Long weeks and slow days


Have you noticed a deficit in posts here in recent weeks? That’s good.

Because if you answered no, then you have not been bothered, if you answered yes, then that means you are paying attention.

Well sometimes life happens. DJ Black has been away 12 days out of the last 20 in two separate trips abroad and has run afoul of international connectivity variability. Oh and in the few days in between the lurgi struck.

Given the number of comments relating to back stories and the relatively modest drop in visits, it appears that most have you have been taking the opportunity to catch up on old posts.

This is only being explained because one or two people suspected a plot, which is a kind of compliment suggesting they care so much. Also writing about it brings us to a subject that is worth a mention.

There are some very good other sites out there and at some point we will look at reviewing some of them, may be along the lines of a sort featured blog of the month.

For instance there is Poppy and her fresh outlook and great pictures, the ever eclectic Spank Statement and the Spanking Library, where incidentally you are reminded a previously unpublished story, The Prophecy, by DJ Black (with Flopsybunny) is being serialised, .

Anyway a post is always a chance to publish a good picture.

4 Responses to “Long weeks and slow days”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    That’s a lovely creature you’ve got pictured there, D.J., but what’s with the funny colour? And yes, now that you mention it, I have noticed a scarcity of posts around here lately. Looking forward to reading more from your pen.

  2. 2 Eddy

    She’s a saucy miss whose almost saying do your worst, can’t make up my mind if she needs a good strapping or a well striped arse from my cane. If she was mine I think she’d get both!

  3. Squeal! You mentioned me! You did! Me!

    That was not a well written or very profound comment, was it? But what can you expect when you say nice things about a girl? We tend to get excited about things like that.

    Thank you very much.


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