The Berkley Hunt


When Charlotte had agreed to come hunting, this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. When she had found out what was really going on, she had protested angrily, she had wanted no part of their decadent games, but she had been ‘restrained.’

“You can go to the police afterwards if you want to, but fox hunting is illegal now you know, so you would have to explain what you were doing here in the first place,” had been Robert’s response. “Then all you would need is someone else to back up your, let’s face it, ludicrous claims.”

That’s how Charlotte had been trapped.

Now she stood shivering and waiting with the other two-dozen naked women in the courtyard, naked, that is except for a pair of hiking boots.

“I love these weekends, don’t you?”

Charlotte tried to ignore the stupid bimbo as she blushed in both anger and shame.

Then the men arrived on horseback, all dressed in traditional hunting gear. One or two were leering at the bevy of naked and mostly giggling women. However, most of the men appeared to be taking this seriously.

“You all know the rules,” Robert said. “When I blow the whistle you will have four minutes head start. Woe-betide the girl who is caught first.”

The rules had been explained to her earlier. The women had to escape into the woods pursued by the men on horseback. The first woman caught would get a public flogging and be subject to more forfeits besides. The last woman would get one thousand pounds and the option to go free.

The rest would be at the mercy of their captors for the weekend.

The estate and the surrounding woods were miles from anywhere and the nearest village was 12 miles away across the marsh. Even if Charlotte could get there before being caught, she was completely naked.

She considered ducking back into the house and hiding there, but the whistle went and she was carried forward by the horde of excited women making a break for the woods.

“I do hope Stephen catches me again.”

Surely she wasn’t the only one who had been coerced into this, she thought grimly.

Several of the women made pathetic attempts at running, with their knees tucked in together they made more effort to escape the muddy patches than they did to escape. At least she was in with a chance at the thousand pounds, Charlotte thought ruefully, then maybe she could chalk this up to experience and dine out on it later. As she chided herself immediately for the concessionary thought, a small bubble-bottomed oriental woman pushed past her with a degree of dexterity.

The last Charlotte saw of her was her small pert bottom disappearing into the undergrowth. Someone means to win, she realised, her competitive instincts kicking in.


For the next 20 minutes, Charlotte cursed the branches as they whipped at her flanks and scratched her legs. All around her was the sound of squealing women and horses crashing through the dense woodland. She guessed that half the women would be taken in the first half hour and then the last dozen or so would picked off one by one as the streaked through the forest.

As the sounds of pursuit got more distant, she became hopeful that she could hole up somewhere. Then she crashed blindly into the open only to be faced with sizeable lake.


She ducked down as she spotted a horseman off to her right with a nude girl bare-bottomed over his saddle. It was the bimbo who had hoped for Stephen. Charlotte suppressed an erotic thrill as she wondered if he were Stephen and if she would really mind all that much.

“This way,” a big breasted blonde said, coming up behind her.

Realising that it was the opposite direction to the horseman, Charlotte followed. The blonde, she noticed, had decent figure all over and she felt rather disconcerted to be following the woman’s magnificent statuesque behind as it bobbed its knowing way through the bushes.

“I’m Carolyn by the way,” the woman said with a smile as she paused to turn and shake Charlotte’s hand. “Have you ever been on one of Robert’s weekends before?”

“No I have not. This is my first and definitely my last,” Charlotte fumed.

“Like that is it,” Carolyn chuckled. “There are always one or two that get shanghaied, I don’t know how Robert gets away with it. But he always does.”

“Well he hasn’t got away with it yet.”

“Expected an illegal hunt did you?”

Charlotte pouted and offered Carolyn a heavy glower.

“Serves you right,” Carolyn smirked. “Richard hates you blood sport types. He’s first generation money and just loves to put posh little pretties like us through our paces. I love it.”

“What will they do to us?” Charlotte asked nervously.

“You mean after a smacked bottom when they catch us?” Carolyn shrugged. “And I do mean when. Anything they want.”

Charlotte stopped dead her tracks and swallowed.

“Look don’t worry, these boys never push it, they know where the lines are drawn and nothing will happen that you don’t want,” Charlotte’s cheerful guide said, putting her arm on her shoulder. “For the most part anyway.”

Then Carolyn turned and dashed on.


They hid in the hayloft of a barn. Charlotte felt more self-conscious than ever with the straw scratching her naked flesh.

“If you love this so much why don’t you just give yourself up?” Charlotte said sulkily.

“What would be the fun in that?” Carolyn laughed. “Besides I could do with the thousand pounds.”

At that moment, someone came scurrying into the barn below.

“Suki.” Carolyn breathed and hunkered down.

Charlotte recognised her at once as the oriental girl she had seen earlier. She was looking frantically around when a tall sandy-haired man strolled in after her.

“Peter come on, please, give me a chance,” Suki said uncertainly, backing away. “You caught me last time.”

She had an elegant poise and a posh accent, Charlotte thought as she watched Suki double over with one arm over her breasts and the over guarding her sex, suddenly conscious of her nudity. Charlotte felt a pang of erotic arousal at the scene.

Peter just snorted as he spread his arms expansively, then sat down on a bale of hay and crooked a finger at her, beckoning her over.

“Oh,” Suki pouted with a little stamp of her foot. “It’s so not fair.”

Peter gave her a look and she reluctantly hobbled over, still in defensive posture. It did her no good because as soon as she was within reach, Peter grabbed her and tipped her over his lap so that the girls above had a perfect view of her pert well-formed small bottom.

Peter brought his hand down in a short sharp motion that produced a crack.

“Ow. You meanie.”

He ignored Suki’s protest and began a rapid stinging volley that set her squealing and squirming on his lap. Within moments, her stark white bottom was transformed through pink to a robust red.

“Ooh, ouch, ouch,” Suki wailed, her small feet pumping up and down as her cheeky little bottom turned ever redder.

Carolyn offered Charlotte a smirk and they watched as the spanking continued for quiet some time.

“What are you going to do with me now?” Suki asked hopefully once the spanking was over.

“I am going to tag you and put you in the cage so that I can see who else I can bag.”

With that he picked up the small girl and threw her over his shoulder. Suki, who had hoped for some undivided attention started to brat him vigorously.

“Don’t worry, we can play later,” Peter said with another smack to her upturned bottom.

“What’s with the cage?” Charlotte asked after they had gone.

“The hunters have all weekend to play, so when they catch you, you get put in a cage until sunset.”

“But that’s… oh my god!”


Carolyn had persuaded Charlotte to leave the barn and sure enough before they had even got out of sight of the building, some more riders arrived to search it.

“If you really don’t want to be caught we could swim out to an island I know, but it is a risk.”

“What about the village?”

Carolyn cocked her head expressively giving her a pitying look and made a presentation gesture with her hands for emphasis as if to say ‘we’re naked.’

Charlotte blushed again at the reminder. And started in the direction Carolyn had pointed.

It wasn’t long before they encountered another couple in the trees, but as they crept past, Charlotte took some time to spy. The man was seated on a fallen log with a feisty brunette across his lap.

“Now what were you saying last night Jane?” The man was grinning and gently stroking the girl’s bare bottom as it shivered over his lap.

“Now let’s not be hasty, fair dos you win, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“No I don’t think that was it,” he chuckled. “More like, ‘you couldn’t catch a cold you pathetic wimp.’”

“Excuse me I didn’t actually say pathetic,” Jane volunteered with a cute schoolgirl-like gesture with her hand.

His hand spanked down hard on her bare bottom leaving a vivid handprint.

“Sorry,” she said meekly. “I didn’t mean to call you a wimp. It just slipped out. Whoops.”

“I think I shall cut a nice switch and spend the afternoon giving someone a raw bottom. It will look nice with colourful stripes at the party this evening.”

“You can’t please, look I said I am sorry,” Jane begged. “I know I deserve a spanking, please I’m bad, but just your hand, please.”

“So you admit you deserve a spanking?” Two more brisk spanks landed on its target.

“Ouch. Oh yes very much, please give me a very red sore bottom indeed, only with your hand though, please. Pretty please.”

“And then?”

“And then spank me again if you want.”

“And then?”

“Ooh. I’ll be ever so good and nice to you. Ever so.” With her head well down, Jane kissed the man’s booted calf as she spoke and wiggled her bottom seductively.

Carolyn put her hand on Charlotte’s bottom and felt the heat.

“Still sure you don’t want to be caught?”

Charlotte bristled, but blushed nevertheless.


To reach the island they took off their boots and strung them around their necks so that they could wade out to it. As they hauled themselves up and out of the reeds, there was a sudden round of applause.

“We have a draw.”

Charlotte was suddenly self-conscious of her nudity again as she looked around at the small crowd gathered on the bank. Half of them were women and still nude. Most of them sported red bottoms, very red and sore looking, some of them. However all seemed in good spirits and the tone was friendly enough.

“You tricked me,” Charlotte accused.

“I’ll cede the victory to you if you like and you can run away with a thousand pounds.”

“And if we share?”

“Half the money each but we both have to pay the forfeit.”

Charlotte licked her lips aware that everyone was watching her.

“Come on be a sport,” Richard said in a liquid iron voice as he stepped forward.

“Do you always get your own way with women?” Charlotte pouted.

“Oh yes. Are you always such a brat?”

“Oh yes.” She giggled.

Richard turned and walked over to an incongruous dinning room chair that stood near to, complete with a table set out for a feast. Then he sat down and picked up what looked like a butter-paddle off the table. Charlotte looked about for somewhere to escape and then back at Richard’s firm jodhpur-clad thighs.

“You won’t spank me too hard will you?” She breathed huskily.

“I am afraid so. Call it a public initiation. After all it is your first time.”

Charlotte walked hesitantly forward and draped herself over his lap.

“This is so embarrassing.”

The first swat took her breath away and she yelped to collected laughter.

“Oh, oh, oh…”

The second robbed her of everything but the fire in her bottom, but by then no one was watching anyway as they all had their own bottoms to worry about.


4 Responses to “The Berkley Hunt”

  1. 1 opsimath

    A most entertaining and saucy little tale, Damian, and a little bit of ‘Del-boy’ rhyming slang for good measure! I haven’t heard anyone called a ‘Berkley’ in more years than I care to remember!

    Nice, very nice – thank you.

  2. 2 Rollin

    One of the 7 Hollywood plots–The Most Dangerous Game. I wrote a serial nearly ten years ago on this theme called Fox and Hounds.

  3. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Nice variation on the theme!

  4. 4 jimisim

    A very good twist to the hunting story, and much more entertaining than most.
    I too smiled at the title, did Richard work for a bank perhaps?
    Personally I’d have preferred a little more actual spanking but I still enjoyed.
    PS thanks for the email hint.

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