thing but just depends on the sorority.”

Avril: “You could go to the college authorities or the national body. Paddling is not really allowed.”

PruSnu: “A good point Avril and someone needed to say that. But I think Megan is actually living in the real world at the moment.”

Booper: “I am with Pru and Maxine here. Get real. We were spanked and spanked hard. It’s what pledgies are for. Now I get to dish it out. Life. You don’t have to do it. We don’t tell national and they don’t need to know.”

Megan: “Sorry I haven’t checked here for a while. Thanks for the comments. Actually I am glad I didn’t read this sooner. I just got spanked for the third time. Its Ok and I feel closer to my sisters and its Ok knowing that they had the same. Had I read some of this before I would have been scared off. My biggie has only actually paddled me once so far and the other two times were as you know, I can’t say. But were housekeeping. She put ice on my fanny and we giggled about it. She told me she got it bare a few times. I haven’t had that yet and I am scared but I will live.”

SassySue: “Oh do tell more.”

This is edited from a dozen more posts and was from about four years ago and then the thread dried up just as it got interesting.

Here is a last snippet that may not have been published here before.

Sorority paddling is a great American tradition like apple pie and hating communism. I was at college in the early 1960s and I joined a sorority based on a recommendation from my aunt who was there in the 1940s. We were paddled during hell week. We were paddled for any college infractions and we were paddled for any breaches of ‘house rules.’

Once a week you had to tell your Big Sister anything that came up and she would either deal with it, if you were lucky that it is and if not she would tell a member of the honour committee. Although a spanking from Big Sister was not as bad, although it was always bare, you have to remember that it was a favour as she could be spanked herself if she didn’t report my failings to the honour committee.

Housekeeping was carried out once a week for pledges. We were usually handed a note after class and told to report to such and such sister, whoever was my duty pledge mistress. There were usually three or four of us and we had to wait until she was ready. That was real embarrassing as we had to wait outside her room and everyone knew why you were there.

Then when we called, we all had to go in together and bend over one by one to get swats. They were hard and they hurt and I usually cried. Afterwards my bottom looked swollen and purplish and if I were lucky, the marks would be gone by the following week if I were called again.

All this sounds a bit bizarre to modern ears I am sure. But remember in those days college girls had to stay in halls and we had a housemistress. So even if you weren’t in a sorority you sometimes could expect a spanking. Only very bookish goody-goodies never got into trouble.

Also, I think in my aunt’s time there, things were a lot rougher. My aunt was once spanked bare in the bum-room for dating a boy without permission. Also, there was a shortage of boys in her day and girls without dates were very rough on girls who did if they could be.

I thought all these days had gone, but as I said it’s an American tradition. My daughter and nieces had some pretty tough hazing during their time in the 1980s and my granddaughter, who didn’t join, says it definitely still goes on. She cheekily told me it is the only reason she would join a sorority as all the rest is a bit geeky. I think that is a measure of how sexually aware girls are now. The sexual dimension to this was something I did not face until much later on.

5 Responses to “Sorority housekeeping”

  1. 1 Gail

    We had ‘housekeeping’ – although ours was called that cos it was punishment for not housekeeping or doing it badly when we first in the dorms.

    It happened three ways:

    1) Most often we would have to get into our jammies on the lower half only (tops had to be regular clothes). Then we had to report to the duty pledge mistress. This was real embarrassing as cos of the silly attire everyone knew what you were up for. 😦

    Then we had to bend over – no arguments in her room and take swats. It could hurt and we got between 3 and 12. But mostly it was just embarrassing.

    2) Same drill but when had to take swats in the hall – V embarrassing!!! 😦

    Luckily this rarely happened and only to me once.

    3) Same drill again but you could get it bare!!! Yikes. There had to be someone else present and it had to be in private.

    Never got it and only one person is supposed to have got it like this in my time. But I wonder if it happened more unofficially???

    I hated it but it was sorta fun at the same time. Fond memories. 🙂


    ps oh this was the late 1990s – maybe things have changed.

  2. 2 romanticdominant

    The joy of traditions.

  3. Fantastic! Keep this discussion going. Living in a small college town and working with a lot of sorority girls I find this incredibly fascinating.
    Anyone have any suggestions as to how I should dig for information from these girls I work with?

    • 4 DJ

      Hi OHM

      I knew sorority girls who were interns in London during the early 90s – they were very cagey but dropped hints. I think the truth is girls won’t talk until after anyway.

      Also I wonder, as the contribution here suggests, girls are not so innocent as they were and can’t pretend its not sex.

      So maybe its mostly all in fun.

      Although there is a prosecution in the states at the moment where girls in a sorority were paddled on the bare quite excessively and only one parent complained initially. So maybe it does still happen as that contributor to your web board suggests.


  4. 5 Phillipa

    I was an intern in New York for a year. I got into some S&M clubs while I was there, but that’s another story.

    Anyway I worked with some ex-sorority girls. They had some mighty wild times they told me.

    It sounded to me that the paddle was used mostly for fun, but they used it. One girl told me the played spin the bottle and one of the forfeits was swats. She said (laughing) that she could not sit down afterwards and the bruises last a week.

    I think they only told me because I was a woman and I was from England. I didn’t tell them about my kink. 😉

    Pip x

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