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Her foot touched the bedroom floor with barely a sound as she stepped off the sill. She could just make out the shape of the woman on the bed. She was lying on her front only half-covered by the bed sheet. The curve of her naked bottom was stark even in the gloom. This time […]

Monday 11 October Dear Diary, I am sitting on a train, which is a novel experience for me, both the sitting and the train. I have begun my first big adventure in the great wide world, although I have the most dreadful feeling I have forgotten something. Oh, well once I remember what I have […]

Someone recently sent in these pictures (more on that in a future post), some of which are familiar, but others not so. Among the sorority pictures, were some modern ones of young women clearly being or about to be spanked. These cannot be published as the girls concerned are clearly identifiable and may still be […]

“This man has already defeated the Gauls and now he molests our very shores.” Camlan said in exasperation. “We must unite against him before it is too late.” “Don’t bleat to me like an old woman Camlan, you fight if you want to, what has it to do with my tribe.” Beryl sneered. Since her […]

This picture suggests autumn, even though it’s indoors and as the next story is not quite ready and we had just hit the three quarters of a million visits mark, why not post this.

The whole Stepford thing has always been difficult to understand. Why would any one want to replace their wife with a robot? They are completely impossible to spank. But seriously, if you had pitched the script to that movie anytime before 1965 its irony would have been lost on many women in Middle America (or […]