Abaconti’s daughter


Besides the driver, there were three of them in the car. That was way too many for Sam’s liking. Her father was beginning one of his scolding pep talks and she really could do without an audience. It was bad enough that her father had insisted on accompanying her to the Hotelier of the Year Awards, without having to suffer a lecture as well.

The driver had heard most of this sort of thing before, after all Alice Clark had been Maxwell Abaconti’s driver for more than six years, by now she was almost family. However, Judith Humble, Abaconti’s secretary, was new.

“There is another thing Samantha,” her father began using that tone. “William Caldwell.”

Damn, Sam swallowed hard. How did her father find out?

“William? Yes I know him of course,” Sam said evenly. “What about him?”

“You and he have become, oh what is that quaint modern phrase, an item.” Abaconti was peering at her down his nose.

“Father I am 36. Who I see is my affair.” Sam sounded more assertive than she felt.

“I gather affair is the appropriate word.”

Sam blushed. Damn, he knew everything.

“He is just my boyfriend.”

“One,” Abaconti started the finger counting that signalled she was going to lose the argument, “he is far from a ‘boy.’”

Sam couldn’t argue with her father there and a small smile played about her lips.

“Two. He is married.”

“They are separated…”

Her father cut her off with a chop of his hand.

“Three. He is a major competitor. He is using you Samantha.”

“But that’s just… I haven’t told him anything… I…”

Abaconti handed his daughter a file and sat back with a scowl as he folded his arms, which signalled real anger. Sam swallowed again and something flipped over in her stomach. She knew that look.

She opened the folder and began flicking through the pages. There were pictures of William with his wife. Recent photos and they looked very much together to her. Anger welled within her.

“I have others,” Abaconti said gently his face softening a little. “They are not really suitable for a lady.”

Sam turned back to the folder while she formulated the speech about spying and invading her privacy. Then something gripped her heart. There was a transcript of a conversation she had had with William and another of him reporting it to the chairman of his rival chain.

“I told him that in the strictest confidence.” Sam’s voice had become a gasp.

As her mind raced with conflicting emotions and dread sense of betrayal, she noticed that her father had begun to remove his jacket.

“Look father…” Sam began her eyes darting towards a very uncomfortable looking Judith.

Then her mouth went dry. Her father was rolling up his sleeve.

“Wha-what are you doing?” Sam was suddenly very conscious of where her bottom touched the back seat of the car. “Look I’m sorry it was an error of judgement, but…”

“Go on.”

“Look can’t we talk about this later? We are nearly at the award ceremony.”

“Then you had better hurry Samantha. I want you over my knee right now.”

Judith blushed to her ears in unison with Sam.

“No Daddy not in front of them.” Although they were moving at speed, Sam reached behind her and tried the door handle.

“Its here and now or in front of all those photographers when we arrive.” Abaconti said darkly.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Sam gasped. But one look at her father told her he was definitely serious. “Please Daddy, please. Not in front of them. I am grown woman.”

“Alice has seen you spanked before and not as often as you have seen me spank her,” Abaconti growled. “And as for Judith, why she is becoming quite accustomed to my disciplinary methods aren’t you Judith?”

“Yes Mr Abaconti.” Judith whispered her blushing growing by the second.

“I had occasion to spank her just the other day didn’t I?” Abaconti said dryly. “Tell Samantha what that was for Judith.”

“Please Mr Abaconti,” Judith wailed.

“Judith’s little red bottom is becoming quite a regular feature in the corner of my office, isn’t Judith?”

Judith’s eyes went wide and she looked away in horrified embarrassment.

“I wouldn’t put it off any longer if I were you. We are almost there.” Abaconti continued.

“Please daddy.” Sam felt 18 again. She remembered a spanking she had received the minute she had stepped off the bus on returning from a school field trip. She was still teased about that, small mercies that there were no boys or male teachers present on that day.

Abaconti tipped his daughter forward and flipped over his lap in one practiced motion.

“No Daddy.” Sam had a girlish pout now.

Her dress was a tight red sequined affair. Very clinging and it made no compromises to her figure.

“The money you girls waste on such fripperies,” Abaconti scolded.

For one hopeful moment Sam thought she was going to get her first ever spanking not given on the bare, but then she felt her father’s hand take hold of the expensive hemline and felt the breeze touching her thighs as they were unveiled.

Judith could not look away and her eyes were glued to Sam’s expansive bottom as the curtain was lifted.

“No Daddy, please.”

“Samantha Abaconti,” her father growled when her bare bottom slipped into view. “You aren’t wearing any underwear.”

“It spoils the line,” Sam supplied meekly.

“You and I are going to have some serious words later. You are becoming a trollop. All married men and no knickers.”

From her position, Sam could see Judith’s eyes and she fancied that there was a look of amused scorn touching her face.

Abaconti brought his palm smartly down on his daughter’s bare bottom and she yelped. Judith licked her lips, with nerves, she told herself, as a red patch developed on Sam’s pale defiant bottom.

“You can’t do this,” Sam wailed as she was spanked again.

The car listed to the right a little as Alice looked for a little too long in her mirror.

“Alice the road,” Abaconti barked.

He then set about giving his daughter a sound hand spanking that she would remember when she was 80. If he had had more room, her would have removed his belt. As it was he was so angry, that he considered continuing the spanking after they arrived.

“Please, Daddy, sorry Daddy.”

Abaconti’s hand cracked down like pistols shots causing Sam to cross her ankles and bite down into the leather seat.

Judith’s mouth was dry and she silently cursed herself for her state of arousal. It happened every time she was spanked now and now it seemed, when anyone was spanked. What was worse was that she had spent the night making sure she hadn’t made a single mistake and now part of her was hoping she had. What kind of sick puppy was she? Bad girl.

Only right now it was Sam’s spanking that was the central theme and Judith was in no hurry for it to end. Abaconti’s daughter’s bottom was a deep smooth red all over and getting darker by the second. Abaconti was setting a spanking pace and Sam’s make-up was running down her face as she howled like a 12-year-old.

“We will arrive in four minutes sir.” Alice’s voice was a little thick.

“Oh god, please Daddy, don’t.” Sam was choking on her sobs now and had started frantically slapping the seat in front of her.

Abaconti ignored her and spanked on vigorously until the last possible minute.

“If you ever consort with a married man, let alone betray this company’s secrets you will get far worse than this and I will find a suitable audience for your shame.” That last burst of scolding brought the spanking to an end.

Sam’s dress felt like sandpaper as it was tugged down over her blazing bottom but at that moment she would have doubled the pain for just half of the embarrassment. Alice handed a handkerchief over her shoulder without turning round and Judith offered Sam some make-up, albeit with a smirk.

The waiting journalists must have wondered what the delay was and how many, Judith wondered, would notice that Sam Abaconti had been crying as she stepped on to the red carpet, a red that matched both Sam’s dress and her bottom.

Even if Judith had not been a witness, she would not have mistaken the mincing gate of a recently spanked woman as Sam struggled with a studied nonchalance. But then she definitely knew the feeling.


2 Responses to “Abaconti’s daughter”

  1. 1 paul

    nice story would like to see her get the belt in front of the press! but may be thats another story!!!!

  2. 2 Bill

    Great story you’ve got going here.. The twists are like a country road.
    Keep up the good work.

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