Love Our Lurkers Week


Apparently yesterday was Love Our Lurkers Day. No one tells us anything! So if you missed it here is another chance to join in the fun.

Did you know that only one person in 10,000 leaves a comment on this blog? If you are out there, why don’t you just comment on one of the stories, especially if you like them?

On this blog it is easy, you only have to leave a name (any name) a seemingly valid email (if you do mistype it slightly it will still work as long as it looks like a valid email) and make your comment in the box provided at the bottom of every post.

If you prefer to contribute to another blog, head over to My Bottom Smarts for a list of partcipating blogs.

13 Responses to “Love Our Lurkers Week”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Cute picture, and good illo of the concept of “the lurker”. Many many lurkers take this opportunity to leave a few words!

  2. Hi,

    Happy LOL day! I like your blog and visit it regularly.


  3. Happy LOL day!

  4. 4 ♠ace of spades

    I’m also a fan of your blog. Keep up the good work.

  5. 5 W

    Yes, I also follow your blog! In fact it is at the top of the list in my RSS reader, as “A Voice in the Corner” starts with an “A” 🙂

  6. Have a great LOL week.


  7. 7 Michael

    Thanks for all the great stories, the quality, style and content of your work is quite outstanding.

    Keep up the good work !

  8. 8 Michael Harrison

    One of the best blogs, a favourite read.

  9. DJ, I read all your stories and even comment occasionally.
    I enjoy what you write. thank you.

  10. You’ve been on my blogroll for a long time, and quite deserved so! Thanks for all you do here on the blog and for being a participant in our annual LOL Day celebration!


  11. 11 DJ Black

    Many thanks for all the great feedback.

    Nice to be appreciated.


  12. First time commenting . I Read this every day I mean everyday wonderful is what this site is and I love it.

  13. nice blog you have ,best wishes ,tim .

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