Spanking the Goth


If you have ever been to one of those parties or a fetish fair then you may have seen some attractive aloof people all in black. No, not the waiters. We are talking about Goths and EMO here.

Now not all Goths are in to spanking, but there is something erotic about the idea of breaking down one of those chic chics who are too cool to smile.

A former neighbour wore nothing but black and played the Velvet Underground’s Venus in Furs on a loop. But she was completely impervious to any conversation. Everything was always “so cool that it is hot.”

She was probably too frightened too engage so whether she was into S&M, spanking or just a poser will always be a mystery.

True spanking Goths believe in the mantra ‘gentle people are excellent for spanking’ or so one is told. They definitely need a spanking.

Now there was a Goth girl at the travel agents who existed to be a challenge. Talk about hard work. But she did occasionally smile.

She was once asked if she only wore black and she replied: “sometimes I like it red but I would have to take the dress off first.”

Maybe it will makes Dotes one day.

There could be no point to this, but it is white city out there and cold, so we needed some black. It is also a chance to plug the LAM this coming Sunday.

Maybe there will be some Goths there.

3 Responses to “Spanking the Goth”

  1. 1 Wizard Birchwand

    I think (female) goths are very sexy. Unfortunately they also tend to be very up themselves and have dreadful taste in music (a whole lot worse than Venus in Furs on a loop!)

    • 2 DJ

      That was kind of where I was coming from. 🙂


      • 3 Wizard Birchwand

        Exactly, so there must have been times when you, like me, have pondered the question of whether some of these snooty beauties would be less aloof after a good otk paddling with a Mason Pearson….

        ….of course to find out we may have to wait until MP produce a special edition BLACK model (adorned with little bats and spiders….), simply nothing else would do!

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