The Killer Inside Me – a review


A creepy babysitter played by Caitlin Turner in a flashback from the movie

Many of you will have seen references to Michael Winterbottom’s movie, The Killer Inside Me, throughout the blogosphere. Many have heralded it as an example of how spanking is returning to the mainstream. However, this beautiful shot and well-acted movie does the spanking community no favours.

The opening scene is promising. Casey Affleck, our ‘hero’ is a clean cut ‘all American’ 1950s small-town deputy. He is dispatched by the caring low-key sheriff to investigate a prostitute (Jessica Alba) who is touting for business on the edge of town. His brief is to mark her card and only move her on if she proves to be trouble.

Well he tackles his job with tact in the face of verbal and physical abuse and the worst case of ‘attitude’ outside of a John Wayne movie of the period.

So the put-upon deputy places her face down on the bed and punishes her with a belt on the bare bottom. She hates it, but likes it and they become lovers. Hurrah.

Now if the deputy were to later investigate a murdering rapist while pursuing a spanking relationship with his girl then that would have made a thought provoking counterpoint to an exploration of the issue of violence against women.

However, it rapidly becomes obvious that our ‘hero’ is a murdering psychopath. Of course he is, he likes to spank women. And who are the women he spanks, who like to be spanked? A prostitute, a woman he sees in secret who appears to have a reputation as a loose woman and his first love, his child-abusing baby sitter.

“See what your daddy did to me? But I don’t mind if you hurt me,” she coos.

The spanking scenes are brief and apart from the first one, relatively mild, so this is not necessarily a film for spankos. The murders and other violent scenes are some of the worst ever filmed and seem needlessly protracted. Jessica Alba and the Observer’s own film critic are both said to have fled the cinema at the sight of them.

Interestingly there have been numerous other attempts to film Jim Thompson’s 1952 novel of the same name. Quentin Tarantino made two separate attempts and in the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando were all linked with movie attempts.

It is not difficult to see why this film has not been made until now.

The irony is that when this film is shown on TV and cuts are made, it will undoubtedly be the spanking scenes that are cut and not the very sick violence.

This is not a film to see more than once. In fact, it’s probably not a film to see at all. If you want the spanking scenes, watch the clips that have already been published.

9 Responses to “The Killer Inside Me – a review”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    It seems to be necessary for mainstream moviemakers to marginalize people interested in spanking as you describe here, or as in Secretary, where the female character was shown to have a history of self-mutilation.

    That said, in earlier discussions around this film, it was noted that an actress of the fame and stature of Jessica Alba would have her pick of movie scripts and yet she repeated chooses ones that involve her getting spanked, tortured or punished.

    For instance in Sin City, which BTW I regard as very artsy in spite of its portrayal of low life culture. But then, that’s never been an impediment to art.

    • 2 DJ

      Yes indeed.

      Interestingly Maggie Gyllenhaal was also considered for the role in a earlier version of movie – but that has more to do with casting than anything to do with an actors inclinations. But at least secretary had a positive outcome.


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  3. I could not agree with you more, DJ. To a mainstream that is already weary of our proclivities, “The Killer Inside Me” seems to offer one more excuse: there must be something deeply disturbed about a man who likes to spank women.

    It was an offensive movie from beginning to end. I didn’t even enjoy the spanking scenes, laced with violence such as they were.

    Fortunately it is not a popular movie and will never reach the recognition of “Secretary”. But I fear it did some damage to our community, which I have only known as being a consensual and warm place, much different than mainstream would project.



  4. “The Killer Inside Me” (2010), which I got in DVD form from Netflix, is one of the sickest movies I’ve ever seen. Yes, I ordered it because I was interested in seeing Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson get spanked. It does happen, but the attendant violence is so severe that there is nothing to enjoy.

    Anyway, the “spankings” are not what we like to see. They are not OTK; both women are lying on their bed while the sicko takes out his violence on them. We see their bare bottoms only in close-up. This raises the possibility that the bare bottoms actually belong to stunt doubles and not to Ms. Alba and Ms. Hudson.

    Doesn’t matter. This stuff is NOT entertaining, it is NOT collectible, it is just sick. And you’re right when you suggest the film may have had as one of its motives the debasement of the spanking activity in general.

  5. 6 mdare

    I agree with the comments here about the way this film and even Secretary to a degree marginalize people who are into spanking, and I think DJ is right that censors are hypocritically quicker to cut a spanking scene than a chainsaw massacre or a zombie feasting on entrails. But I have to put in a word in defense of the film. First of all, it’s not a mainstream Hollywood film; it’s an independent. And while you’re right to warn people off who are simply looking for spanking titillation, it’s not the movie’s job to gratify the erotic impulses of people in the spanking community. Michael Winterbottom is a serious director and this is a serious (albeit disturbing and hard to watch) work of art. It’s not flawless or above criticism, but the fact that it doesn’t wave the spanking community banner doesn’t make it a bad film. That it pisses so many people off is an indication of its transgressive power; love it or hate it, at least it’s not bland, commercial pap. Both The Killer and Secretary draw their depictions of spanking from published works of fiction so it’s not really fair to blame the filmmakers. In fact, Mary Gaitskill’s “Secretary” short story is much bleaker than the happily-ever-after movie version.

    Which raises the question of whether the serious aesthetic aims of a work of art are necessarily at odds with the more prurient aims of a work of erotica. There are countless examples in movies and literature of spanking or punishment-related scenes that we may find erotic but only if we isolate them from what goes on in the larger movie or book. To the extent that a work takes on grander ambitions and themes does that work against its ability to be erotic?


  6. The babysitter showinh he rbruised bottom to boys, almost children, is really something that could be avoided, even in a movie.
    Worst than ‘Secretary’ il seems that spanking is about very sick people!
    Too bad!

  7. 8 Ron

    WHY ON EARTH DID Lou ford puncture his tire near the house of the murder he had done?

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