All the young dudes


John Lane sat high on the roof of the main house of the Lazy Lanes. He had been hammering at the same shingle all morning as he took in the view overlooking the best dude ranch in Arizona. He remembered when it was just a working ranch that his father had helped build up from nothing. At 75, it had been many a day since he had to do anything and he had long since retired. In fact, he was only on the roof to get away from the womenfolk and to remind them that he was not yet completely useless.

It was on days like this, when the clear Arizona air was as sharp as his banker’s suit that he pondered on the fact that not one of his sons or grandsons had shown the least bit interest in the ranch.

“Sue you make sure that the bay has its bit on right, you know how it frets.” The shrewish voice cut across the ranch muffled only by distance.

Poor Sue, John thought. His granddaughter, Cameron Lane, a stupid name for a girl if he had ever heard one, was always picking on someone. Today it was the ever-eager city girl who was being nagged by that bossy little madam.

Sue Squickski, least way that was what he called her, not being able to pronounce her Polish name, was 21 and had been a hand on the ranch for almost three years. Apart from Cassie Cake, the cook and housekeeper, she was the only worker on the ranch who was not family.

Then there were his other granddaughters, Cameron’s younger cousins, Sara, Anna and Paige.

He had to admit that Cameron got things done. There was nothing she did not know about horses or business, come to that. At 32, she was the Lazy Lanes best asset. The only thing she couldn’t handle was people. It was fortunate then that the 28-year-old Sara had that particular magic touch. Between the two of them, his retirement fund was assured.

“You OK up there Grandpa?” Anna was always fretting over him.

He looked down on the petite brunette with her hands on her hips. She still looked to him as she had when she carried the same gesture at five years old.

“You OK Grandpa?” The little tot was always asking and for a moment, she was the same child, although now she was almost 25. “You’re not going to fall?”

He swiped imaginary sweat from his brow then called down, “you know I was considering that, but since I aint never done it in 60 years I thought I would pass this morning.”

“Aw Grandpa.” She dismissed him with her hand as if she were swatting a fly and walked on her way laughing. Another gesture he always remembered for her girlhood.

“Aw Grandpa, there aint no Indians up those hills, aw Grandpa there aint no Martians coming to get us…” Each successive dismissal played in his memory and for a moment Anna grew-up before his eyes.

“Grandpa what you doing up there? Aint that shingle fixed yet?”

Cameron. Someday he was going to have to teach her just who was boss.

“I’m doing just as I please.”

Cameron having thrown her weight muttered something and briskly strode off to bother someone else. Paige probably.

At 20, Paige was the youngest and some said the prettiest. No one knew where she got her blonde hair. Martin, John’s second son, swore that he didn’t know and his wife always just blushed and blamed her Russian ancestry.

Paige had other worries this morning.

The day before she had taken three day-trippers up onto Purple Bute. The nice lady from town had forgotten to put her blanket back on after their stop and Paige hadn’t noticed. Now a good Scottish horse blanket was lost and the horse had been chaffed and bruised.

Paige gently soothed the soreness as if it would vanish under her hand.

“What are you doing there?”

Paige jumped and stepped back guiltily. Cameron knew that look.

“What have you done now?” Cameron sighed.

“I…” Paige’s mouth froze in mid sentence her eyes rolling sideways like a cornered horse in a barn fire.

If she didn’t own up it would be worse. If she lied, well that was just not an option.

“I screwed up again.” Paige winced and her shoulders sagged.

“You had better tell me hadn’t you?” Cameron moved across the room and picked up the long-handled brush as Paige stuttered out her story not taking her eyes off the brush.

When Paige was through, Cameron sat down on one of the stable’s lower crossbeams and patted her sturdy thighs. Paige chewed her lower lip and hugged herself as she tried to drill a hole in the floor with one of her toes.

“Don’t make me come get you.”

Paige walked across the room to her fate. Cameron always seemed so much bigger at times like this, although she stood no more than 5’6 to Paige’s own 5’4. Paige was slight with slender curves that emphasised her small round bottom as it tried to burst through her Levis.

Cameron watched as Paige undid her belt and slid her jeans to her knees. There was never any question that her panties were going to join them. Cameron noted that Paige’s lower hair was almost as white as the hair on her head. She was a blonde fanciers dream.

Then Paige was tipped over and folded in half across Cameron’s ample lap so that her bottom was forced up to meet her eyes.

“That was a 100-dollar blanket, for that alone you have this coming. As for the horse, well you know what that means.”

“Yes ma’am.”

And she did.

Cameron had spanked Paige since she had been 16 and had worked the ranch on the holidays. She never bore a grudge, spanking was an occupational hazard on the Lazy Lane. Today was to be no exception.

The brush landed with a heavy thwack and Paige grunted. At 16, she would have begun yelling the place down, but these days it took rather more.

The spanking was fast and efficient. Within in one minute Cameron had delivered 20 swats to her cousin’s bare bottom. Paige’s bottom was deep red and all gooseflesh. Also her grunts had become wet gasps and she had begun to struggle a little.

After two minutes, with a little increase in the pace, Cameron could see where rubber-like ridges had formed between the spanked an unspanked skin, mostly in the cleft between each of her cheeks. Paige’s bottom was by now an angry red and she was becoming quite vocal under the assault. Although Cameron didn’t count, she stopped only when she guessed that Paige had endured around 100 heavy swats.

Once Paige had been set back on her feet Cameron returned the brush to its place. Paige danced as best she could still hobbled by her jeans bunched at her ankles. Her hands were clamped to her sore bottom.

“Now we need a little something for the horse’s pain.”

Paige glowered at her. She knew what was coming next. She had known since she discovered her mistake. It didn’t make it any easier. She had to hear the order.

It came.

“Now go cut me a switch. Let us see if we can’t make you real sorry and draw some real tears of contrition.”

Paige hated this bit. She had vague memories of seeing Cameron and Sara making the same trip in their late teens. Anna of course was still subject to the same treatment and many a time they had taken this trip together.

Paige shuffled onto the porch that run down the side of the stables, praying as she did so that none of the dudes had returned from their rides. With her jeans and panties now at her ankles, it was slow going and if anyone was about there was no chance that they wouldn’t see.

John could see clearly from the roof but he was willing to bet that Paige had it coming and paid the scene no mind.

Sue ducked into the tack room to watch. This family was crazy, but she loved it. Better than the movies.

Sara was checking the cinch-strap on her saddle and pretended not to notice. But felt her bottom itch all the same as certain memories came back. She looked around to see if there were any customers about, this did not always play well, noting as she did so that Anna had made herself scarce lest Cameron was in a spanking mood.

It took a while for Paige to find the right kind of switch, although not long enough for her despite the acute embarrassment. Then she hobbled her way back to the stables.

“Over. Hands flat on that hay bale there.”

Paige did as she was told, conscious that her reddened bare bottom was facing the open stable doors and anyone passing could see.

“When we are done here you can go to the corner and stay there. I’ll deduct the time and the blanket from your pay.”

“Yes ma’am.” Paige was miserable.

Cameron examined the switch Paige had cut and as she had expected it was far too light. It usually was and that was why she had cut her own. Not that the flimsy offering would go to waste.

Cameron examined the offered red bottom that stood out in stark contrast to the surrounding white flesh. Then she started in laying on a rapid volley with the little stinger across Paige’s hiney at the rate of 90 to the minute.

“Yeouch!!!” Paige bucked and became incoherent with gasping and yelling.

On the roof nearby John shook his head and watched some rather startled and confused customers coming in from their morning ride. He guessed they were not quite sure what they were hearing, or quite believed it if they did.

Inside the stables, Cameron kept up the rapid pace until Paige was lost in sobs and begging to apologise. Then she cast aside the light switch and went to work with its big sister. More slowly this time, taking care to let the wand bite into the underside of Paige’s bottom.

“Ow Cameron please,” Paige wailed miserably.

“Come now you know it’s for your own good.”

The switching lasted a good three or four minutes before Cameron was satisfied and by then Paige was regretting that she had ever laid eyes on a horse.

“Alright it’s corner time.”

“Yes ma’am.” Paige was sobbing as she shuffled painfully towards the corner.


Michael Ellis had not been that keen to come to a dude ranch, but he had to admit that he had been enjoying himself. It had been Rachel Spencer, his business partner’s idea.

“We need a team building exercise.”

“Oh and cowboys and indians is your answer.”

“No,” Rachel rolled her eyes up. “Anyway it’s cowboys and native Americans these days. Look it’s just a bit of fun to get us out of town.”

But Michael had stopped listening. There had been an odd commotion as he had rode up from that morning’s excursion but as he dismounted it had stopped. Rachel began ‘baby-talking’ her horse so he left her to it and went to see what was to be done with the horses.

He tried the barn and then what looked like a stable block.


When he got no answer, he turned to go. Then he saw Paige standing in the corner.

“Ah, sorry. I’ll…”

“Yes please go away.” Paige was mortified.

“That’s no way to talk to a customer. I am afraid my young cousin needed a firm hand this morning.”

Michael turned to be confronted by a rather comely tomboy five or six years younger than himself.

“So I see. Your handy work?” Michael tipped his thumb at Paige’s quite colourful and pain ravaged bottom.

“Uh huh. A good spanking never quite works unless it is on the bare I find.” Cameron shrugged and turned to leave. “I’ll show you where to put the horses.”

“And, what was it afterwards? A switch? That’s better on the bare as well is it?” Michael said archly.

“Spoil the rod and all that.” Cameron was enjoying the man’s conventional disapproval.

Just then, Rachel entered the stable.

“What’s the score on another… oh is she?”

“I wouldn’t ask if I were you.”

Michael and Rachel followed Cameron’s impressive and rolling behind as she swaggered from the stable room.

“Can we get fresh horses, Rachel wants to go out again this afternoon.”

“I am sure that can be arranged.”

Cameron didn’t bother to turn and being offered her back caused a cloud to cross Michael’s face. I am not sure I care for your attitude young lady, he thought.

Rachel was deep in thought as they returned to the horses, although the wild variety couldn’t have extracted what scenes played around in her head.

“Don’t let our little domestic squabbles spoil your day.”

Rachel looked up to see Sara smiling at her.

“I won’t. I mean…” Rachel blushed. It was as if this girl could read her mind.

“That your man?” Sara said nodding at Michael to distract Rachel from whatever was bothering her.

“Yes… I mean no. We work together. We… that is… I am…”

“That’s OK. How about we team up this afternoon?”

Their conversation was interrupted by Cameron barking yet more orders.

“Let’s get these horses watered and then show these folks a fine lunch.”


Sara was amused that all through lunch Rachel kept looking over to the stable block. It didn’t take much to guess that her thoughts were full of Paige in the corner. Although Sara also noticed that every once in a while Rachel would cast a sly glance in her direction.

“What do you folks do in the city?” Cameron said somewhat brusquely. Then without waiting for an answer she added. “Me, I can’t stand the city, too many people, not enough horses. If I were to…”

“Tell me Ms Lane, do you ever shut up for a moment?” Michael said with infinite charm.

Sara spluttered on her stew and hid her laughter in her napkin. Cameron just glowered at Michael.

After some negotiation at lunch, it was decided that they would go out separately. Sara would take Rachel and Cameron would lead Michael off on an adventure of his own. Cameron hadn’t liked the way he had interrupted her all through lunch with his superior city ways. May be she would have some fun with him, she thought.


They hadn’t ridden far when Rachel plucked up the courage to broach the subject.

“Does… do people… girls I mean, often get spanked at the Lazy Lane?”

“It’s not that unusual.” Sara laughed.

“Do you ever get spanked?”

“Now that’s a very impertinent question.”

“Sorry.” Rachel said hastily as she blushed prettily and threatened to withdraw again. So Sara helped her out.

“It’s been a while for me, but there was nothing unusual about it when we were growing up. Paige and Anna still get it lots, but mainly from Cameron. Sue the help has had it a couple of times as well, but that is strictly… well let’s keep that among ourselves.”

Rachel felt another hot flush and gripped hard into the saddle with her thighs. There was another long silence after this while Rachel plucked up some more of her courage as an amused Sara looked on.

“You said Cameron mainly spanks? Do you ever, sometimes I mean… well have you ever spanked a girl?”

“Cameron needs a man. She doesn’t have one and most men around here give her a wide birth. So she takes it out on anyone she can. Mostly Paige. As for me well, let’s just say I am not that way inclined…”

Sara left the words hanging and watched her pretty new friend blush again.

“Now I am not adverse to spanking a pretty little bottom, but Paige and Anna are family and it aint half so much fun. Sue’s game but only up to a point. She doesn’t like to kiss and make up afterwards.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean.”

“Why are you telling me all of this?”

“Rachel I bet back in the city you are one mean cat of a mother when it comes to business, but out here I am the she-cat and curiosity kills the kitten.”

“I have never been called a kitten before.” Rachel whispered.

“Come with me, I’ll race you.”

Sara broke her horse into a canter and sped off. Then after only the briefest of hesitation, Rachel followed.


“So just what is it you do in the city Michael?” It was the first thing of any consequence that Cameron had said since they had set out. She had already asked him the same question twice before and he wondered if she would wait for him to answer this time.

Not that Michael had minded, she had set a steady pace that had left him playing catch up. He might have caught her easily but he was rather enjoying the view from behind. Cameron Lane had a ‘good seat’ in every sense of the phrase. He wondered if her exaggerated posture with her bottom thrust back in the saddle was for his benefit, but he decided that she was scarcely aware of the effect she was having on him.

“Cartography. I am in map-making and publishing.”

“I see, so you are hardly likely to get lost.”

“Well let’s just say…” He didn’t finish his sentence before she broke into a gallop and left him on the trail.

Horses not being his strong point he resisted the temptation to give chase. Instead, he calmly took out on of his own maps and checked it against his pocket GPS. The marked trail from where he stood cut above the lower trail they had been on. In fact, from the map it was so obviously the better trail he wondered if she was deliberately taking him by a rougher route. But then some maps could be deceptive and he hadn’t made this one.

However, he was no stranger to rough terrain. In fact compared to the Amazon, Alaska or even the Scottish Highlands, this part of Arizona was positively tame. And those were just some of the places he had mapped for oil companies and the like.


The bathing pool was heaven.

At first Rachel had been embarrassed to strip naked in front of Sara. But Sara had not been the least bit reluctant to strip off and soon they were splashing around like a couple of kids.

After about 20 minutes Sara swam for the shore and again Rachel found herself blushing as her guide’s sleek body emerged from the water.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” Sara called back as she towelled her hair.

Rachel licked her lips as she regarded Sara’s firm athletic buttocks and thought back to college.

“There was a girl at school when I was 19, but…”

“Come here.” Sara beckoned Rachel with her finger and offered her a crooked smile.

“Why did I just tell you that? I have never told anyone about Sandy before… I…”

“Come here.” Sara ordered.

Rachel made for the poolside and emerged covering her breasts with her arm.

“You were mighty curious about Paige’s spanking earlier.”

“No I…”

Sara sat down on a rock, the stone feeling cool against her wet bottom. Then setting her thighs firmly apart she pulled Rachel down and over her lap.

“Look this is…”


Rachel had never felt so exposed as she did at this moment. Here she was naked, dripping wet and draped in a childish posture over an equally naked woman knee.

“Stop I don’t… I can’t…” Rachel breathed rapidly, but offered not the least resistance.

“When I have done spanking you I am going to cut a switch. I want your tears. Once I begin, I won’t stop until I decide its over. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Rachel was trembling like road-stunned rabbit.

Sara’s fingers ran slowly up Rachel’s thighs and tickled the damp pubic hair at the top. The woman squealed in delight, her eyes starting in her head, as the Sara’s touch became all the more intimate.

The first spank across both Rachel’s bottom cheeks was a surprise. It stung and signalled an instant change of pace. The only comment she made on such a momentous change in her life was: “ooh!”

That first spank was followed by a brisk volley, which turned Rachel’s smooth white bottom to a solid red in moments.

“You mark well.” Sara murmured.

Rachel did not reply, but only wriggled on Sara’s lap as she began to breath rapidly.

Sara spanked on. She did not stint in either pace or in the weight of her arm. She spanked on and on until her strength begun to fail and Rachel gently wept.

“Let it out,” Sara whispered as she paused to massage Rachel’s hot red bottom. “This has only just begun.”


Cameron was becoming concerned. Maybe the city dude had really got himself lost. Maybe he had taken the dangerous upper trail. She had begun to think that her dislike of him had caused her to be reckless.

She turned her horse and leaned over in the saddle as she tried to make out any sign that he was following.

“Looking for someone?”

Cameron nearly fell from her horse at the voice. She turned to see Michael sitting on a boulder chewing a strand of grass.

“I was beginning to think you had got lost,” he continued.

“I suppose you think that is funny?” Cameron glowered at him, completely mystified as to how he had got ahead of her.

“Not particularly. But I was going to ask you much the same question. The trail I took was somewhat risky, more so than it appeared on the map.”

Cameron blushed to the tip of her nose and an apology stuck in her throat. She had spanked Anna and Paige for pulling the same stunt a couple of years back on a customer they hadn’t liked. What had come over her?

“Shall we head back?”

“I suppose.” Grandpa would be furious if Michael decided to kick up a fuss. She could kick herself.


Rachel was delicately folded over the now unhorsed saddle with her tingling sore red bottom in the air. The spanking had taken her to tears, but she had cried from an inner release not the pain. Not she felt helpless as Sara explored every part of her in her ‘helpless’ state.

Right now Sara was stroking Rachel’s inner thigh with a long thin switch. Then moving up to tease the flesh of her bottom.

“Will it hurt?” Rachel breathed.

“Oh yes.” Sara kissed Rachel’s bottom gently.

“I don’t understand. I don’t want you to.”

“Yes you do.”

No she didn’t. Did she? Why was she so wet? Rachel’s mind was racing.

The switch stroke cut deep and hard.

“No.” Rachel tried to rise with an angry shout.


“Don’t shush me. That hurt.” Rachel felt the spell was broken now, but why did she throb so below?

The next few strokes were no better and Sara laid a gentle hand on her back, although no force was needed to keep her down, she noted with a smile.

Sara plied the switch slowly back and forth across Rachel’s upturned bottom with some force will the prone woman groaned and struggled to protest. As each stroke bit home, Rachel lurched but her anger soon gave way to humble whimpering.

“No more please,” she wept as she chewed on the blanket that protected the saddle beneath her from the ground.

“When ‘she’ says stop I will.” Sara placed her hand between Rachel’s thighs and gave her a squeeze there on the word ‘she.’

“Nooo.” Rachel wailed. But it emerged as a sigh.


As soon as they rode into the compound, John could see that something had passed between them. He could also see that for once Cameron might not have got the upper hand.

Cameron was in a thunderous rage as she began to undo the saddle strap, but her grandfather, knowing her of old, could see that she was most angry with herself.

“Were you trying to get me killed?” Michael was saying. There was an edge to his voice.

“No.” Cameron’s voice was subdued, somewhere between sullen and shy.

John Lane stood back. He had never seen this side to his granddaughter before.

“Come here.” Michael’s voice brooked no argument.

“Look who do you think you are?” That was more like it, John thought as Cameron exploded. But this was just for show. His eldest granddaughter was on the defensive.

“Come here.”

Cameron stood nervously by her horse with a look on her face that said she might run. It was a look that John Lane had not seen for 10 years or more. Not since he had last spanked her.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Wouldn’t dare what?” Michael shrugged and folded his arms.

“W-hat you’re fixing to do.” Cameron was uncertain now and wished she had spoken.

“What’s that?”

Cameron blushed and looked around for a sign of refuge. She saw only Paige and Sue standing nearby and her grandfather standing off watching from the porch.

“Grandpa.” She whispered extending her hand. But John just leaned on the nearby wall to watch.

Michael strode forward and took her arm and led her to the steps leading up to the house.

“You can’t, please not here.”

John stifled a chuckle with his hand and certainly made no move to intervene. This had been a long time coming.

Sue and Paige were not so discreet with their laughter as Michael took Cameron face down over his lap.

“Look I’m sorry OK but you can’t…”

But he could and did as the first swat landed with a loud clap on her jean-clad bottom.

“Yeow.” Cameron’s exclamation was of angry surprise, rather than of pain.

The target was firmer than he had thought and aided by the denim, Cameron’s bottom punished his hand. No challenge too great, he thought and followed up with a rapid volley about as hard as he could with no regard for his hand.

Cameron responded with a sharp intake of breath and face that screamed to the world that it hurt, although she was determined to make no further sound.

Michael paused for a reaction and getting none, he repeated the volley with weight to his arm.

“No you can’t.” Cameron gasped through firmly gritted teeth.

“You don’t think so?” Michael said, letting his amusement show. “I thought this was how naughty Lane girls got handled here.”

“You can’t spank me like this.” Cameron wailed as she struggled not to cry.

“Oh yes,” Michael grinned, “‘a good spanking never quite works unless it is on the bare I find.’”

“I didn’t mean… oh god no. Please not here.”

Paige and Sue were in fits of laughter and to cap it all Sara and Rachel were riding up. Or at least Sara was. Rachel had opted to lead her horse in, but everyone was too preoccupied with Cameron’s spanking to notice that she was limping.

“Oh god yes, please right here.” Sara catcalled.

“No, no, please not here.” A tear rolled down Cameron’s cheek for the first time, she was actually surprised that it did not evaporate on her scolding cheeks.

“Not here?” Michael said loudly. “Where then? The stable block perhaps?”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Here then.”

“Alright, please not here.”

“So you agree you deserve a sound spanking on your bare bottom?”

“Please.” Cameron was frantic she wanted the nightmare to end.

Michael sighed and reached under belly for her belt buckle.

“Alright, yes.” Cameron was frantic.

“Yes what?”

“Spank me in the stable block,” Cameron whispered as she risked looking up and meeting the other women’s eyes, but she had to know if they had heard.

“Louder please or I will spank you right here.”

A sob escaped Cameron’s throat in final defeat.

“Please spank me in the stables.”

Michael let her up and led her gently in the agreed direction. Paige and Sue made to follow.

“Don’t you dare.” John yelled.

They both broke into a fit of giggles, but obeyed all the same.


In the stable block Michael waited with his arms folded.

“Look I’m sorry it was a reckless thing for me to do. But how was I to know you would go the dangerous way?”

“It was your job to know. And anyway, you deliberately tried to make a fool of me.”

“Yes,” Cameron whispered. “But haven’t I been punished enough?”

“What do you think? What would you have done if your cousin had done such a thing?”

Cameron’s chin was on her chest and a loud sob escaped from under her cascade of hair. Her hands went to her belt and she began to unbuckle.

“Shall go easy on you?” Michael said gently.

The shaggy mane of hair shook as the jeans slipped down her legs.

Cameron went over his lap easily this time, a small gasp escaping her as he hooked his thumb into the waistband of her panties and eased them down.

This time he used the same brush she had spanked Paige with earlier and this time she gave her pain a voice and started to cry in earnest.

The crack of wood on flesh and Cameron’s yells carried out the rest of the ranch much to the delight of all that heard it. It was a sound that lasted for some time. Then after a while, Michael came out and went behind the barn, returning a few moments later carrying a switch. John pulled a face and walked after him.

John didn’t catch up with Michael until he was back inside. Cameron was standing in the corner sobbing her eyes out.

“It’s been a while for her, don’t you think…” John began.

“It’s alright Grandpa, I deserve it.” John scarcely recognised the humility in his granddaughter’s voice.

“I won’t give her anything she can’t handle. After all I hope to be seeing a lot more of your granddaughter once I have tamed her.”

Cameron took her nose from the wall and turned her head. Only her jaw dropping in wonder interrupted her grin.

“Nose to the wood.” Michael snapped.

“Yes sir.”

John clapped his hands in glee and left the room shaking his head in pleasure.

“Take your time young man, take your time. Our Cameron needs a lot of taming.”


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  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    The rustic setting does make spankings seem like the so much a part of the natural order of things.

    This story ends like it could be the start of a series. Will there be more?

    • 2 DJ

      Is this part of a series?

      I don’t know – it is planned to be – but I agree it has potential.


  2. DJ, a lovely story, if there is more I will read it eagerly.

  3. 4 fatherjim

    Wow! What a wonderful backdrop for a series of well-earned spankings! Always love it when the Top woman gets hers! Wonderfully done! Yes, there needs to be more!


  4. 5 opsimath

    Thank you for a very exciting story, Damaian, and may I say how good it is to have you back after your indisposition. It certainly hasn’t harmed you writing!

    I know absolutely nothing about horses or the equipment they need, but I did enjoy the disciplinary aspects of this lovely tale – and after all, that’s why we’re all here!

    My thanks again for a very ‘firming’ tale, well-told.

  5. Absolutely loved this. I do hope there will be more!

  6. 7 Richard

    Another excellent story with two deserved and one erotic spanking thanks very mush

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