DJ Black is unwell


That doesn’t mean he is drunk, just after a week or so of trying to post from abroad, seasonal sickness has loomed.

The next post, scheduled for yesterday, will be published here in a day or two. Meanwhile here is some music.

7 Responses to “DJ Black is unwell”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. At least you were able to take this great snap of a nurse disciplining a candy striper.

    Hmm, candy striper, now there’s a name with possibilities. I wonder what the story “behind” that one is.

  2. Hopefully DJ will improve soon. Maybe he needs more time “doing” and less time writing. 🙂

  3. Feel better, DJ! Come back stronger!


  4. 4 Scunge

    Feel better soon or to be grammatically correct Get Good Soon!

    • 5 DJ

      All this good will is most welcome. 🙂

      I was not fishing for kind words – Its just that if I don’t post here for a few days I get concerneds email asking if I am bored or burned out.

      I only wanted to flag up that I was temporarily lacking energy and drive to finish my latest story or research anything else.

      Still a little under the weather and busy on non-voice projects but I hope to publish All the Young Dudes tomorrow.


  5. I love the image you used for this post. When I first started surfing spanking sites, this was an image I came across and it always stuck with me. To this day it is one of my all-time favorites.

  6. 7 JJ

    That candy-striper OTK image is a real throwback–to the mid 80s and the
    legendary “Spank Hard,” edited by soon to be Shadow Lane co-founder
    Eve Howard. If I remember correctly from crosstalk long after SH was no longer being published by LDL, that’s rouge on them thar asscheeks–twrent no real spankin’ !!

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